What is the Career in Hospitality and Tourism?

Are you looking to start your career or are you stuck working a job with no way out? This may be the perfect time to consider making a career change. Would you be interested to know what the career in tourism and hospitality consists of? Here we will show you

While there are countless career paths to choose from, the hospitality and tourism career has become an extremely popular industry with job seekers in recent years. Here we will see if the hospitality career is what you are looking for.

Tourism and Hospitality Career What does it consist of?

The tourism career

Although many people think that it is about fun, vacations and excitement on a daily basis. The tourism career is a strong job that requires a lot of dedication and dedication.

It's about food, lodging, and drinks. It's about tourists, travel, attractions, and customer service. Basically, the hospitality and tourism career consists of helping people have fun when they are away from home.

Hospitality and tourism jobs consist of providing a friendly, efficient and attentive customer service. Consequently, excellent communication skills, patience, and a friendly nature are essential for you to thrive in these industries.

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Myths of the Career in Hospitality and Tourism

You may have heard that a career in tourism and hotleria is like being constantly on vacation. You hang out in hotels, bars, and restaurants all day, do a little work here and there, or travel the world and help other people have a good time while they replenish your tan.

Alternatively, you may have heard that a job in hospitality and tourism is always an alternative. It's something you do on vacation to earn a little extra money. Well, if that's what you think, then we're here to tell you you're wrong.

Many people pursue lifelong careers in hospitality and tourism. These races can be exciting, challenging, and varied. However, they also require a lot of hard work and dedication.

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Hotel and tourism myths

Before making the decision to enter the world of hospitality and tourism, you must first discover what a career in tourism and hospitality consists of.

Best Paid Tourism and Hospitality Careers

Careers within hotels and lodging centers can vary greatly depending on the type of establishment in which you work. For example, if you work at a youth hostel, your work life will be very different from someone who works at a five-star resort.

Typically, each establishment requires managerial staff to oversee general operations. Larger hotel chains are also likely to employ finance staff, marketing departments, human resources, and administrative staff. There are many opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry to:

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Careers in Tourism, Restaurants and Catering

Restaurant and catering careers are highly dependent on the people who cook. Chefs, sous chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff are highly sought after for their specialized skills.

Restaurants also require administrative staff to make important decisions and ensure that the customer service team works efficiently. Understandably, waiters, bar staff, and sometimes professional sommeliers are also required.

Careers in Tourism, Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Bar, pub, and club careers require staff to do active bar work. People in managerial positions are likely to receive licensed retail training (employees with responsibility for selling and authorizing the sale of alcohol must be licensed to do so).

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Careers in Tourism, Coffee Shops, Juice Bars and the like

It seems that cafes, juice bars and other similar articulations are emerging in the field of tourism and hospitality. These establishments are obviously big businesses, and many job opportunities are beginning to become available within these teams, including baristas, juice operators, and managerial positions.

Conferences and Cultural Events

Conferences and cultural events require hotel staff to ensure they run smoothly, from customer service representatives to promotional teams to bar staff.

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The Tourism Race

The tourism industry incorporates many of the same careers as the hotel industry. However, many other careers impact people's tourism activity.

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The tourism career

The tourism industry generally comprises:

People who work in travel agencies and tourist information centers who provide valuable services, facilitating customer vacation experiences.

Employees with specialized knowledge of certain areas, this is very important to help people make the most of their free time in new places.

Staff who help plan your adventures, tour agents and tour guides are there to help.

Tour operators, vacation representatives, and staff working at tourist attractions help people make the most of their experiences.

Personnel specialized in extreme activities or adventure sports, where people with specialized skills and technical and safety knowledge are required.

Careers in passenger services are another important part of the tourism industry. Aircraft crews and customer service personnel on trains, ferries, cruise ships, and coaches are essential in helping make people's travels as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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Basic Qualities of the Career in Tourism and Hospitality

To make it clear what a career in tourism and hospitality consists of, you should know that whatever career you are aiming for in this sector, the hospitality and tourism professions require similar basic qualities:

  • In direct relationship with people, they must have a taste for human contact and know how to communicate.
  • The command of English (or several) or other foreign languages ​​is a considerable asset in this sector, which affects a highly internationalized clientele.
  • Above all, you will have to be tough to prevail in these sometimes exhausting trades.

Remember that the hotel industry and tourism are never on vacation, on the contrary, vacations are synonymous with a strong resurgence of activity in this sector. While others enjoy their vacations, surely you will have up to double working hours.

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