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What is a Kitchen Brigade?

All large companies have an organization and the kitchen is not alien to it. But, What is the brigade de cuisine and how to divide it? It can be inferred that his name in Spanish is: "Kitchen brigade", and its function is to divide the location of large kitchens according to hierarchical tasks.

The purpose of the food brigade is to order and maintain the production of a large number of dishes, delegating responsibilities and allowing kitchen professionals to specialize in various tasks.

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History of La Brigade de Cuisine in France

Experts and historians have found the definition of a kitchen brigade in the Bouche du roi "La Boca del Rey" service that appeared in France. The first ordinance (defining its attributes) of this service was proposed in 1281 under the reign of Felipe III and the nickname of El Bold.

In the feudal era during the French rule, during the rule of the monarchy, this type of food service was performed in the royal palace, and only the royal family had the right to use it.

The “hotel hotel” service includes 10 pancake workers, 10 other French Chanel workers, 32 kitchen workers and 4 greengrocer workers. In 1385, the great medieval chef Guillaume Tirel, loved by King Charles VI of France, led a brigade of more than 150 people and kept the original intention of the old law.

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Another change that occurred was to divide the kitchen brigade into two parts, if they corresponded to the exclusive services of the king, they were classified as "Bouche", and if they corresponded to the services of other courts, they were classified. As "public". This service is divided into seven main industries, namely vegetable broth, which is the most important and prestigious of all dishes. Are:

Pancakes and cakes and French pancakes, public dishes, public pancakes, and Chanel -Public, fruterie, fourrière, the last manager of this quartermaster. With the passage of time, these services were completed with the eighth kitchen of the "Little Commune", which was intended for the lower nobility.

After the French Revolution led to the fall of the monarchy and the establishment of the First Republic, many officials cared for by bouche du roi lost their jobs and began to establish places to provide food, thus they began to spread the art of the good food that only the king and court could enjoy before.

All the people who can pay for the services of these hotels can bear it, obviously by changing the kitchen equipment.

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Positions and Organization Chart of a Kitchen Brigade

What is a Kitchen Brigade or Cousine Brigade, what are its functions and the organization chart

This is a complete list of team members in the kitchen brigade. Only the largest venues will have such a large number of employees. As some titles indicate, certain positions will be merged into other positions when such a large staff is not required.

Note: Although the English word Chef has been used as a chef's title, the word actually means “boss” in French. Similarly, cousine means "kitchen," but generally it also refers to food or cooking, or some type of food or cooking.

Chef de Cuisine or Kitchen Chef

The Chef de Cuisine or Executive Chef He is the head chef of the restaurant. The chef is responsible for all other functional chefs in the kitchen. This position is also known as a great chef, chef manager, chef, or head chef. If the chef is also the owner of the restaurant, the term is used "Grand Chef".

El Chef is responsible for all kitchen-related activities, which generally include menu creation, kitchen staff management, ordering and purchasing of inventory and equipment, dish design, and food quality assurance in the restaurant El Chef de Cuisine is a traditional French term that means "The Head of the Kitchen"

Sous Chef or Second Kitchen Chef

The sous chef he is "the second in command of the kitchen, second only to the executive chef." Therefore, the sous chef takes on many responsibilities in the kitchen and can eventually be promoted to executive chef in the cooking brigade.

A restaurant, hotel, or cruise ship that uses commercial-grade cuisine employs a second chef. The second chef has many responsibilities because the executive chef's tasks are more general.

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The Sous-Chef must plan and guide the way food is placed on plates, keep kitchen staff in order, train new chefs, establish work schedules, and ensure that all food reaches the clients is of the highest quality and of the highest standard. rule.

The second chef is responsible for ensuring that all kitchen equipment is in working order.

Chef Saucier or Saucemaker Chef

The chef saucier o Sofrito is a position in the brigade of classic and modern cuisine. In addition to preparing sauces, stir fry also prepares stews, hot appetizers and stir-fries.

