Functions of the Food and Beverage Department of a Hotel

The Food and Beverage Department of a Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most important in the career of a hotelier since the general managers of a hotel arrive for one of these 2 positions: Food and Beverage Manager or Rooms Division Manager

In an international standard hotel there are seven departments that make the hotel functions run smoothly.

These are the departments of Reception, Cleaning, Security, Maintenance, Accounting, Human Resources and finally the Food and Beverage department, according to the terminology.

The importance of the food and beverage department and your career, lies in the fact that the person responsible in this case is the Food and beverages manager, to maintain the high quality of food and services.

In addition to the amount and type of food and beverages that contain them, present in the menus, manual of procedures, the control of food and beverage costs, flavors, organization charts, the management of restaurants, bars, establishments and general guidelines of the companies and their dining rooms

This management and provision of food and beverage services are carried out with the aim of making the customer experience memorable.

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The Importance of the Food and Beverage Department in a Hotel

When a guest arrives at a hotel, all departments will be put to the test. Every guest wants the hotel to be clean, feel safe and that everything is in order.

The section that will be graded in a hotel is the Food and Beverage department. Why?

Food and beverage companies in Mexico mostly include as a plus objective when reserving a room, including breakfast in the morning, it is the first service that the hotel has to provide.

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Adapting to the Requirements of the Guests is one of the Main Functions of the Food and Beverage Department

What You Should Know About Standard 093 on Food and Beverages

There are general guidelines for the sale and distribution of food and beverages, for this reason it is important that you know about the requisition of food and beverage supplies of Standard 093.

Cleaning and hygiene in commercial food and beverage establishments is of the utmost consideration when working with any type of edible food. standards and guidelines must be complied with as companies established in this area.

In 1994, one of the Official Mexican Health Standards, NOM 093, was approved, which regulates hygiene and sanitation practices in the preparation of edible products that are proposed in fixed establishments.

The health risk committee for food consumption points out that most of the pathologies that are emitted through foodstuffs are of microbial origin, and these constitute a serious problem for public health.

So follow NOM 093 to the letter as guide to good hygiene practices in food and beverage service establishments, which you must implement without exception in a food company.

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Some History of Food and Beverage Establishments

The roots of the cosmopolitan and beverage industry lie in the early tradition of community feasts.

When trade was created, the first merchants bartered for clothing, livestock, and for food. At that time, a regular inn It was a private dwelling where the weary traveler I could get a meal, a pitcher of wine, and shelter through the night.

It is said that there was no sanitation and the guests shared a room with their pack animals or groceries for the purpose of accommodation

The first public place dedicated solely to the service of food, opened its doors in Paris, in 1765. Grocery service spread into the 1880s thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

The first coffee shop to open its doors in the US was in New York in approximately 1885., introducing sandwiches and the famous soda fountains for the next decade, which became very popular, eating out became a popular pastime.

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Organization Chart of the Basic Food and Beverage Department

In the organizational structure or organization chart the description of food and drink stalls is extensive , so it can generally be divided in this way.

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Food and Beverage Manager or Manager A and B

The Food and Beverage Manager is in charge of everything. regarding this area, however, delegates responsibilities first by having managerial positions such as:

  • Restaurant manager
  • Executive chef
  • Chief steward
  • Head of Bars

Hence, each managerial position is in charge of other positions.

Restaurant manager

  • Restaurant Captain
  • Waiters or Waiters
  • garroteros

Executive chef

  • sous Chef
  • Chefs Cooks
  • Cook A and B
  • Dishwasher

Chief steward

  • floor steward
  • stewards

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Bar Manager

  • Head of Bar
  • Bartender or Barman

They are part of the group of A and B as it is commonly abbreviated, it will be a learning experience in what is the tourist gastronomy.

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Food and Beverage Service for Hotel Guests

The success of this department within the hotel industry entirely dependent on operational productivityas well as the staff.

This helps meet the needs of guests, both internal and external by providing them with the best quality of food options, recipes, events and all other ways of serving food.

The important characteristic is that it is the second department that generates the most income next to the main office..

Important functions include menu design and development, pricing, portion control, waste control, customer staff relations, and staff training.

This department consists of two main operational areas:

  • Gastronomic services (Restaurant)
  • Drinks Service (Bar)

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Classification of Food and Beverage Establishments

A place that provides drinks and/or food is considered within organizations such as: restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries, canteens, inns, hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, food trucks.

Now, according to the type of food they offer, these would be classified into:

Gastronomic Services (Dining Rooms, Restaurants and Establishments)

  • Gourmet
  • Family
  • Expertise
  • Convenient - Fast Food
Food and drinks in a hotel bed

What are the functions of the Food and Beverage Department?

The food and beverage department must give importance to the preparation of healthy food and varied dishes during the day, from breakfast to lunch, snacks and dinner, to satisfy the guests who stay at the hotel and provide all their food.

In each and every one of the hotels there are guests of many nationalities, so, if you have to know what kind of food most guests will prefer, shortly after getting up in the morning and preparing breakfast.

If the hotel has prepared tuna noodles or sandwiches for breakfast, but none of the guests are interested in these dishes, it would be a waste.

Therefore, food and drink you should check the guest list the night before and then prepare a healthy and ideal meal for any palate.

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So you must make sure that you always have in your food and beverage storage everything that should be included in the meals of the day. As well as having a varied food and drink menu and thus organizing different types of dishes for food during the day.

The room service option also corresponds to this departmentIf the guest does not go out for lunch, the hotel can arrange for the guest to have room service for lunch.

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Drinks Service (Bar)

Beverage Service (Bar) Female bartender serving a draft beer

In the food and beverage sector in Mexico and its tourism, hotels that have a rating of three to five stars, alcohol sales permits are required, and always have the product in stock.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, one guest would have a beer, while others might want strong drinks like Whisky, Tequila or Vodka, therefore, the drinks section should have the knowledge of what types of drinks most guests will prefer or if you prefer cocktails.

When it comes to wine, Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé or Champagne, here it is important to observe the type of food that they are tasting inside the restaurant, it should be considered to make arrangements for the guests

Some hotels specifically hire a Sommelier who is the expert in wines and connoisseur of all types of grapes

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This area has an income similar to that of the reception office, which rents hotel rooms or rooms for receptions, meetings or various functions.

In hotels that not only provide accommodation, but also business conferences.

Food and beverage catering services play an important role. They provide food and beverages for these functions as it is more profitable for the hotel.

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The Manager or Director of Food and Beverages is in charge of the Executive Chef or Sous Chef and all Chef Types  as well as chefs and Bartenders and support staff within your department.

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What is the Food and Beverage Race?

In reality there is no career as such, the appropriate careers to aspire to Food and Beverage Manager would be the Career in Gastronomy or Career in Tourism.

Hence, you seek to specialize as a Cook, Chef, Bartender, Pastry chef and that your experience leads you to work in that department, which will give great curricular value when looking for work.

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Primary: Have a Trained Personnel within the Department of A and B

The personnel related to this department must be professionally qualified in terms of service and hospitality.

The role is totally service oriented and the staff, must be in the front line with customers and must be well presented, smart and clean, which is prohibited from keeping any kind of dirt

Work in the food and beverage department plays an important role in promoting , giving a positive influence towards the guests by a professional service, and a world class hospitable manner.

Today's service industries focus on the concept of customer delight. guests, so that they are satisfied, as customers are constantly comparing the service in other food and beverage establishments, and they love to have new experiences in terms of taste and service.

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