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Kostick Test: Know What It Is About

Kostick Test: Know What It Is About

Kostick Quiz Questions and Answers

El Kostick test It was created exclusively for use in the world of work. First of all, some very good information is that the test can be done both collectively and individually. It also provides information on the skills they can develop as part of their job.

This test is responsible for demonstrating a personal preference or self-awareness that will be shown in this test and is the method used to designate a new position to distinguish or promote someone.

This test is not for evaluating the employee himself, but rather for an employer to better understand the potential of those around him. This is what Grand Hotelier uses for this.

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What is the Kostick Test?

The Kostick test is a test used to determine what type of behavior an individual would have in the workplace. This test was initially developed by Doctor Max Kostick. At that time he was serving as Professor of Industrial Psychology at State College, Boston.

These tests attempt to predict how a person will behave at work and adapt to their performance.

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Kostick test

It can be used as part of the new talent hiring process, as well as a tool to evaluate performance based on the ability to get promotions and appropriate moves.

The examiners can be of any gender, not necessarily of high academic ability, and can be used in groups or individually.

Factors Evaluated in the Kostick Test The Cost Test

The Kostick test evaluates certain important factors for hiring an employee or for the promotion of another, these are:

Power level

It measures an employee's intensity and commitment to a given task, their work, their ability to identify their work, and their ability to perform multiple activities effectively at the same time. 


Measures an employee's confidence and ability to show your leadership and have a positive impact on the work environment. Good leadership shows that employees are not looking for competition, but for motivation.


Analyze if the candidate is an always active and creative person, or if he perceives the work process calmly, but effectively, or on the contrary, if he tries to avoid obligations.

Social skills

Evaluates the employee's ability to relate to his environment and how this affects the group, either positively or negatively. It also assesses the group's ability to resolve conflicts ethically. It also measures the employee's empathy with the work environment.

Adaptation to Work

Demonstrate your leadership

It measures how employees grow in their work environment and how their adaptability leads them to behaviors that are beneficial to the organization's processes.

Emotional personality

Your ability to adapt to your work and activities, your flexibility to offer new ideas, and your maturity to express and accept constructive criticism will be assessed.


It is about the ability of an employee not only to ask his boss for help, but also to provide adequate leadership.

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How Does the Kostick Test Work?

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The tool consists of 90 pairs of suggestions and the participant must select from each of them the suggestion with which they feel most identified. If the evaluated person feels identified with both sentences, or does not feel identified with either of them, the evaluated person must also choose a sentence with which they feel more comfortable.

With these answers, you can get quick and honest information on the 8 dimensions of work-related behavior.

Participants will receive an application form and an answer sheet, and evaluators will receive an information sheet and a score sheet.

The evaluator will continue to give all instructions, receive all 90 sets of statements, select the best option for each of the specified statements, and tell the participant which ones to circulate.

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Kostick Test Time Limit

There is no time limit for the test, but most participants usually answer the questions within 30 minutes.

It should be noted that there are no good or bad answers for the Kostick test. Its main purpose is to examine the skills and qualities that can be actively used in the work environment to improve company performance.

the Kostick test


The Kostick test is about a psychological evaluation, and it is clearly used in the workplace. It can be used to identify different aspects of the participants, such as their specific abilities and skills to adapt and develop appropriately in the workplace.

The main objective is to align positions with the skills and attitudes of employees and use them to improve processes and organizations. The review is done in a simple way, just by detailing the graph.

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Do you know what the Moss Test is about? Get to know it!

Do you know what the Moss Test is about? Get to know it!

What is the Moss Test?

The Moss Test or Moss test, is a psychometric test that is used in many personnel recruitment processes. Especially in those cases where the position to occupy, deserves a good performance in leadership roles and decision-making, they are transcendental for the organization to function well.

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With the application of this test, the managers who are in charge of the selection and hiring, can establish which candidates are the most suitable to fill the positions of supervisor and conflict management.

At as the main online job bank in Mexico, we show you what this test consists of and what aspects it determines in candidates for a position.

Personnel recruitment processes with Moss test

What does the Moss test measure?

The Moss test or Moss test, allows to determine and measure the degree of social adaptability using five variables or dimensions. It was developed rudolf moss and Berenice Moss in 1979 from the University from Stanford, with a Latin adaptation in 1989.

Social adaptability is crucial in certain jobs. Likewise, for Grand Hotelier it is of vital importance that the characteristics of the position are combined with the profile of the candidate.

Let's see what the concept of social adaptability means, in this context and in the interpretation manual of the moss test.