Although generally considered the highest chef position at the station, the road manager is usually the third after the chef and the second chef. In the classic culinary brigade system of Georges Auguste Escoffier, as described in his “Culinaire Guide”, the bandit “responsible for all cooking and cooking most of the sauces”.

Chef de Partie or Senior Chef

The chefs of Partie or department, station chefs or direct chefs are the chefs responsible for specific areas of production in the restaurant.

In a large kitchen, each chef can have multiple cooks or assistants. In most kitchens, the chef de partie is the only department worker in the brigade de cuisine

Cuisinier or Cook

The chefs They work in the kitchens of various gastronomic establishments, from bars to cruise ships, educational centers and prisons.

Lower-level cooks, especially apprentices or assistants, mainly prepare food before cooking, as well as tasks like cleaning floors and emptying bins. In a small kitchen with just one or two cooks, they have to do all the food prep and then cook all kinds of dishes, from starters to desserts.

Senior chefs are responsible for team work and can perform other tasks such as accounting and budgeting, managing worker training, and controlling inventory.

Commis Chef or Junior Cook

Commis is the basic chef in a larger kitchen and works with department chefs to understand the duties and operation of the workbench or stove. It may be a chef who has recently completed formal cooking training or is still in training.

Apprenti or Apprentice

These are usually students who receive theoretical and practical training at school and work in the kitchen. They carry out preparation and / or cleaning work. The apprentices can be men and women.

Plongeur or Dishwasher

Many people don't know what Plongeur is. Its definition is basically cleaning and restocking to keep all kitchens and dining rooms hygienic and to ensure that customers and restaurant staff receive all supplies when needed.

The Floor Steward job description is very similar to the dishwasher job description, because cleaning dishes and utensils used by customers and kitchen food preparation supplies is a daily chore and requires some skills.

Most butler positions do not require formal education, allowing high school students to start work in the food industry by learning the job of Plongeur or Lavaloza. This makes working as a housekeeper or dishwasher a good option for students and others looking for additional income.

Marmiton or Pot and Pan Washer

The word "Marmitons" is French and means chef's kitchen assistant. The first meeting of the Les Marmitons Chapter in North America was established in Montreal in 1977. Since then, more than a dozen chapters have been established in Canada and the United States due to increased interest in learning to eat, help the Plongeur to the cleaning

Rôtisseur or Roast Cook

Among the types of chefs that can be found in the kitchen, we will talk about the Chef Rotisseur. The grill chef cannot be absent in the kitchen, because he is an expert in the selection and preparation of meats, and he is responsible for making dishes with poultry, beef or other types of meat juicy, rich in seasonings and tasty.

The asador or asado chef, also known as the asador, is responsible for the preparation of all roasts or stews on the menu. Steakhouses may also be responsible for sourcing meat from local suppliers or arranging deliveries from other retailers.

If the restaurant offers many exquisite meat-based dishes, you must be a barbecue chef in the kitchen to prepare these meats.

Grillardin or Grill Cook

In the Cooking Brigade the Grillardin is the cook on the grill. He is responsible for all food on the grill, as well as the preparation and browning of the meat for grilling or stewing.

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Friturier or Fry Cook

Chef Friturier, often called chef fry, are used to process any food that needs to be cooked with oil or other animal fats. Like Grillardin, this deep fryer can handle everything from meat to potatoes to vegetables.

Poissonnier or Fish Cook

In the Kitchen Brigade The poissonnier, generally called a fish chef, is responsible for preparing all fish dishes in the kitchen. This can include buying fresh fish from local fishermen or other traders every day and introducing non-local catches as needed to supplement the menu.

Chef Poissonnier is also in charge of preparing all the fish dishes on the menu, be it an aperitif or an aperitif. In smaller kitchens, El Poissonnier usually prepares sauce that should accompany the fish without spicy sauce. This will also make you responsible for fish or soup stocks.

Chefs preparing in the Kitchen Brigade

Entremétier or Entremettier

The Entremetier prepare soups and other dishes that do not include meat or fish, including vegetable and egg dishes.

