Traditional Mexican Food

Hi how are things! Surely you are wondering what is the most famous Mexican food? I'll tell you the answer at the end of this post or I hope you can identify it !!

The food of Mexico is very variable in its gastronomy depending on the region where you are, but all Mexicans eat tacos every day

Mexico is a country recognized for its traditional cuisine and its characteristics. It is a country that presents a popular gastronomy with many dishes. The type of Mexican cuisine is rich in flavors, aromas and traditional ingredients that pleasantly awaken the taste buds.

If you are thinking of making a Mexican dinner, lunch or breakfast, here is a mix of traditional Mexican dishes, which are famous for regions of the country.

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Traditional Mexican Food Recipe Book

Traditional Mexican cuisine generally consists of colorful plates with the colors of the Mexican flag, the colors green, white, and red are shown in most dishes. The products that mainly make up Mexican meals are corn, meat, fish, rice, potatoes, coriander, chili, tortillas and other spices.

Mexican food is wide in variety from ranch dishes to luxurious gourmet restaurants. Mexicans have traditional dishes that are very succulent and tasty for the palate.

When you come home tired from work, the last thing you want to do is enslave yourself in the kitchen for the whole night, and all you want to know is how to make fast and easy Mexican food. Creating quick and satisfying meals for your family will keep everyone happy and give you more time to enjoy together.

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13 Easy and Quick Mexican Food Recipes to Make

Here are some typical dishes that you can make in a matter of minutes and accompany with any of the fresh waters traditional like horchata water, tamarind water, lemon water or Natural Jamaica Water which are the favorites in the kermes along with the appetizers and fritangas

1- Fish Ceviche Tostadas Sinaloa style

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. Mexico's beaches It is very common to see this delicious dish which consists of fish cooked with only lemon and salt and mixed with onion, coriander, tomato and avocado served in a toasted corn tortilla, adored by both adults and children because it is a healthy dish. This is a very easy dish to prepare and assimilate! Try to do it yourself!

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2- Guadalajara style drowned cakes

The drowned cakes are the specialty of the region of Jalisco Mexico, it is known that the bread with which the drowned cakes are made in Guadalajara have not been able to be copied anywhere in Mexico and even this bread is exported to the United States from Guadalajara to be able to make an approach to the original flavor

The ingredients are pork meat cooked and stewed with spices inside a roll as it is commonly known in Mexico, sauce with tomato, onion, chili and spices that decorate its original name drowned in sauce and lemon to taste, garnished with purple onion

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3- La Cochinita Pibil a Typical Mexican Food from the South

The cochinita pibil is found in the Mexican gastronomy in the south of the country such as Yucatan and Quintana Roo, cities like Merida and Cancun show their diners this delicious Mexican dish, well known for being a special dish for dinner at Christmas and Christmas holidays.

Among its ingredients is the pork meat cooked in the oven or under the ground, the meat is marinated with achiote and spices, sour orange juice and wrapped in banana leaves, it is served with red onion pickled in vinegar and accompanied by chili. habanero for spicy lovers

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4- Cabrito: Traditional Mexican Food in the North of the country

This regional Mexican dish belongs to the north of the country to be specific in the city of Monterrey, this recipe is traditional but not fast since it takes hours for the kid to cook well.

A baby goat called kid is the main attribute, seasoned with marinade and spices, the whole kid is varnished with this seasoning and you turn it over the charcoal called Greek


5- Enchiladas Suizas a Delight of Mexican Gastronomy

Although in Switzerland they do not sell enchiladas, this dish has that name because it has melted cheese on top of the enchiladas which appears to be the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps, this Mexican recipe comes from a northern state of the country called Cohahuila.

