Typical Gastronomy of Spain

The Dishes of Typical Spanish Food Casera (Spanish Cuisine) are distinguished by their originality, interwoven with different tastes and different national traditions from Madrid, Galicia or Barcelona. After all, Spain is a multinational country and it also includes Spanish military food among the most famous kits in the world.

Spanish food is often recognized as one of the best cuisines in the world, its dishes, stews and traditional recipes on the menu, as in any other country, were influenced by its location and history.

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Family Spanish cuisine despite being faithful to very basic condiments, and mostly being accompanied by a good wine, it also combines a wide range of ingredients and flavors.

Considered a Mediterranean and gourmet cuisine, the elements that characterize it include garlic, olive oil and saffron. In this article, we will highlight in a general way the characteristics of some typical dishes of Spain.

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The dishes of Spanish food are regularly accompanied with white wines, red wines, rosés or champagne.

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General Characteristics of Typical Spanish Food

In Spanish cuisine the main component is that it is highly seasoned, they use a large amount of meat, herbs, spices, garlic, onion, pepper. The national food of Spain is prepared exclusively with olive oil, which gives a unique flavor to Spanish dishes and is essential in most of them.

El key ingredient: smoked paprika, it is probably the most important spice in your pantry, it is used to add depth of flavor and color to a variety of dishes, and if you thought only the Chinese used rice, I will tell you that for the Spanish it is a highly valued grain, for its unequaled Spanish paella.

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Typical Gastronomy of Spain

The other important spice in Spanish cuisine is undoubtedly saffron. Saffron adds a delicate but important aroma to some of the most emblematic dishes of typical Spanish food, such as its Paella, and it is also used in rich stews, such as the Catalan fish stew “suquet de peix”.

And if we talk about seafood, not just what is prepared in the Mexico's beaches It is very rich, in the Mediterranean regions and seas in general Spain are not far behind, the shellfish, tripe and fish are also popular in Coast zones and are considered ornaments of the gastronomy of Spain. Other popular foods in Spanish dishes are cheeses, eggs, beans, almonds, and bread.

Spanish dishes are unique, hearty, and deliciously satisfying. Whether it's a plate of homemade stew on a cold day or a table full of half a dozen tapas, that country knows exactly what is needed when it comes to food in Spanish restaurants.

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Rich and varied, Spanish food shines on the world stage as in London, Rome, Miami, New York and Mexico among the most required thanks to a multitude of dishes diversified from one region to another. and his cuisine has led many Spanish chefs to win Michelin stars in their restaurants.

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Spanish Cuisine and its Typical Dishes

From Miami, Ney York to Mexico City there are many Spanish Restaurants that every day offer the most emblematic dishes of the country of the Iberian Peninsula. Here are some of those typical dishes from Spain:

Tapas, at any time of the day or night at the beach bars

Tapas are a great Spanish culinary tradition that consists of small plates of different types of food, such as appetizers or sandwiches. Dishes can be cold and easy like Serrano ham and olives, or hot like Spanish omelette and meatballs.

Typical tapas in Spanish gastronomy

It is a small snack that Spaniards eat at any time, day or night, in
any place. The range of snacks is diverse: it includes meat products, cheeses, fish and vegetables.

Spanish tapas are present in restaurants all over the world, which have specialized in Spanish food and offer some of the most famous tapas recipes. For example, restaurants such as: Las Tapas de San Juan, Biko, Las Barras de Fran, among others, located in Mexico City.

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Paella, the National Gastronomy Dish of Spain

One of the most famous Spanish dishes is, of course, paella. This is a traditional food from Spain.

Paella served to taste

This dish, due to its history, has Valencian roots and is prepared according to the classic recipe of chicken or rabbit meat, olive oil and rice. To give it a golden color, saffron is added to the dish. With an excellent flavor, the paella spread throughout the country, and on the coast they began to cook it with seafood instead of chicken.

Paella is valued mainly for its excellent taste. There are more than 300 paella recipes in the world, but Valencians prefer their recipe. The cooking principle is similar to the preparation of pilaf, where instead of carrots and turmeric, saffron and small branches of thyme are added to give it flavor, one of the typical foods of Spain

Spanish Gazpacho

This is the most famous light cold vegetable puree soup. Spaniards often serve gazpacho with slices of bread. Gazpacho is one of the most famous Spanish dishes abroad.

Gazpacho one of the recipes of Spanish food

Its classic composition includes tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, chili pod, garlic cloves,
red onion, zucchini, wine vinegar and olive oil.

Nowadays, there are different versions of gazpacho like the white garlic and the typical salmorejo. Great chefs are always getting more and more creative to create new variations of the famous recipe. The dish has gained popularity thanks to its delicate texture and pleasant freshness and is known throughout the world.

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Spanish Omelette: Typical Food of Spain

The tortilla is the most common and popular dish in Spanish cuisine. It is one of the delicious simple recipes that contains, casserole of potatoes, eggs and a variety of vegetables: tomatoes, corn, green pots, peppers and onions.

potato omelette recipe

The cuisine of each province in Spain offers its own recipe with certain ingredients, but the potatoes and eggs they always form the base of any tortilla.

The Spanish tortilla is without a doubt the most famous recipe in Spanish cuisine! There are dozens of different versions of the recipe: with or without onion, vegetables, chorizo ​​... The list is too long! of the food of Spain ...

Galician octopus pride of Spanish Gastronomy

The traditional Galician dish, Pulpo a la Gallega, always present in Spanish fairs and its picturesque drawings as curiosities in its advertising, is a simple recipe and requires very few ingredients: octopus, olive oil and paprika.

Galician Octopus tapas

The octopus is cooked for a long time in a copper dish to soften the pulpit and served with a little salt and paprika on wooden plates, as is tradition. Cooking the octopus in a copper container is said to give it an incomparable flavor.

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Ham a Delight of Spanish Cuisine within your Recipes

Ham (from dried pork) is a highly valued delicacy not only in Spain, but also beyond its borders. The ham is made only from the rear legs of the carcass and its two varieties are distinguished: serrano (white breed of pigs) and Iberian (black breed of pigs) in the food of Spain

Spanish ham

Royal ham is cut manually using a special device (hamoner) and has an incredibly delicate taste and aroma. Each ham is carefully salted and stored in special rooms, maturing to perfect conditions.


It is impossible to imagine breakfast in Spain without churros. This crunchy sweet pastry bar is the perfect addition to a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Churros with chocolate in Spain

Churros are traditionally sprinkled with sugar and seasoned with cinnamon, but there are also types with filling. Such a delicacy can be found on the menu of any cafe or restaurant. The recipe is incredibly simple and has gained popularity in many countries, for example, in the French food It has its variant with the famous "Chichis"

As we saw, Spanish cuisine is very diverse, based mainly on ingredients such as olive oil, garlic and saffron, which give its typical dishes a unique and charming flavor. Gazpacho, Tortilla and Paella are some of their traditional foods, so if you thought that churros was a typical Mexican dessert, you already found out that it was one of many Spanish influences that we adopted.

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