Discover All the Wonders You Will Find When Traveling to Asia

What Regions Make Up the Asian Continent?

Establishing a trip through the Asian continent and its regions will be one of the most pleasant experiences you will be able to carry out. Especially if what you want is to know each of the countries that make it up. Let's see, which are the main regions:

  • North asia
  • Central Asia
  • Western asia
  • South Asia
  • Eastern Asia

Discover the Wonders of the North Asia Region

Compared with the other regions of the continent, North Asia is comprised only by Russia as the only Country in this region, although it is also a very vast country in its territorial extension, which is why it has some of the most interesting areas for a trip. tourist. 

In general, this region of Asia, for the most part, northern Asia, is dominated by the movement of continental polar air masses. The winters are long and harsh, the summers short and cold, and the annual rainfall is light, so you have to plan very well when you want to get to know this region.

Meet the beauty of the Central Asian Countries

This region, which connects with the European part of Russia, is the smallest of all in terms of surface area and is made up of 5 countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Discover this area so diverse and rich in culture and history.

El climate of central Asia, It is predominantly dry and continental, with slightly lower average temperatures in the mountain areas that are included throughout the 5 countries that make up this very special region.

Traveling through the countries of Western Asia

The main difference that we are going to notice with this region with respect to the others is that it is complete by the largest number of countries on the Asian continent, thus being one of the main regions to visit as a tourist destination, because for obvious and good reasons this region It consists of an enormous diversity of culture throughout all the countries that compose it, which are: Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen. 

Over time it has become a part of the planet that we can call varied. In terms of culture, religion, languages, climates and much more.

If your desire is to get to know beautiful natural and architectural landscapes, without a doubt this region of Asia allows you to discover exceptional beauty in these aspects, and without forgetting the historical and cultural factor that make up this region and that is one of its main attractions.

 South Asia and its Countries

Throughout the vastest continent lives more than half of the world's population and temples, works of art and places of incomparable beauty can be found, and the South Asia region satisfactorily fulfills these desires of all world travelers. that they found plenty of reasons to want to visit all the countries of the region.

If your desire is to take an exotic trip, there is no doubt that your destination is definitely South Asia and all the countries that make it up, which are: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the islands Maldives.

As you can see, you have a vast list of countries to visit and thus discover all the wonders that we have told you about, both in South Asia and in the entire Asian continent in general, with all the other countries that comprise the entire continent and its great diversity. .

East Asia and all its Wonders

This region can become the one of main interest at a general level for all tourists, since here are the most popular and well-known countries of the entire continent and that attracts the main flow of tourists to the Asian continent.

In addition to its beauty, this region also has great food and vibrant festivals. You will find warmth, hospitality, talent and creativity in the people. Cradle of many ancient civilizations, from empires like the Mongols to the millennial Chinese empire

This is also the region of several of the largest and most influential metropolises globally, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shiang Hai, among other large cities of main tourist interest.

The countries that make up this Asian region are: China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Mongolia.

Tourism in the Asian continent

From the densest jungles you can imagine to the most impressive beaches, Asia offers you a spectacular journey throughout its entire length, being one of the main continents in terms of tourism destinations.

April to July is undoubtedly the best time to visit Asia as most trading countries are experiencing excellent weather. The tropical rains are gone and the sunny days make vacations much more enjoyable for all tourists.

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