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What are the functions and What are the Au Pair?

On one occasion I was asked what Au Pair is, and as I was not very prepared on the subject, I took on the task of conducting an exhaustive investigation and discovered some very interesting data. For example, the term au pair comes from French and means "reciprocity"

And, if you apply to the Au Pair Care program, you will find a good and inexpensive way to experience a new country with its culture and learn a new language or improve your language skills.

So if you like working with children and want to get to know a new country at the same time, being an au pair is the perfect opportunity for you.

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What is an Au Pair

Since you have an idea of ​​what au pairs are, now we have to inform us of the mechanisms, times and some conditions if you are interested in living this experience. As I mentioned before, if you like children and want to know another culture and its language, this is one way to do it.

Another important aspect is your duties if you perform that role. Join me to find out how this works.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Au Pair

Au Pair Course

The duties of an au pair include doing light chores. This includes, for example, washing and ironing clothes, making beds and making new purchases, adding and removing items dishes and cutlery from the dishwasher, vacuum, clean up and wash the toilets.

What you have to do exactly depends on your host family. The chores that an au pair definitely doesn't have to do are heavy household chores like gardening or a thorough cleaning of the house.

If this point is particularly important to you, feel free to speak in the video call interview with your family and clarify exactly what tasks you will take on at home or if the family has a housekeeper, for example. In general, you will be responsible for your own room, as well as the children's rooms and the kitchen and living room.

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Are There Gender Restrictions?

Men can also be an au pair. It should be noted that the term “au pair” applies to both women and men.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find young men in this profession offering their services to take care of children. It may be a bit difficult for you to imagine, but men can be just as competent as women.

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Until Eit is possible Pparticipationon in the PAu Pair program?

Generally, the age limit is 30 years. In some countries, such as the USA, France or the Netherlands, the age limit is 26 years old.

It is better that you check the specialized websites, the country in which you are interested, where is the age limit. In general, it is also important that you are single and without children.

Up to what age participation in the au pair program is possible

Duration of the stay as an Au Pair

Most families prefer au pairs who can stay with them for 9-12 months, as constant change is difficult for children. A placement of only 6-8 months takes longer and can sometimes only take place in the short term.

It must be taken into account that the receiving country stipulates a maximum time of stay under this figure. For example, in the United States of America it is 12 months, as well as in Canada and also in Europe such as France, Italy, Germany or Switzerland.

In Australia the maximum time is 6 months, with the possibility of extension or change to the second host family for another 6 months. In Mexico, although a time limit stay is not mandatory, but the companies stipulate it for the costs of the transfer.

The bond between the children and the babysitter can become very strong, especially during stays of one year. It is also easier and more reassuring for the family to have someone with their children whom they know, whom they see every day, rather than having endless babysitters.

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Since young children are naturally willing to learn languages, being in contact with a young foreigner will help them develop this new knowledge and many of them will become bilingual. As you can see, it is a win-win relationship.

How to Get an Au Pair Job?

Basically, the chances of finding a host family as an au pair are very good, as more and more families need the support of one. How many suggestions you will receive and how quickly
you will find a family depend on several factors.

There are important travel times in each country when most families are looking for an au pair. For the respective starting months, you will find information on the corresponding country page.


In general, the odds are better the longer you can stay. Many families are looking for an au pair who can stay for 10-12 months (a full school year). In the US, only a 12-month stay is possible.

In addition to the basic requirements that you will find in the respective country, the following aspects are also an advantage:

  • Have a driving license (required in
  • New Zealand and USA)
  • Be able to communicate in English or the language of the country
  • host
  • You are healthy
  • Non smoker
  • You have no special eating habits
  • (vegetarian, vegan)
  • You do not have debilitating allergies (eg,
  • food, pet hair)
  • You are flexible and independent
  • You like spending time with children and you have
  • Sufficient experience in dealing with children (for example, babysitting or tutoring)

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It is an experience that as a young person you can live and it will enrich you.

The final decision depends only on the preferences of the host family, whether it accepts a man or a woman as au pair.

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