Social Adaptability According to the Technical Sheet of the Moss Test

Regarding the concept of adaptation, it refers to “the need to reconcile the characteristics of the individual, including their needs, with the requirements of the environment in which they live”.

Moreover, the social adaptability it is defined as “a more or less optimal level of adaptation of behavior to the common lifestyle existing in the group to which the individual belongs and the individual's willingness to actively participate in that group. Therefore, to adapt socially ”.

According to this definition, points of adaptability can be established, in which individuals adapt more effectively. Here you can mention cognitive flexibility, emotional flexibility and capacity for change.

Thus, social adaptability in management and administration includes motivation, which allows management and administration to strive to achieve the objectives of the organization in combination with the personal needs of subordinates.

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It also involves the assimilation of the organization's standards and guidelines, changes in the organization's standards and guidelines. As well as the behavior caused by them, and interpersonal relationships in this sense.

Let's review below, the five variables or dimensions in which the concept of social adaptability is analyzed. To work in tourism or for any job in Mexico they are very important.

What is the Moss test used for?

Key: It is the ability of an individual to direct and control a group of other people, the effectiveness of supervisory activities assigned to staff, including management activities.

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Supervisory capacity

The Moos Test covers a series of situations in which participants demonstrate their ability to lead an organization or department, their ability to influence others (positively or negatively). As well as its ability to offer ideas that lead to the achievement of objectives to satisfy the needs of the organization.

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Decision-Making Capacity in Interpersonal Relations according to its Interpretation

Key: The aspects that define this area are equivalent to the rules and decisions that an individual must make when it comes to issues related to the way people interact.

The situation described in the evaluation also shows the confidence that the manager has in interacting with other team members.

The potential manager's ability to delegate depends on it. Also to motivate the team to achieve its goals, the ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts in a timely manner and the universality with which the manager manages his department.

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How is the Moss Test Scored?

Key: Aspects related to norms and good social judgment that create specific problems in interpersonal relationships.

Building on the situation it highlights some of the problems that may arise in the organization. This test will help to reestablish interpersonal relationships, accept your own mistakes, offer timely decisions, make and give constructive criticism to improve the process.

As well as each and every one of them are designed to assess the ability of a potential manager or manager to overcome communication barriers.

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Ability to Build Relationships with other People

Key: Personal qualities that allow individuals to interact with others in an adaptive way.

The presented situation will also allow you to determine the ability of future leaders to maintain positive and adaptive relationships with their subordinates. As well as the leadership and motivational skills that they can demonstrate through their subordinates. It also assesses whether the manager or leader trusts their team.

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Common Sense and Expertise in Relationships with Other People

Key: Get along with people by working for good relationships.

This variable is designed to determine the ability of managers and supervisors to make sensible and logical decisions to resolve problems and conflicts. In addition to acting in an ethical and respectful manner at all times.

Similarly, the ability of managers to perceive the technical skills of team members to use them for the benefit of the organization is assessed.

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The Usefulness of the Moss Tests in the Selection of Personnel according to their Qualification in the Answers

Test in the selection of personnel

The method of hiring staff is primarily determined by the company's personnel management policy.

However, for many years companies have prioritized economic factors over intellectual capital as a source of competitive advantage and a determining factor in their success.

As a result, companies have neglected the talent selection process. Paradoxically, this process has led to increased costs to fill vacancies with people who do not fit the profile of the workforce.

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The Moss Test and the Zavic Test

Fortunately, current methods include protocols that take into account the application of tests, such as that of Moss and Zavic, in order to establish the future worker with the profile of the position.

When looking for a job in any country, or in a tourist job bank, it is very important that the applicant adapts to the position he is seeking, for the benefit of the hired person and the organization. In this regard, tests are useful tools to carry out this preliminary evaluation.

Now you know what the Moss test is, with these examples you can see how important it is in the personnel selection test, although there are no correct or exact answers since the interpretation is that each individual gives different data so that it is solved

To Summarize this Moss Psychometric Test in its Interpretation:

It is an efficiency and encourages responsible personnel to carry out designated activities. These are the criteria and decisions on how to interact with others. Standards and judgments about social conditions with certain problems.

This is your ability to connect with others in an adaptive and effective way. The ability to get along with others can maintain a behavior based on good judgment and logic in the face of difficulties or conflicts in responses to the results according to the interpretation manual of the moss test

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Of course, Moss can tell you if a person has leadership and / or interpersonal advantages, but the combination of these two factors will make the boss or manager know the requirements and maintain a sense of harmony among subordinates as a determined program. The MOSS test determines this. general quality of two people.