This delicious Mexican food is prepared with tortillas and chicken inside, bathed in green tomatillo sauce, with a layer of melted cheese and cream, garnished with coriander and can be served with refried beans, although it is to your liking, you will find this Mexican dish in almost any Mexican food restaurant

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6- The Tacos Mexicans Always Copied Never Equalized

The typical Mexican dish par excellence, this dish is in the gastronomy of Mexico the king, since all Mexicans eat tacos, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, for parties, meetings, kermes, on the street, at events, such as snacks, snacks, snacks etc. a dish that everyone likes

The tacos are hot tortillas with any ingredient inside, the most famous tacos contain pastor which is pork marinated with achiote and spices, of beef called bisteck which has been a misuse of English beef steak, longaniza, chorizo, tripe of beef, brisket, barbecue, egg, roast meat and even vegetarian

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7- Guacamole: The Mexican Food Recipe Taken Around the World

Known in various countries of the world. This is a typical healthy Mexican dish included in any recipe book, this is an easy and quick recipe to make without a stove, it is prepared for any occasion either in the center of the table as snacks or appetizers accompanying any Mexican dish

For the Ingredients of this recipe I advise you to have the original ingredients since the green lemon that is included in other places is called a lime because many countries also call a yellow lemon, it is a simple recipe, grind avocados to taste, chili , tomato, onion, lemon, coriander and salt only, served with tortilla chips

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8- Mole Poblano: Traditional in Puebla Food brought to all of Mexico

This Recipe for traditional Mexican food is finger licking good, legend has it that you cannot eat mole without staining your fingers, a typical dish of Puebla as its name says, an Aztec dish called molli which means sauce but the curious thing is which is made of chocolate, nuts, chili peppers, almonds, sesame and spices

To make this typical Mexican recipe you should boil chicken since you have finished adding the mole is sold in jars and is exported to many countries, it is accompanied as a garnish with refried beans and rice, you can present the dish with slices of tomato, cilantro, tortilla chips and onion cut julienne style and sesame on top

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9- The Tlacoyos and Huaraches are without a doubt the specialty of the Capital

The huaraches and the tlacoyos are very similar they come from the Aztec world, the most representative of the origins of the center of the country for being a civilization out of this world

They are based on dough with which the huarache-shaped tortillas are made and the favorite food is placed on top, cream, cottage cheese and can be accompanied with rice, beans, salads, etc.

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10- Tamales: A Cultural Heritage of Traditional Mexican Gastronomy

The tamales in Mexico are par excellence what distinguishes traditional Mexican food from others, these are made both in the north, center and south of Mexico, what distinguishes them is how they are wrapped and the stew of the region, very common. in the inns, for Christmas parties, markets, gourmet restaurants, inns etc. in short, for all seasons of the year.

They are made of corn dough and butter with chicken broth and wrapped with corn leaves in the north of Mexico and in the center and south of Mexico they are wrapped with banana leaves and inside the dough contains the regional ingredient, some are meat , chicken, beans and other more exotic such as venison and iguana tamales

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11 Michoacan Style Carnitas a Delight of Mexican Food

The Michoacan carnitas are delicious and are from the state of Michoacan in the south pacific of Mexico, this Mexican dish has many ingredients of the pork such as viceras, skin, meat, chamorro and even brains

The way to make them is by putting them in oil and pouring orange soda, the originals are made in a copper saucepan, they are served with sauces, pickled chili peppers, pico de gallo and hot tortillass, and if you don't want to cook today is as easy as looking for Mexican food near me or near me to see Mexican restaurants near your area to take home

12- The Churros They are one of the richest Mexican Desserts or Snacks

Among the Mexican desserts, churros can be eaten at all hours of the day, such as breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack, dessert, dinner and as a snack, this slightly crunchy dessert is often an essential dish in Mexican festivities, at fairs. and you can find them in the squares

Churros go well with hot chocolate and ice cream. Give yourself the pleasure of preparing this incredible dessert in the pleasant company of your children, they are made of a dough similar to hot cakes and are filled with chocolate, cajeta, pineapple or strawberry jam

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13- Carne Asada, the specialty of the North of the Country

Roast beef is the dish that is eaten every weekend in the north of the country, it is made at parties, meetings and with the family and it is accompanied with beer, it is accompanied with onion, sauces. lemons, hot tortillas, charro beans, cheese and guacamole among many other garnishes

Mexican food is marked in taste and originality. Mexicans love spices and especially chili peppers. These foods are equally famous throughout the rest of the world.


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