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Chef Saucier Functions

Sometimes the first thing we consume in a meal is soup, and it is common for our main dishes to be dressed with an exquisite sauce or have an attractive gratin. The person in charge in the kitchen of these soups, sauces and gratins is the chef sauce who with his creativity and seasoning delights us.

This chef is a professional who is often overlooked and his creation is attributed to the head chef, this is a natural reaction. Because what we taste on the plate is a fusion of flavor and presentation. A good part of the strength of this trade lies in highlighting the flavor and presentation of the dish, maintaining its essence and presenting the perfect union.

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Chef Saucier

History of Chef Saucier in the Kitchen

In the XNUMXth century, cooks were considered artisans and were persecuted for their free thought, they were only passionate about cooking and expressed through it. This was very far from today's kitchen and what it is like to have professionals like him chef Saucier, however, this began to change with the arrival of Antoine Careme.

With the arrival of chef Careme in this culinary current, some changes took place. The most outstanding was that he introduced the color white as neatness in the kitchen, and part of his contributions were based on Aguste Escoffier (1846-1935).

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Escoffier was a chef who dedicated himself to establishing the principles of organization and management that govern the kitchen today. For his dedication and work he is appreciated as the father of modern cuisine and responsible for turning the job of cook into a profession.

Through his careful observation the basis of the diagramming and flow of materials within the kitchen was established. In this distribution, a section was established for the preparation of dressings and sauces. This is the area of ​​the chef saucier, which today is of great importance in cooking and gastronomy

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History of Chef saucier

Saucier Functions and Tasks

The functions performed by the chef saucier are intrinsic to the integral management of the kitchen and are intertwined with everything that is the preparation of food. He is responsible for making the ideal side dishes for each dish. Now let's see what its main functions are:

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  • Prepare the sauces that accompany the main dishes. This implies that you must have a detailed knowledge of the accompanying recipes and their fusion with them.
  • Prepare the stews and soups. This task requires skills that are mixed with the art of combining ingredients, and achieving a balance of flavors.
  • Prepare the stir-fries. To handle this type of cooking, rapid at high temperature, skills are needed to achieve that toasted tone while maintaining the flavor and a pleasant texture.
  • Prepare the hors d'oeuvres. They are served before the main course, they condition the diners for the meal that follows, they create the tone in which the food will be received.

The functions and tasks of the chef saucier require his skills and competences in all areas of the kitchen. He manages the delicate balances that must be present between entrees, hors d'oeuvres, sauces and soups. As we can see, there is a type of chef for each culinary area.

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Chef saucier dishes

Chef Saucier's Profile in the Industry

There are emerging markets that have sustained growth, and the vast majority are under the umbrella of health and wellness. In the area managed by chef saucier there are resources to offer healthy alternatives that meet the needs of these markets.

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Healthy foods are often perceived as gray, unappetizing, tasteless and even unpleasant in taste and appearance. Sauces are the real possibility of changing this perception, any food, no matter how bland it is, is encouraged and comes to life with a good sauce

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The challenge is in the preparation of sauces with healthy components and associated with well-being. The skills and competences of the chef saucier are decisive in this objective. His management of the balances in flavor, texture and appearance in food allows him to achieve the perfect combination between a healthy food, highlighted with the touch of a natural and healthy sauce.

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Recipes from Chef Saucier

Chef Saucier: A Professional of Culinary Balances

The chef saucier is vital for the proper functioning of the equipment that works within the kitchen, the sauces complement the main dish and enhance its flavor. Their hors d'oeuvres are the first food that the diner receives from the kitchen and sets the tone for it.

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This professional has the knowledge of culinary art, he also manages the mechanisms of perception of the different flavors in the palates. This knowledge allows you to play with the balances in flavors and textures of foods.

Knowing the mechanisms of how to bring out flavors through a good sauce, a good stir fry or a good combination in a soup provides the chef with potential. Additionally, this could help you grow in the health food and wellness market with a touch of haute cuisine.

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