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American blackjack is one of the most popular versions of blackjack in Mexico. In this guide I describe how to play blackjack American by mentioning the basic rules.

Today in Mexico you can find at least one casino in each of the 32 states of the country. The casinos are not only geared towards tourists, but also towards Mexican citizens. Most of the casinos are located in the coastal resorts, and near the border with the United States.

In addition, there are also them in other cities, cities that are not necessarily visited regularly by tourists.

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How to Play American Blackjack: Rules

Blackjack is one of the most famous card games in casinos. The great popularity of this game around the world is due to easy rules and a simple strategy for counting cards. This game is very complex and dynamic.

How is American Blackjack Played?

American blackjack is a card game where you need to get blackjack (21 points) or collect a combination in which the total number of points is greater than the dealer's, but less than 21 points.

For the player, the cards of other players at the table do not matter. Every player is really playing is against him croupier.

Blackjack Card Value

  • 2-10 - the values ​​of the cards will correspond to their face value;
  • Jack, King, Queen - means 10 points;
  • Ace: 1 or 11, which depends on the player's other cards.

Basic Blackjack Rules

At the beginning of the game, the players place the bets, then the dealer shuffles the deck and deals cards. Each player deals two cards and even to himself. One of the dealer's cards remains face up.

For the game, the dealer mainly uses 6 decks of cards (each deck of 52 cards), although in some cases, the number of decks can be 8. In the event that a player has blackjack, he is paid the victory, if the dealer has 21 points and others do not, then the money will go to the casino.

The cards are opened only after the players have made a complete decision.

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Key Features of American Blackjack

Take a look at the key features below and learn how American blackjack is played:

During the game the dealer receives not one card, but two. The first card (open card) is face up and the second card (hole card) is face down. If the first card is an Ace or a ten, the dealer checks his second card (without showing it to the player). If you have blackjack, the second card is turned over and the results of the game are determined for all players.

If other players also have blackjack, their bets will be returned and the game will be a draw. Otherwise, the game continues, as always, and the player can make sure, increase the stakes, surrender or take an additional card.


When the dealer has an open card, and this is an Ace, the player can easily insure against the presence of the dealer's blackjack. To do this, he makes another bet, which is half of the initial bet. When the dealer has blackjack, the player receives a 2: 1 payout. But, if a player has blackjack on the first few cards, then he is paid 1: 1.

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How to Play American Blackjack: Rules

Enough (Stand)

It is when the player does not want to collect additional cards if the first two have enough points, in his opinion.


It can be used after drawing the first two cards. If it bursts immediately, the person loses.

Divide (Split)

You can split cards into two hands. If both cards are of the same value. In this case, another bet is made, the same as the previous one. Then the player can get another card for each hand.

Surrender (Surrender)

When a person understands that the cards are bad, he gives up, having lost half the bet (sarrender). However, if the dealer has blackjack, the surrender option is not allowed. This departure from the game is called "late exchange / late delivery."

Raise the bet

The player can increase his own bet by looking at the cards after the deal. You also receive an additional card. Also, an increase may be after the separation.

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Blackjack Rules for the Dealer

The dealer plays up to 17 points, and it doesn't matter what cards the player has. If the dealer has received blackjack, the player cannot withdraw from the game.

After this, each player's combinations that are still in the game are compared to the dealer's hand and the final game results are determined. If both parties have the same number of points, the game ends in a draw and the bet is returned to the player.

Blackjack Cards: Combinations and Payout

The different combinations that can result are the following:

  • If the dealer has blackjack (Ace + card, equal to 10), but the player does not have it, the latter loses;
  • If the dealer and the blackjack game have a tie in the game, the bets are returned;
  • If the player has more points than the dealer, but did not exceed the value of 21, he receives money 1: 1;
  • If the player has blackjack: he receives money 3: 2, since he pays 1,5 times the bet;
  • If the dealer and the player have the same points, a tie is declared, the players are paid 1: 1;
  • If the player or the dealer busts, they lose.

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You have seen that American blackjack is a really very simple game and does not vary much from the other existing blackjack variants, so learning its rules will only take a few minutes.

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