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Games of Chance and Tourism: Mexico

Games of Chance and Tourism: Mexico

What are Games of Chance?

The gambling they are games that depend more on luck than skill. They are mostly games that people bet on. Any game of chance that involves money is a game of chance.

Gambling is in contrast to games of skill. The result of a match of tennis, for example, depends on the skill of the players. Therefore, it is a game of skill. However, if we blindfold the players, the outcome of the game will depend more on luck.

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That game of skill is now more of a game played by chance.

These games are always associated with money bets and of course, with casinos, whether physical or virtual. At Grand Hotelier and at its web address, sources of employment are located for the actors who develop this type of games, as part of the entertainment in casinos and some hotels.

Types of Games of Chance

In short: “A game of chance is a game whose outcome depends on luck, that is, an element of chance, rather than skill. Skill can influence the outcome, but less than in a game of skill ”.

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Games of Chance - Types

There are dozens of different types of invite and gambling games. The most popular casino games are poker, roulette, craps, blackjack, slot machines, and sports betting. Baccarat is also popular.

In different countries, such as the US, Canada, and Mexico, bingo is popular with older adults. Most older adults still prefer to visit casino bingo halls and have fun. You can look for a job in Mexico in a casino, in the different options that they offer.

However, online bingo activity is growing at the expense of real life bingo, and in general, online casinos are becoming more and more popular.

In accordance with some laws, a general classification of games of luck is provided below, which does not pretend to be exhaustive, grouping gambling activities into the following sectors.


These exist both online and in physical buildings that people walk into (real life). The casinos attract both residents and tourists (who doesn't want to visit Las Vegas?). Mexico has very good casinos, and a good job bank such as Grand Hotelier, brings together some offers in this sector.

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Game rooms

Which can be exclusively for people over 18 years of age or families.


There are several types, such as raffles, raffles, raffles, etc.


Which can be in a bingo hall or online.


Which can happen online, at a bookmaker, or at an event. People who gather at a racetrack to watch horse races, for example, is an event.

Gaming machines

Like fruit machines or betting terminals with fixed odds.

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Gaming machines

Games of Chance and Tourism

Many countries, like Mexico, have been developing large casinos in various regions within their boundaries to get more tourists to enter. Obviously, a more robust tourism environment is good for the economy, as it not only brings in more money, but also more recognition, potential investors and work in tourism.

The gaming industry, which happens to be very large around the world, is one of the most popular in terms of tourism.

This is why casino tourism is so important these days. The Paradiscus and Hideaway hotels in Cancun, and the San Nicolás Hotel and Casino located in Baja California, are examples of how hotel activity incorporates games into its entertainment offer.

Jobs in Hotels-Casinos

When it comes to casino work, there is no hotter place than the bright lights of Sin City - Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino and gaming industry have made Las Vegas the world's greatest attraction for gaming and entertainment.

But the United States is not the only hotbed of casinos. Mexico has many casinos and hotel casinos, of excellent quality and at very competitive prices. They are also an important source of work in Mexico as can be seen at

Jobs generated by the field of games

Because of this, it is safe to say that there are many different jobs and roles in a casino. There are the people that the casino clientele sees, like the blackjack dealer, the cocktail server, and the security guard.

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Jobs generated by the field of games

There is the customer service representative, the cashier, and the bartender, all working while others play the many games within a casino.

Then there are the behind-the-scenes workers: the security and surveillance officers, the clerical staff who run all operations of the casino. There are the human resources who work on hiring, training, and employment matters.

There is a sales and marketing department that promotes and tries to publicize the casino. There can be thousands of people in a casino at the same time, with hundreds of employees working at the same time. The work is done at a rapid pace and you can provide excitement and entertainment by meeting and working with a wide variety of people.

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This is a customer service oriented profession.. People come to casinos for entertainment purposes and for a chance to get lucky at one of the many games in a casino. The job of the casino staff is to make that experience even more enjoyable.

The vision of games of luck, when it leads to the design of suitable spaces for their enjoyment, can generate a lot of employment and attract locals and strangers, which generates growth for the town, and with the taxes generated, to society in general.

