What Does a Bartender Do?

Before mentioning the functions of a bartender, it is important to know that he is a barman or bartender or bartender, he is in charge of preparing drinks in a bar

Barman or Bartender? Meaning or Definition of the Term

It comes from the language or language English, which translated into Spanish means Bar Man, they also call it б meaning Bar Shopkeeper, however in other countries like the UK they call it barstaff, Meaning Bar Staff.

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Functions of a Bartender

Barman Functions:

  • They should know a wide range of drink recipes
  • Being able to mix drinks accurately, quickly and without waste.

It is basically someone who mixes and serves drinks to customers, either directly from customers at the bar or prepares them for waiters and waiters who request it.

The Bartender Job is broad, as it can be in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, cruise ships, and other food service establishments.

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Next here in Grand Hotelier We detail what are the functions of a bartender.

Be a Professional Bartender or Barman

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Bartender Functions in detail:

From the way you interact with customers to your commitment to learning new techniques behind the bar, it's what you need to become the best of the best in the bar industry, starting as a bar assistant.

  • Receive the stock of packaged or canned beverages and place them in the warehouse using the FIFO (firstin-firstout) method.
  • Review and account for what is in the warehouse or inventory.
  • Keep your uniform and the bar clean
  • Accommodate and clean your work area from the bottle stand to the prep table and bar.

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  • Serve or prepare any type of drinks or cocktails either with alcohol or without alcohol.
  • Serve the client in the stipulated order and quickly.
  • Organize and take orders from the waiters without neglecting the customers who arrive directly at the bar.
  • Make the payment to customers who request direct in the bar.
  • At the end, leave your work area clean and tidy.

Who are the best bargirls

Barwoman or Barmaid

This profession is not only for men, as you might think from its first name, it is a completely inclusive profession that can be carried out, by anyone who is preparing to venture into the world of beverage preparation.

Also called in some countries like barmaid o barwomanThey are women who got involved in the world of mixology, cocktails and all kinds of innovative drinks.

Some Famous Barwoman:

  • Lorena vazquez
  • Mafer Tejada
  • Julie Renier
  • Ivy mix
  • Claudia cabrera
  • Kaytlin stewart
  • Fatima Leon Cruz
  • Adriana Chia

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Claudia Cabrera | Bartender

Roles and Skills of a Bartender

1- Qualities as an Extroverted Personality

If you're having trouble striking up a conversation with strangers, then you're going to have a tough time behind the bar. A good bartender should have no problem conversing with customers. An outgoing personality helps bartenders win more repeat customers.

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It is so important to have charisma and to be entertained in this profession, that videogames such as Bartenter Game or Barman Game have even been created, a famous video game, obviously influenced by the famous Arcade game, Tapper or Root Beer Tapper in the 80's known in Mexico also like The game of the Bartender of Atari or Cervecero.

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2- How much does a Bartender or Barista earn

Without good communication behind the bar, the business will fall into complete chaos. Not only can excellent bartenders communicate clearly with their customers (about the bar menu, drink specials, or drink suggestions), but they also know how to work as a team with their coworkers, passing orders and asking for help when needed.

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The salary of a bartender depends a lot on the chain of restaurants, hotels, cruise ships or casinos in which he is working, a bartender in the United States could be earning approximately 15 to 35 dollars an hour, when in Mexico, Colombia or some Latin American country an average of 500 to 1,000 dlls per month, a bartender in Spain would be earning approximately 1000 to 2000 dlls per month and a bartender on a cruise departing from Miami would be earning 2000 to 4000 dlls per month

3- Skills of a Bartender with People and Cocktails

Skills and functions of a bartender or bartender

It is common in this job as a bartender that conflict or very emotional situations arise, you may have heard the phrase " Come on have a drink and blow off some steam ”,” Alcohol heals sorrows ”” Let's have a few drinks to celebrate " Well, from then on, conflicts can happen, so you must be able to avoid getting angry and know how to control the situation in a positive way.

The best in the business can not only control their temper, they can also calm the anger of others. With the right approach, you can control an unreasonable customer at your bar while, at the same time, making sure they pay their bill and leave a tip.

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4- How a Barman Prepares Drinks to be the Best

It is important to remember that the more agile and fit you are, the better you will feel making drinks night after night, and the less chance you will have of injuring yourself in your workplace.

Bartending requires you to be on your feet for hours, and depending on where you work, those hours can be extremely strenuous and fast-paced. You are also expected to lift more than 20 kilos on a regular basis, whether it's moving barrels in the locker room or handling cases of alcohol.

One of the skills that a bartender must have is to be quick on his feet and with his hands (being ambidextrous is a great advantage) and having the strength to help with whatever task needs to be done for the service.

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What are the skills of a bartender, where to study to be a bartender, how to be a bartender

5- Bartenders and their Good Memory

While it is true that you can be a bartender without memorizing hundreds of cocktails, it is also true that you will need to be able to make cocktails without looking for a recipe on your phone if you want to make it big.

Additionally, you'll have to memorize syrup recipes, ratios for classic cocktail structures (like Highball or Sour), and ingredients, like which Scotch works best with what kind of sweet vermouth in a Rob Roy.

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Ultimately, all that memorization will help you make better drinks, which will help you get better jobs that will of course help you get better wages.

6- Skills and Mathematical Functions of the Bartender

Yes, mathematics is difficult, but it is also necessary. As a bartender, not only do you need to know how to quickly calculate percentages in your head, but you also need to be able to add drinks and be able to make the appropriate changes after a customer pays their bill.

If you can't keep track of your money or other people's money, it won't be very profitable to be behind a hotel bar if you don't win.

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Math skills is one of the functions and skills to be a bartender, how to be a bartender

7- Cleaning and Bartender Activities

You can't be a bum behind the bar. Both your appearance and your habits must be impeccable. The bartender or bartender must dress and be presentable to the guests.

The common perception is that if your shirt is stained or wrinkled, then your work or work station will be dirty too. This is why chefs (and often bartenders) wear white; Not only does it mean cleanliness, but the best in the business won't get a single drop of clothes while they work.

Beyond looks, having a cluttered workspace can lead to tainted cocktails. It is crucial to remember that you are serving someone something they are going to eat. Cleaning results in higher quality beverages, faster and streamlined service, and beverages that are safe to drink.

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8- Barman or Barista Courses

The best thing about being a bartender is that you have the opportunity to never stop learning while you work. Behind the bar, you have the opportunity to learn from other bartenders too, always learning about new techniques or skills, as well as new ingredients.

However, it is important that you prepare yourself, if you do not have the opportunity to study any hospitality career o gastronomy raceSchools always offer other alternatives. Take bartender or diploma courses to have a better chance of becoming a professional and successful Bartender.

Top hotel bartenders are always discovering a new drink that they need to master, or something else they want to plan on in accessories like the shaker glass, in order to become the best bartender in the world. They are tasked with managing bar shows or writing cocktail books.

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So what is it Bartender? Here we show you More Skills a Barman must have

Other skills and functions of the bartender include the following:

  • Pleasing diverse clientele
  • Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Assertiveness
  • Waiter / waitress skills
  • Flexibility
  • Reception
  • Guest services
  • Hospitality
  • Integrity
  • Mixology and utensil kit
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Sales
  • Take orders
  • Teamwork
  • TIPS (Training for Alcohol Intervention Procedures)
  • Work fast and lively
  • tourism knowledge
  • Identification check
  • Critical thinking
  • Initiative
  • Request for information
  • Credit card processing
  • Efficiency as requested in the manual
  • Be knowledgeable in sensitivity to food allergies / intolerances
  • Talents and skills such as Juggling and firework

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