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The Zavic Test Learn more about what it is about

The Zavic Test Learn more about what it is about

Zavic Psychometric Test

To improve our understanding and management of people, the administrations of all organizations must develop a vision of the personal motivations that define their "professional interests" and attach them to their manual. Motivations shape interests and concerns and determine career paths. For this, the Zavic test is ideal.

For any job in tourism or in another area of ​​employment in Mexico, the application of this type of psychometric instruments, allows to establish the profile of the worker and what his performance will be like in the company that hires him and to be able to carry out his work correctly.

At we keep that in mind, which is why we have prepared this article.

What the Zavic Test Determines in its Technical Sheet

Zavic's test with its questions describes the values ​​and interests of the workplace. This test helps to define the values ​​and interests that should be expressed in the workplace.

From this point of view, the zavic psychometric test is used for hiring personnel and tries to determine the most assertive qualities according to the job being offered by the author.

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Learn more about what the Zavic Test is about

Factors to Consider in the Zavic Test

The four factors that influence motivation to work are:

  • Moral-legality
  • Indifference
  • Corruption

Impact on job performance

Economy, politics, society and religion

Interpretation of the Zavic Test Results

Based on the results of the test or Zavic Test, the factors of the person's position (values ​​and interests) are first determined and then extrapolated to the organization or union against which they are evaluated. These reasons will be explained below.

Analysis of the Zavic Test Results

As we mentioned at the beginning, at Grand Hotelier, as a tourist job board, it shows you not only the best job offers in Mexico, but we also show you the aspects of selection involved.

Let's see what the analysis of the zavic test results in the booklet shows.

Related to Morality

Good morale (adherence to the code of conduct). Aimed at positions that require a strong moral compass to follow the rules set by the family, society, or organization to do good, not evil.

Low morale. A person who does not follow the guidelines and norms applicable in the family or social environment. Affirming your beliefs without reducing them, whether they are right or wrong.

Regarding Legitimacy

Legitimacy (requires honesty). A person who is honest and sincere and follows the guidelines of the company. Be faithful to the orders of your immediate superior.

Low legality. An individual who uses a situation for personal or professional reasons to show double intentions is not and will not follow the rules established by the company and its beliefs. Generally, you will act only in the interest of decision-making.

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Related to Indifference

Strong indifference (desire to ignore). A person who demands a high degree of indifference. There will be a person with a low level of production, perhaps due to a lack of motivation or a state of mind that affects their behavior. He does not take things seriously.

Low level of indifference. A person who does things with enthusiasm, who is always motivated by success and strives for success and challenges, who is highly productive and has a high level of attention to detail.

Related to Corruption

Grand corruption (desire to corruption): A person who enjoys seducing, teasing, and causing trouble.

He goes looking for bribes and corrupts the rules and regulations of the company, family and business. Violates generally accepted standards of decency and does not respect moral values.

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Related to corruption

Little corruption: Those who want to make decisions based on their profitability, cost-cutting methods, and practical problem-solving skills, return on investment, and profitability.

The Zavic Test According to Interests

This has to do with the economy, politics, social aspects and religion

In relation to the economy

Economic height (desire for wealth). People who want to make decisions based on their ability to earn money. Particular attention is paid to the investment climate and profitability.

Low economic potential. Connected with people who prefer to serve primarily for profit and ignore material considerations.


High politics (trying to gain power over others). This interest, as a rule, requires an ambitious person who wants to go far in the organization.

It is important to work for promotion in this position. In a commercial company, middle managers have the opportunity to fight for top positions, but in a more democratic or participatory environment this value is less important.

Low policy. People who seek teamwork and cooperation. Employees and coordinators of democratic organizations can annoy leaders if they are ambitious in their role.

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Social issues

Very sociable. A job that requires high social value is first and foremost showing a genuine interest in people.

As a general rule, hiring managers, public relations managers, communication managers, doctors, etc. they must demonstrate these values.

They emphasize a genuine concern to help people, which can be a good team-building element.

Weak social. Positions that require little social skill involve an unsentimental approach to difficult tasks. Decisions that should lead to success are made without taking into account the impact on people.

A manager with a large number of employees must first think about the survival of the company, without causing unemployment or hurting employees.


A job that requires high social value


High religion (respect for regulation and power). Work that requires a high degree of regulation, which requires discipline, structure, order, a broad understanding of the rules, as well as a high degree of morality, such as breaking the law or respecting relationships, is one of the main characteristics of this position.

An example of this type of position is the Controller (strict observance of all principles).