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Remember to visit our Employment exchange in, and do not forget Upload your Curriculum, to be part of the Exclusive Talent Community of Hospitality and Tourism of Grand Hotelier

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Best Slot Machine Games with Bonus

Best Slot Machine Games with Bonus

Names of Slot Machine Games

The machine games Slots are popular in hotels with casinos. With its flashing lights, attractive graphics, and the chance to win big, it's no wonder people enjoy a spin on the reels.

People like different games for different reasons, but the most popular slots are the ones with bonus games.

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If you are planning to apply for a job in Mexico within the tourism sector, casino hotels are an excellent option for you. Grand Hotelier, the most complete tourist employment portal, presents the most popular games in hotels.  

7 Most Popular Slot Games in Hotels with Casinos

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The best slot machines

For the additional features that bonus slot games have are generally the attraction where tourists enjoy it in a big way, so we are going to check out some of the best bonus slot games out there in a casino hotel.

Cleopatra (IGT) Machine Games

The slot machine Cleopatra Egyptian-themed is a 5-reel, 20-payline title that's hugely popular for a reason.

Players can trigger a Free Spins Bonus Round in which 15 Free Spins can be made with a 3x multiplier. It's one of the simplest bonus features out there, but the payouts make it worth it.

Zeus (WMS Gaming)

The Zeus slot machine from Greek mythology is an institution in the gaming world. It is a 5 reel, 30 payline game where players can win up to 100 free spins as a bonus.

The potential winnings from those free spins have helped propel the slot towards immortality. The versions of Zeus II, Zeus III and Zeus: God of Thunder have been equally well received by slot players.

Buffalo (Aristocrat)

The legendary Buffalo slot is a magnificent volatile game with 1.024 pay lines. The result? You can make money very quickly and those gains are easy to come by, but your bank balance can also drop quickly.

The bonus round in this game is where you can really make your money. You receive free spins. You can get a mega-multiplier of up to 27x.

If you are lucky enough to hit the multiplier, a great payday awaits you.


The Walking Dead (Aristocrat)

Slots developer Aristocrat made The Walking Dead themed game, a 6-reel slot machine.

Players can play using either the Center for Disease Control wheel or the Atlanta wheel, which gives the game extra depth. You also have the opportunity to win free games and a mega jackpot of thousands of dollars.


Elvis the King (IGT)

Elvis has become synonymous with Las Vegas over the years, which is why the gaming industry has always sought to take advantage of that special relationship. A good example of this is this 5-reel, 25-payline slot based on the legendary singer.

Elvis the King has a bit of everything. Here's a player who enjoys the Hound Dog Bonus, Jail Rock Bonus, and Jukebox Bonus. Free spins are sure to get you excited.

Book of Ra (Novomatic)

Book of Ra slots have 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The jackpot is great in this game, although with only 10 paylines you will have to rely on the luck of Lady Luck to help you win. The bonus round is full of expanding symbols, which is great for extra winnings.

Rainbow Riches (Barcrest) one of the best slot machine games

The most popular slots

The Rainbow Riches 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine is one of those games that pops up from time to time and captures the imagination of the slot public. Initially, players pointed out that the game did not offer a free spins bonus round.

However, when it soon became apparent how amazing the Pots of Gold, Road to Riches and Wishing Well bonuses were, it became clear that the lack of free spins didn't matter. And the jackpot is great.

Not surprisingly, this game spawned several sequels online, including Rainbow Riches: Reels of Gold and Rainbow Riches: Pick 'n' Mix.

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Great Opportunities for You in a Hotel with Casino

Great and excellent job opportunities are present in a hotel with a casino. Are you looking for a job portal that brings together the best job offers in tourism?

slot machine games

What to do in a hotel with a casino?

Game Wizards work in pubs, hotels y casinos. They make sure that guests understand how to play and interact with the machines, and they facilitate payments if a guest wins money. Gamekeepers are also responsible for limiting the amount of money guests can play, and monitoring behavior.

Tasks and duties

  • Managing the gaming machines and tables.
  • Manage game systems.
  • Monitor guest behavior and spending.
  • Maintain responsible gambling practices.
  • Money management and payment facilitation.
  • Operate and reconcile EFTPOS and point of sale terminals.
  • Help with food and beverage service.

