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What does an Adjutant General do?

A general assistant should order kitchen utensils and equipment based on the needs of the establishment, and other different activities delegated to him by superiors.

You must also be available to work within opening hours, including weekends and holidays.

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Know the Functions of a General Assistant in a Restaurant

functions of a general helper

Functions of the Adjutant General

In a cosmopolitan city like Mexico City, where there are many excellent restaurants, and hotels that also have cheap restaurant It is possible to get a job in any of the vacant positions they have.

General assistants can work in any field or business. There are dental assistants, medical assistants, office assistants, construction assistants, business assistants, etc.

Generally, the goal of an assistant is to assist a specific person or business by performing the necessary clerical tasks so that the person or team can complete the job.

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But depending on the industry, the duties and responsibilities of the general helper on the job can change.

When working in a restaurant, whose main objective is to serve food and beverages of the highest quality, in a pleasant, clean and pleasant environment, it can be deduced that the functions of the general assistant go hand in hand with customer service.

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The following are the functions of a general helper in a restaurant. Of course, each food establishment, be it gourmet, fast food or self-service, has its own dynamics, and according to needs, any of them or just some of them can be exercised.

It is best to be prepared.

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Cleaning of the Restaurant and Kitchen Spaces

You have to ensure that the cafeteria or restaurant is presented to a high standard throughout the day, as well as perform a thorough cleaning at the end of the day.

You have to be careful that the kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy, help with waste removal and cleaning.

To do this, you have to perform any combination of the following duties, to keep kitchen work areas and restaurant equipment and utensils in a clean and orderly condition:

  • Sweep and mop the floors, the customer service area or the bathrooms.
  • Wash work tables, walls, refrigerators.
  • Wash pots, pans, and trays by hand.
  • She scrapes the food off the dirty dishes and washes them, puts them on the shelves.
  • Polish the cutlery, you must know how to use the polishing machine, chemical immersion, polishing wheel, and the hand cloth.
  • Holds glasses upside down on rotating brushes to clean internal surfaces.
  • All used crockery and serving utensils should be brought into the kitchen and left in an orderly fashion at the time of washing.

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kitchen assistant in a restaurant

Solid Waste Handling

Naturally, a lot of solid waste is generated in food outlets, so the general assistant can provide support in the following areas.

  • Separate and remove trash and place it in designated containers.
  • Steam or hose clean to remove trash cans.
  • Sort the bottles and break the disposables in the bottle crusher machine. This in the case that the restaurant has a system for the pre-treatment of recoverable plastic.

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Transfer of Supplies within the Premises and Stock Check

  • Transfer supplies and equipment between storage and work areas by hand or using wheelbarrows.
  • Loading or unloading trucks that collect or deliver supplies and food.
  • Set up the banquet tables.
  • Check stock levels and replenish when necessary.
  • Assist in effective stock and portion control management.

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Collaboration in the Kitchen

  • Wash and peel the vegetables.
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations

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Collaboration in the rooms where guests are served

  • Helps prepare and serve all food and beverages to customers, ensuring great service.
  • Raise any problems or suggestions from customers and complaints to the Catering Manager.
  • Help with ordering and deliveries as needed.
  • Ensure a good knowledge of the products on sale and on special offer.
  • He is attentive to all hospitality requirements ensuring that all items are available, performs a service check for each hospitality request.

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Some Basic Administrative Functions of an Assistant General

  • Use the cash register, serve customers and get paid at the end of the service.
  • Complete any administration as requested, including food temperatures, waste, and cleaning schedules.
  • Keeps a record of all hospitality delivered and makes sure it is picked up at the designated time.

general assistant in a restaurant

Attitude for Work in the Kitchen

As a member of the restaurant employees, you have to promote good teamwork and work in a friendly and efficient manner.

In addition, you have to comply with all the policies and procedures of the Company and the Client, statutory regulations, this will include, but will not be limited to fire, health and safety, hygiene and safe work, among others.

To Applicants for Kitchen Helpers

To qualify for this job, most food businesses require a complete baccalaureate and in some cases, a technical career related to the area. They may require previous restaurant work experience.

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