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Duties of the Ship Captain

Un ship captain on a cruise ship you are the leader of an entire ship, be it a small ship or even a large cruise.

He has vast experience with ships and their operation, and had to work his way through the ranks of other ship-related positions.

Duties on the cruise go beyond the scope of a management position, as the captain of the ship must be competent in all aspects of the operation of the ship.

He must know in detail the operation of the ship until its maintenance, and in the case of tourist boats, he must also be the host of the passengers.

All the success of a cruise ship voyage rests on the captain's shoulders and his ability to manage the crew.

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Responsibilities of a Ship Captain

The responsibilities of a ship captain on cruise ships are very varied ...

  • The navegation
  • The operation of the ship's equipment,
  • Business functions
  • The assignment and supervision of tasks performed by all crew members.

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El Capitan Supervise the Equipment

Monitor teams

Ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained and follows environmental regulations is also under his jurisdiction.

Your task is to keep regular records throughout the voyage, and to supervise embarking and disembarking passengers and crew members.

The Boat Pilot Must Be Aware of Financial Operations

In the case of international travel, the captain has the duty to comply with the requirements of customs and local and international inspections.

In some cases, the captain must maintain the financial and accounting operations of the ship, including cash on hand and payroll, in the absence of a flight attendant on board.

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The Boat Driver Must Be Attentive to the Weather

You must be aware of the weather

Navigate your boat according to weather conditions and use radars, depth finders, radios, buoys, lights, and even headlights.

Sufficient levels of oxygen, hydraulic fluid or air pressure must be of the utmost importance.

The Captain of the Ship Direct Contact with Authorities

In case of problems during the trip that cause damage or loss of cargo.

If inappropriate piloting or the injury or death of a crew member should arise, the captain should contact the authorities directly to request help.

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The Ship Captain Performs the Documentation Review

Document review

Almost everything that happens on the ship must be rigorously documented and verified by the captain of the ship, as he must have a detailed record of each excursion, and of the functions of the ship at all times.

The Boat Pilot Responsible for Everything That Happened 

Audit all acts, errors and omissions that occur on board, by the crew, including himself

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A Captain must Protect the Safety of his Crew

Safeguard security

They must also be responsible for the safety of the ship.

As in extreme circumstances, how to respond to threats from terrorists, pirates, kidnappers and stowaways.


The captain works with officers and crews to establish a ship's speed and heading, monitor ship positions, and avoid hazards.

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Qualities You Must Have to Be a Ship Captain

The authority of a captain must have a sense of morality and knowledge of the laws of physics.

They must be enterprising individuals - which means they are adventurous, ambitious, assertive, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic, self-confident, and optimistic.

Qualities of a ship captain

Other characteristics are that they are dominant, persuasive and motivating.

They are also realistic, which means they are independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty.

They should keep in mind that the territory of the ship can vary from traveling at sea, traveling on rivers, or navigating various other waterways between ports.

Due to the nature of sea travel, a captain's stay at his workplace can be a daily excursion, or it can last from several weeks to months.

In order to be a captain, it is essential to speak other languages, as well as to have assertive communication with all the crew.


Types of Ship Captains

Captains' duties vary somewhat depending on the type of ship they command.

For example, there are ship captains, ferry captains, tugboat captains, and charter ship captains.

However, all captains have responsibilities in common such as:

  • Command the ship's crew
  • Determine the speed of it
  • They set the course of the journey
  • They use depth measuring equipment
  • They calculate the position of the ship
  • They dock and undock the ships
  • They use charts, compasses, and area plotting sheets.

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Difference between Captain and Master

The titles played very different roles. The capitan is more common in modern usage, but maestro is more historically accurate.


Ultimately derived from the Latin term caput, what does it mean "cabeza”And is related to other words such as: captain, what does it mean "boss", And the French word captain, what does it mean "leader".

Story of a Ship Captain

The Captain was also supported by a Master of Navigation, who supervised the navigation and provisioning of the ship under the direction of the Captain.

The story tells how the captain of a company of soldiers, brought the troops on board for their transport, assumed the military command of the ship, determining its destination and defended against hostilities at sea, directing the battle.

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When permanent navies were established, along with the establishment of permanent armies, the captain became a precise military rank in both scenarios.

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Ship Master

Originating from the Latin word magic, what does it mean "more ", comes from magister, which also means "boss", as well as "Director”Or teacher.

As civilian vessels were assigned long-term military functions, this division of responsibilities remained in effect:

A captain had general authority, but the master was responsible for navigational operations.

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