Game goers need to understand responsible alcohol serving, as gambling and alcohol serving often go together.

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How to become a slot machine wizard

To work as a Gaming Clerk you will need to have a Gaming Responsible Service certificate.

Complete a Service responsible for gambling, available in private training institutions.

Undertake a Responsible Alcohol Service, also available in hospitality schools and private training institutions.

There are also specific training courses that you can take to learn how to handle this type of work in Mexico more.

Remember to visit our Employment exchange in, and do not forget Upload your Curriculum, to be part of the Exclusive Talent Community of Hospitality and Tourism of Grand Hotelier

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What You Need to Get a Job in Casinos in Mexico

What You Need to Get a Job in Casinos in Mexico

Casinos in Mexico

Casinos in Mexico, and the work you can find in them, can be exciting and lucrative.

Casinos in Mexico History ...

It seems incredible but Casinos in Mexico have existed since pre-Hispanic times, let's remember that game where they had to put a ball in a concrete ring in the wall, or even hunt

This class of activities was already considered as Games of Chance since they involved the bet of species, Later when the conquest arrived, card games also arrived.

However, in the history of casinos in Mexico, it can be considered when the first Cockfights were held around the year 1500….

These casinos in Mexico employ a large number of people, from dealers and supervisors, to waiters and cooks.

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How many Casinos are there in Mexico?

List of Casinos in Mexico

There are already more than 400 casinos throughout Mexico, they have become very famous since it is part of the entertainment for adults to which you have access 24 hours a day.

See below the most relevant list of casinos in Mexico, and that you can find within the Mexican Republic.

  • Hot in Aguascalientes
  • Royal Yak Porvenir in Mexicali
  • Play City Granada in Mexico City
  • Crown San Antonio in Nuevo Leon
  • Royal Yak Smz 8 in Cancun
  • Emotion's Casino in San Luis Potosi
  • Casino Hipodromo in Tijuana
  • Play City in Guadalajara
  • Play City in Puebla

These are the main Casinos in Mexico that you can find, even if you prefer you can play electronically.

You can search " casinos online "Which can give a welcome bonus or free online casinos With no deposit, you will find many with these promotions.

What do you need to get the job of your dreams in a casino in Mexico?

Follow this guide and you will see how to do it ...


What You Need to Get a Job in Casinos in Mexico

Employment Opportunities in Casinos in Mexico

Most casino jobs come with in-house training for the employee to follow the casino's bargaining rules.

Some employment opportunities in casinos in Mexico that you will find in a job board are:


Being a waiter, bartender or waitress in a casino can be one of the most lucrative jobs in the business. Bartenders in any casino must be professional and knowledgeable to serve many different types of people.


The primary duty of a casino dealer is to pass cards or other gambling-related items to players. The dealer should normally stand up and do so from a designated spot at the table.

Dealers determine who is the winner of a game, once they analyze the players' cards and the plays. The dealer determines who gets paid, and accurately dispenses the winnings.

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Gaming Surveillance Officer

This job is primarily a security officer job where it is your responsibility to protect the casino, its employees, and your property. A surveillance officer is a job that does not require any formal education to be eligible for the job.

Cage Cashier

This job, like many others in the casino industry, comes with job training and requires the employee to be able to use math well. It requires a lot of honesty and that the employee is trustworthy.

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Slots Technician

Slots Technician

Gaming establishments often employ slot machine technicians to maintain, inspect, and repair slot machines. This position generally only requires a high school diploma and, of course, having a background in electronics.

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Front Desk Receptionist

This job requires the employee to be always ready to help with all problems that arise during a client's casino stay. The front desk clerk is one of the first people a customer comes into contact with when entering the casino.


Executive chef

Today, most casinos have everything in one place to better meet the needs of their customers. Therefore, it is not surprising that a restaurant has been established in most of the casinos in operation today.

These restaurants are usually high-end establishments that serve sophisticated food. Be a executive chef in these restaurants is a dream job for many who study at the gastronomy school.

Employment in Casinos in Mexico

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How to Get a Job in Casinos?

