Tourist Animation in Hotels

Also known as Tourist Entertainment in hotels, it requires a very large commitment for the Entertainers.

They must perform demanding and dynamic tasks, since their professional performance implies the need for them to be a person with very complete characteristics.

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Brief History of Tourist Animation ...

The idea arises from a water polo player from the Netherlands named Gerard Blitz, and his partner Gilbert Trigano, Spanish administrator, who had the desire to create an inclusive and tolerant center of rest or entertainment, and to promote again the harmony lost between the peoples by the wars.

Let us not forget that the history of tourist entertainment dates back a long time, such as jesters, gladiators, minstrels, who performed in festivals, arenas, or circuses such as the Roman Coliseum, even spas.

tourist animation

Tourist Animation in Mexico is very versatile, you will notice below:

This means that you must not only have a solid background, but you must also specialize in certain activities.

Types of Tourist Entertainment and Entertainers

  • Presenters
  • Watersports
  • Musical Shows
  • Children's activities
  • Guides
  • Health and Beauty

Tourist Animation Examples:

  • El Presentador It requires skills such as excellent oral communication, customer management, charisma and creativity, since it can participate in different types of tourist entertainment.
  • Handle Water Sports, This implies an expert preparation in the specific sport, since they must not only have mastery of the equipment, but also know about first aid and safety equipment.
  • Belong to the dance corps of the Musical Shows, where your main ability should be the sense of rhythm and knowledge in dance techniques, or some artistic talent such as magic, juggling, mime, singing among other types of tourist recreation

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tourist entertainers
  • For example, being in the Kids Club department, this is where all the Children's activities, so here you will have to have experience in caring for and entertaining children.
  • Be an instructor in the field Fitness, is to have the preparation to teach classes such as aquaerobics, yoga, meditation and the entire range of fitness classes that the hotel promotes, even knowing about some sports that can be performed in pools or sand

Other Examples of Tourist Animation…

  • As a Tour guide It involves areas such as historical and cultural knowledge of the place, since they make visits to places of tourist attraction such as, Cenotes, Ruins, Jungles, Deserts, Museums even tours of the city, the latter is known as the City Tourist Animation.
  • If you know about Health and beauty, bearing knowledge as a stylist and masseuse mainly, you can apply as part of the tourist entertainment department

The Versatility of the Animators of a Hotel is very Great ...

Animators must have certain physical characteristics and basic psychological and in Cancun All hotels have this particularity in their workers.

So, despite knowledge and experience, in all the variety of types of Tourist Animation, there must be inherent characteristics such as talent, humor, being friendly, etc.

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Characteristics of Tourist Animation and its Concept

Charisma, sense of humor and the ability to work with people are important characteristics of a successful entertainer and especially on beaches as Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos.

The cultural diversity of guests that you will come across will have a different personality and therefore you have to know how to master not only several languages, but also forms of behavior and treatment.

Tourist entertainment in hotels

Objectives of Tourist Animation

Hotels need entertainers, who can entertain tourists, making their stay a memorable experience for them to return.

One of the factors of Tourist Animation in Mexico key to success is the Animator Talent. Today, the entire tourism sector aims to have the best animation of tourists

To successfully entertain tourists, entertainers must meet certain characteristics that will be analyzed shortly.

Analysis of Tourist Animation in Hotels

Tourist Animation is one of the most important factors for the development of tourism. The entertainer is a tourist worker, who with his specific characteristics must meet all the criteria and required roles.

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The Tourist Animation in Hotels begins with the First Contact with the Visitors.

During the tourist's entire stay until his departure, the Animator will be present, creating a bond of commitment to satisfy all his interests and preferences. Therefore, it is required that you have a specific character trait and physical stamina.

The animators have to fulfill certain roles, carry out everything that is in function of enriching the content of the tourist stay.

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tourist entertainers tourist animation

Animator Roles

To achieve a good Tourist Animation in hotels, entertainers must always develop the following qualities: 


With this feature, the animators will act successfully in all conflict situations, be rational in decision-making, realistic and always cheerful.

Good Psychophysical Health

Animators must be physically and psychologically healthy.

Because animation is a laborious and disciplined activity, for example: It is essential not to fear the water or the sea, since most entertainment activities as an Entertainer are the Watersports.

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Vigor and Enthusiasm

In the environment you must maintain a strengthened body language that inspires confidence, and with a high degree of motivation and desire to achieve success.

For Example: Being life jackets, do activities for children or be part of the night show

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Psychomotor Properties

That is, the artistic movement (coordination and grace).

For example: You must have a sense of rhythm, if you want to venture as a dancer or choreographer in this department.

As well as, resistance, quick response, running from one place to another, since activities and shows are scheduled throughout the day.

The animator must create a quality atmosphere


Clear Verbal Expression

Which means that the animator must have a solid excuse with a clear and correct emphasis. Those who have certain handicaps in terms of speech expression or hearing damage have no way of dealing with this profession.

The resilience 

It refers to the emotional side, you must have a high degree of Self-control.

Since Animators are faced with a number of different situations and conflicts on a daily basis, one must have the skill of detachment.

By having contact for long periods with the guest, it can cause ups and downs in the emotional when they leave their stay.


An important characteristic, for visitors who require special attention, since no human being is the same, especially when dealing with different cultures.

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tourist entertainment in hotels

They must be very observant, not only in the events of greater importance, but also in the small details.

For example: A greeting or motivational phrase with a guest during the transfer of an activity.

This builds confidence and motivates the guest to engage in other entertainment activities.

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world animator

The entertainers not only need to know all the contents of tourist animation, but they must also have a broader education and a general culture.

Having knowledge of one or more foreign languages ​​is essential to work in the Tourist Animation department.

Organizer Entertainer

To successfully carry out programming, animators need to be organizers.

Being an Animator of a Hotel opens the doors to travel the world, not only by land but also by sea.

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Communication Skills

Which is considered by many in the hotels of Mexico, as the main medium of the Entertainers.

The success of Tourist Entertainment in hotels depends on communication.

This should reflect skills and knowledge such as: personality traits and other psychological and physical characteristics.

Therefore, the animator must constantly improve his ability to speak clearly.

Verbal communication is of the utmost importance, because an entertainer is in direct contact with the visitors.

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Verbal Communication

It is key for the Animator, because he is in direct contact with the visitors full time and what is his purpose?

Its purpose is to act, insure and sell.

What is especially important in Tourist Animation, because as it has been pointed out, Interpersonal Communication is the Essence of Animation.

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Entertainers need to Know and Recognize, as well as Respect the customs of the different cultures and areas from which the visitors come.

And this must be improved to the highest level of professionalism.

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