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How to make a perfect Curriculum Vitae?

The hotel industry is an employment opportunity for the new generations, since young people will acquire experience in the workplace, and in the cultural sphere.

Hotels employ different types of staff in them:

  • Receptionists
  • Cleaning staff
  • Restaurant staff
  • Managers

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Working in hospitality requires you to master other basic skills such as grammar and math, so your resume should be well written.

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13 Tips to Build a Curriculum Vitae for Tourism and Hospitality

Check the resume examples to work in tourism and hospitality

1. Check Curriculum Vitae Examples to Work in Tourism and Hospitality

Learn about different types of specific tourism and hospitality curricula such as:

resume for a Head, or chambermaid so you have several options, and thus update your resume.

Here you have what you should consider in your curriculum presentation.

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2. Make Sure You Meet These Three Basic Skills When Crafting Your Curriculum Vitae

Working in a hotel, restaurant or any tourism company, you must make sure you meet three basic skills, and add them to your Curriculum Vitae.

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3. Customer Service

If your job is as a housekeeper or a waiter or concierge, you will have direct contact with the client so you should always say hello

Answer questions, solve problems, and demonstrate your verbal communication and customer service skills.


4. Attention to Detail

Small details matter in the hotel industry, they define the image of the hotel, and it can also be beneficial for you.

If you give the customer a good service you will receive a good tip from him

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5. Teamwork

You will need to work well with other staff members, collaborating to provide good customer service.

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6. Make a List of your Skills and write them on your Curriculum Vitae

Make a list of your hotel skills and add them to your resume, compare them to the job requirements listed in the job posting.

The closer it gets to your skills, even using the same language as the employer, the more likely you are to get an interview.

What Skills should you emphasize in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

Highlight in the curriculum vitae, how they will make you a good candidate for other positions.

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7. Have Courtesy and Hospitality Skills that should not be missing in your Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae for hospitality and tourism example, keep in mind these 10 tips to improve your hospitality CV

These skills include:

  • Skills to provide good food service
  • Effectively conduct hotel operations
  • Prepare food and drinks
  • Hotel maintenance service
  • administrative skills
  • Excellent communication and customer service management.

The important thing is to apply for a job according to your skills and experience, to perform it effectively.

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8. Highlight your Communication Skills and Language Proficiency

Un I work in hospitality, or being employed in any tourist activity, implies an exclusive communicational development.

La attention, good diction and command of languages, are some of the communicative skills you need to apply for a job in this category.

In your Curriculum vitae you must highlight your communication skills y show credentials that certify language proficiency. The power of understanding and communication is very important.

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9. Present Telephone Numbers of Good Labor References

Job references will help you obtain employment, you must write contact information that will allow you to successfully locate your previous employers.

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10. Present a Clean, Concrete and Orderly Curriculum Vitae

It is essential to present a clean, concrete and orderly curriculum vitae.

The information written in the curriculum must be understandable and accurate, since what you write will speak about you, professionally and personally.

Presenting a dirty resume will give a bad image of you, and is an important reference for obtaining the job.

Remember that your resume is the first letter of introduction to your future employer.

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11. Clearly place your Personal Data and the Data to Locate You

It is important that you write clearly in your curriculum vitae, your identification data.

  • Full names
  • Contact
  • Identity data
  • Nationality
  • marital status

The location data should not be missing in your resume, your location will depend on them.

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12. Detail the training you have had in Hospitality and Tourism

It is not essential for some jobs to have a certificate of studies.

The experience in events, training workshops or courses that you have taken in this branch, will open up the possibilities of obtaining employment.

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13. Highlight your Experience and Skills in Hospitality and Tourism Work

Some skills that you could highlight in this branch could be:

  • Serenity to serve customers
  • Computer knowledge
  • Enthusiasm
  • Leadership skills
  • Work commitment
  • Sense of belonging
  • Interpersonal skills

Now that you know these TIPS ...

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