In the casinos in Mexico, as you can see, you can find many job opportunities, however, you will need to know what you must do to get the job:

Request the Interview in a casino

The first thing you need to do to get the interview is apply. You can request the interview online through the casino's job boards or job boards such as . Remember to fill in the requested information well and do not leave any blank spaces.

Choose the Job I want in a Casino

When choosing a job to apply for, make sure you meet the requirements. If you have most of the requirements, but not all, apply for them because sometimes experience in other areas can be just as good as education.

Send a Curriculum to the Casino

If you send a resume, try to keep it professional. Casinos function as a luxury escape for their customers and expect their employees to represent the brand in the same way. If you hand in a disorganized resume, you can say goodbye to your interview.

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If your application meets the standards they are looking for, you will surely receive a call from Human Resources. There they will agree on the date and time of your presentation to the casino or employment company. Remember to bring all the job requirements.

Attend on time on Interview Day in the casino

Make sure that if you are lucky enough to get an interview, you take this opportunity seriously. You will need to be dress professionally and well groomed. It is also important to arrive at least before the scheduled time.

Preparing For Your First Day Of Work in the casino

Did you have a great interview and just got the call that you got the job?

What are you doing now?

Well the first thing you should do is celebrate a bit because you will actually be busy in the future.

You must ensure that you have the ability to perform the work for which you have been hired. Therefore, you should have professional equipment ready if the work you received requires it. Try to always be on time and ready to work.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Casinos

Wouldn't it be fun to play for a living?

Whether you're flipping cards, spinning a wheel, or counting tiles.

There are so many benefits to pursuing a career in the gaming industry, yet there are also downsides. Let's see:


  • Casinos tend to pay well. Some jobs may have a minimum wage base salary, but these are generally tipped jobs. This allows you to earn much more money than a normal person with minimum wage.
  • One of the best things about working in a casino is the way they promote their employees. Many casinos have a policy that they promote from the inside before hiring outside.


  • It will be difficult to get a vacation or a weekend off. Casinos are run like an entertainment business, so you need to be there to provide your customers with what they want all year long.
  • Work hours can be exhausting. Working hours are usually long and under a lot of pressure. This situation can lead to stress and health problems.

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Casinos are a great place to work and can give you the stability you've been looking for.

With competitive salaries, benefits, and extras associated with casino employment, your chances of growth will only increase. Good luck, we hope you find your dream job.

Remember to visit our Employment exchange , upload your CV , to be part of the Exclusive Talent Community of Hospitality and Tourism of Grand Hotelier

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TOP 10 Casino Game Names

TOP 10 Casino Game Names

What Games are in a Casino?

There are no limits to play. In fact, here we will show you the 10 most popular casino games names.

Do you know all the casino games available?

If you don't know them, start with this short guide. We will inform you about some types of games that you can find and play in a casino, although there are also free casino games online or mobile, there are also casino games without downloading and without internet, there are even casino games for children and parties, but this time We will show you the ones you will find in a real casino

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Who enters a casino, perhaps the problem is where to start or what to play.

Here's a list of the 10 most popular casino game names. Learn, play and have fun to the fullest.

Meet the 10 Most Popular Casino Games

Let's see what they are and how they are played.



It is a simple game, which undergoes some variations, but the principles are similar. It is played in almost all casinos and the more players the better.

It is played with Bingo cards in hand and with a marker to mark the hits.


The game has numbered cards and a roulette wheel in which balls are arranged with numbers.

As the balls are drawn, the cards must be marked. The player who manages to mark a row, column or diagonal, wins.

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Baccarat is a very popular card game in casinos.

In this game, players have three ways to bet: on the player's side, the banker's or dealer's side, or on a tie.

Description of the game

It is played against the dealer, and the goal is to have a score of 9.

Cards 2 through 9 have a face value, numbers are worth 0, and aces are worth 1.

If we have two 9s, the total value is 8, this is because 9 + 9 = 18. But 10 is zero, so we challenge the dealer with an 8 in hand.

Did you know that Casino Games are an essential part of Cruises for entertainment?

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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

The game consists of betting on the options of a wheel. Wheel of fortune.

The game is started by placing the bet on the game table, that is, on one of the 6 symbols. Then it is spun.


The wheel is divided into 56 segments divided by pins.