Potager or Soup Cook

The Potager helps the Entremietier prepare specialized dishes in soups and broths

Legumier or Vegetable Cook

The Legumier like the Potager helps the Entremetier but is the specialist in preparing and cutting vegetables and preparing salads

Garde manger or Food Keeper

There is no doubt that Garde manger they should understand the kitchen area and other areas. The dishes are the result of an endless process, not all the dishes are in the recipe that prepares them, the pantry is in charge of their translation and meaning.

Magic is the responsibility of Le Garde Manger Cuisine, and Le Garde Manger Cuisine has achieved this dream by participating in multiple competitions in kitchen interior uniforms.

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To ensure that this regulation is good and the system works correctly, the Garde Manger

You must manage the consumption of materials and knowledge of the quality standards for which you are responsible. It is the main role in the system by managing the main raw materials such as meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

Tournant or Roundsman

In the Brigade de Cuisine El Tournant is the chef who moves throughout the kitchen helping all the chefs and cooks acts as a wild card

Pâtissier or Pastry Cook

Here's a glimpse and understanding of the diversity of this profession. After gaining some experience, the chef can move up the production line and act as a pastry chef, providing assistance directly to the pastry chef executive to help you prepare various dishes.

The pastry chef is usually located in a professional kitchen and is the pastry chef's station manager. Like other seasonal chefs, pastry chefs may have other chefs or assistants in their department.


This chef is within the pastry shop but specializes in the preparation of sweets, desserts and the manipulation of chocolate


The manager of cold desserts and ice creams in a restaurant the specialist of delicious and cold flavors such as ice cream although this is not found in all kitchen brigades


He is in charge of making the show of the pastry chef, he is dedicated to decorating and decorating all the desserts for the show and presentation of the dishes

Boulanger or Baker

In the Cooking Brigade Bakers are specialists who sometimes use ovens or other sources of concentrated heat to bake bread and sell bread and other products made with flour. A few centuries later, in ancient Rome, the mass production of bread began for the first time. "It can be said that the profession of baker began."

The bakers of ancient Rome used honey and oil in their products to make cakes. of bread. Bakers produce various types and quantities of breads, cakes, and other baked goods that are sold in grocery stores, wholesalers, restaurants, and institutional catering services.

Boucher or Butcher

He is in charge of making cuts of beef and pork, generally called butcher and is the expert in cuts and meats

Aboyeur or Announcer

These are the commonly called restaurant waiters and waitresses They work in front of the house, in front of the clients. They provide customers with their dishes and other things they want. If the customer has problems with the food, the waiter must inform the kitchen.

Communard or Staff Cook

He is in charge of preparing the food for the work team and manages the budget of the food that will be prepared for the staff of cooks and chefs.

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Garçon de cuisine or Kitchen Boy

Helps waiters and provides support in the kitchen translated into Spanish would be the waiter or waiter in the kitchen and provides support in the tasks of chefs and cooks

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Who Created the Cooking Brigade?

The kitchen brigade concept was first proposed by Georges George Auguste Escoffier, a French chef, restaurant owner, and culinary writer, who promoted and updated traditional French cooking methods.

His contribution to the culinary world is unmatched because he modernized and simplified the exquisite cuisine created by chef Marie Antoine Careme in the XNUMXth century. Together with Escoffiers, he raised his social status and respected the profession of chef, organized the kitchen through the brigade system and changed the practice of "French service" to "Russian service."

That is why he has respected him as a teacher ever since. The privileged taste and soul of the artist poured into all his creations, the character was lucky enough to prepare and enjoy the first two dinners held at the Eiffel Tower, both commissioned by its builder.

One detail that those who want to emulate Escoffier should take into account is that he lives in constant revision. By correcting and perfecting mistakes and conducting deep and lasting research, he was able to transform culinary art into classical utilitarian art, thus removing the drag on medieval methods and customs.

These are some of the types of kitchen brigades that exist and all of them can be mixed, you could have a small kitchen brigade and be modern or classic as long as it does not lose its functions

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