The wheel spins. When the wheel stops, the pointer will stay between two pins. All bets placed on the indicated symbol will be winners.

You will undoubtedly find the best Casinos in the Large Hotels ...

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Extremely easy to play, keno is a game of chance that resembles the lottery.

Played in China long ago, keno first appeared in American arcades in the nineteenth century with the arrival of Chinese immigrants.


From a folder numbered from 1 to 80, the player must choose 20 numbers and then bet.

At that point the game begins and the numbers are drawn one after the other. The more numbers that have been chosen, the more you win on the card.

Chinese culture is not only characterized by having Ancient games of Chance, as you will also know, they are daring cooks, experts in exotic dishes ...

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Pai Gow Poker


Pai Gow Poker is a variant of Chinese dominoes called Pai Gow.

Once again, China brings this new, but increasingly compelling casino game, which in recent years, is having great success, thanks to the ease of play and its originality.


It is played with 53 cards, one of which is a joker.

The dealer deals the cards. The object of the game is to have a better hand than the dealer.

The seven cards dealt must be divided into "high hand" (2 cards) and "low hand" (5 cards).

Another interesting and original Chinese Casino Game, which encourages you to take a flight on China Airlines (but let's avoid a Boeing 737 Max) and enjoy this entertainment surrounded by this enigmatic culture...

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The roulette is a Game of Numbers, Colors and Random Chips

There is no more intense thrill than gambling for real money in this exciting game.

Placing your bets on the table and waiting for the ball to land on one of the numbers is so exciting that it is therefore a resounding success for both men and women.


It is made up of numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

He spins the ball and waitss to stop at one of the number boxes.

The ball lands on a colored number and all bets that match that number win.

That adrenaline is comparable to the feeling of riding a roller coaster (hence the similar name) ...

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Slot machines, Slots or Slot a Game of Electronic Machines

Casino slots

In this list, this casino game cannot miss the electronic gaming machines.

Slot machines are games that anyone who enters an online or offline casino will play sooner or later, where you can play to win real money or in some cases bonus or bonus.


The player chooses his slot and decides how many lines to bet.

Bet and spin the reels. If the combinations are the winners, the machine returns the winnings.

There are varieties of slot machines, the idea is always to hit combinations.

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Casino blackjack

Blackjack is a legendary game that appeared in the 18th century under the name 21.

One of the most famous and loved card games in casinos. The object of the game is to hit 21 and play against the dealer.


CEach player gathered around a table must score a much higher number of points than the dealer, but not to exceed 21.

Among the possibilities offered, you can have two cards in hand, double the bet compared to another player, or even share a pair, they all play against the dealer

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casino games

The dice game is played with just two dice. Including 1 to 16 players.

The appeal of craps is, of course, betting money. It is a fun game for which you only need speed and luck.


In the game of dice, each game consists of two stages:

First: In which the player who rolls the dice and must obtain a certain sum to pass.

Second: In which you must obtain after rolling the dice, the same number of points as established.

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casino games

Poker is now played all over the world and the general public looks at it with fascination.

It relies heavily on the player's ability to guess their opponents' intentions, that is, assess the risks, and of course allow themselves to brag.


In this game, 5 cards are required to be dealt and whoever has the strongest combination wins.

The hands from highest to lowest are: true color, four of a kind, full, color, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and even. The best hand wins.

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Take advantage of the opportunity of casino games

If in addition to enjoying the game, you are looking for work in places like this ...

Visit the best Tourism Employment Portal in Mexico: , Upload your CV and the vacancies that we have throughout the Mexican Republic apply.

You will also find job offers in the Caribbean coasts: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, among others. Cheer up!

Enjoy a job that will give you great satisfaction.

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For, DOWNLOAD this ARTICLE Free Online and Print in a PDF file click HERE

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How to Play Bingo Step by Step

How to Play Bingo Step by Step

How is Bingo played?

Bingo is a classic game of probability enjoyed by players on various continents. Learning from this game takes just a few minutes.

We think it's safe to assume that everyone knows what bingo is and how to play.

Even if they have never heard or played the game, they will have no trouble understanding the concept behind it. This game of chance offers a simple game that everyone can enjoy.

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It is believed that the game of Bingo can be related as a game for retirement homes and entertaining the elderly.

However, it is also a family game, and can hardly be called a real gambling game, but rather a game of pure luck based on the Mexican lottery.

Learn How to Play Bingo in Just a Few Steps

Learning bingo as it is played is relatively simple.

The numbers are called randomly until a player or players can cross out a line or pattern of numbers as quickly as possible, or as they appear on the screen when playing online.

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Learn to play Bingo

Before starting the game you should know that:

  • The action of the game takes place on the bingo card.
  • The cards generally cost the same amount, and players can buy multiple bingo cards.
  • Casino bingo cards are generally 75 balls.
  • The main variation of bingo played in the United States and Canada, it shows a 5 × 5 grid with “BINGO” printed across the top.
  • The grid will have numbers ranging from 1 to 75 marked out of order.
  • The location of all numbers between 1 and 15 appear below column B, 16 to 30 below I, 31 to 45 below N, 46 to 60 below G, and 61 to 75 below O.
  • There is also a free space in the middle in this math game.

Let's see step by step how the game of bingo is developed in a casino.

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Before Starting the Game, these are the Steps to Play Bingo

It is good to know that you will need a lot of concentration and attention since in a casino, you will have many distractors that can cause you to not be able to see your successes.

Buy your Bingo Cards

First you must buy one or two cards, then you can buy the ones you consider necessary, according to your playing capacity, and thus, have the opportunity to win by the patterns that cover all the cards.

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Instructions for Playing Bingo

The game officially begins when the first number is called.

A bingo caller will periodically call the numbers he gets by removing the numbered balls from a ball blower.

When do you play online bingo, the number of the ball will appear on the screen.

  • When the announcer says a number, the players mark that number on their cards.
  • Players often use a marker called dauber to mark your cards.

To play online, you can choose many cards, or you can choose to have the casino software do this automatically.

Remember to be quick since the next number could be announced before finding the previous one, we recommend that you do not risk too much.

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How to play bingo

Business how to play bingo

As the numbers are mentioned, you should continue Checking whether or not you have a complete line or pattern.

You have to be vigilant, because if for some reason, you don't check in time, once the next ball is called, you will have lost your chance to sing. Bingo!

  • When a player has dialed five numbers called in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, he must shout Bingo! , without exception.
  • When do you play online, the casino software will detect your win automatically.
  • When you see that you have a winning pattern, you must shout very loud.
  • If you don't make it clear that you have a winning line or pattern and that the next number has already been drawn, your winning card will no longer be valid.

The game will continue to develop as long as no one sings Bingo.

During this time, players must pay close attention to each call.

Casino employees, such as announcers and card sellers, will be watching the players for a shout of BINGO!, at that time the call will stop.


Bingo game chips

Winning Card Verification

If you scream Bingo at a live casino or lounge, someone will come and check your card to make sure you have a correct line or pattern, and that you have crossed out the numbers properly.

This verification is public.

If you play Bingo Online it will automatically give you the results on the screen

The awards ceremony

When someone calls bingo at the same time as someone else, Prize money must be shared with the number of players who have a winning combination simultaneously.

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You may find that each casino may have some slight differences in the rules, as there are different variations, so be sure to read the specific casino rules.

So you do not miss the opportunity ...

You can also experience new things, meeting people, share and become part of a lot of activities.

Now, if you are interested in working as a Bingo announcer, you just have to know that you have to be an active person and have no problems working under pressure and at a fast pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ of the BINGO

How to Play Bingo?

A bingo caller will periodically call the numbers he gets by removing the numbered balls from a ball blower.
When do you play online bingo, the number of the ball will appear on the screen.
When the announcer says a number, the players mark that number on their cards.
Players often use a marker called dauber to mark your cards.
When do you play online bingo, you can choose many cards, or you can choose to have the casino software do it automatically.

How do you win at Bingo?

When a player has marked five numbers in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, he must shout Bingo! , without exception.
When do you play online bingo, the casino software will detect your win automatically.
When you see that you have a winning bingo pattern, you must shout very loud.
If you don't make it clear that you have a winning line or pattern and that the next number has already been drawn, your winning bingo will no longer be valid.

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