Religious bass. The position requires a high degree of freedom and the ability to work without discipline. Such positions are less and less common today. Positions in this category are related to art, entertainment, and some sales.

This test is very complex and ambitious, in relation to what it estimates, but it is adequate to establish an entry profile in relation to the candidate and the position to which they aspire with correct decisions.

Now you know what the Zavic test is and that it measures according to the qualification, taking into account the answers the interpretation is carried out to obtain the automatic solved to obtain the antecedents.

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4 Key Benefits of Personality Tests

4 Key Benefits of Personality Tests

Personality Assessments

The Personality test they are extremely fashionable in recent times. You can't seem to check your social media without being inundated by various questionnaires that seek to detect your hidden personality traits, reveal the "real you" or identify which pop culture icon shares traits similar to yours.

Most of these are just done for fun, but sometimes they reveal truths and insights that help determine some aspects of personality, behavior, and preferences.

These quizzes can often provide a fun source of distraction. But they can also be a serious psychological exercise that is quite useful to get to know yourself a little better, and that can help you to evolve later in each area of ​​your life.

Personality test

If you are a psychologist and you are interested in getting a job in Mexico, remember that you can enter our employment portal at, to select the one that seems most suitable for you.

Test to Discover Your True Personality

In addition to these entertaining quizzes, there are many legitimate psychological evaluations available, which could tell you a bit more about yourself.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), for example, is one of the most popular psychological assessments in the world today, and many people claim that knowing their “personality type” has helped them better understand themselves and their children. the rest.

Assessment of Personality Psychological Preferences

The MBTI was designed to assess psychological preferences, including how people view the world, how they interact with the world, and how they make decisions.

A mother-daughter pair developed the test based on the personality theories of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Since then, the assessment has become one of the most popular and widely used personality tests.

Often used by psychologists, professional counselors, and employers. It is generally touted as a quick way to learn more about people and whether they will be successful in certain roles.

So can knowing your personality type on the MBTI and other personality assessments be helpful? What good can these measurements actually do in detecting personality?

4 Benefits of Personality Tests

These tests have a great positive impact on the lives of the people who take them. Some of the things that knowing your personality type might help are:

1- The Personality Test Helps You Understand Other People Better

After taking a test and seeing its results, you may have a better understanding of all the different reactions and perceptions that other people might have to the same situations. We all have a different way of seeing and interacting with the world.

Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

No personality type is "better" than another, just different. And each perspective brings something new and interesting to the world.

People often fall into the trap of mistakenly believing that most other people share the same views, opinions, attitudes, and traits that they do.

However, having your own personal preferences highlighted, and being able to glimpse some of the traits that other people possess, can help you understand them.

The Personality Test is Helpful in Relationships

Understanding some of your basic personality traits, as well as those of those close to you, is also helpful in relationships.

If, for example, you are an extrovert but your spouse is an introvert, you will be better able to spot the signs that your partner is burning out and needs to take a break from socializing.

By getting to know the personality traits of others better, you can better respond to the needs of your loved ones and build stronger associations.

2- The Personality Test Identifies your Likes and Dislikes

Maybe you've always hated talking on the phone, but you never really understood why. Or maybe you've always needed a little extra time to think about an issue before making a decision.

By learning more about where you are in extroversion / introversion and thinking / feeling continuity, you may better understand why you prefer certain things and dislike others.

Necessary in important decisions

This can be helpful when trying to make important decisions that could impact the course of your life, such as choosing a college major.

Selecting a specialty and profession that is well aligned with your personal preferences can mean that you will end up being happier and more satisfied with your choice and your job in the long run.

3- The Personality Test Determines the Situations that Allow You to Perform at Your Best

Learning more about your personality type can also help you discover new ways to approach problems.

If you find that you tend to have high introversion, you can be cautious in the future, giving yourself plenty of time to get comfortable in a situation, before introducing yourself to a new coworker, for example.

Knowing what might work best for your personality type can give you new ideas on how to solve problems, deal with stress, cope with conflict, and manage your work habits.

4- With the Personality Questionnaires you better understand your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing what you're good at can be important in a wide variety of situations. Whether you're choosing a college major or considering applying for a job.

For example, if you know that you are an ISTJ (introvert, feel, think and judge), you might recognize that certain aspects of your personality could qualify as strengths in some situations, and as weaknesses in others.

While your strong organizational skills and detail-oriented personality can be a major strength in your job. Sometimes it can cause you to stumble into situations where you need to let other people take charge.

Benefits of the Personality Test

Conclusion on the Personality Test

Personality Tests, including other psychological assessments and fun-only quizzes that you find online, can be thoughtful, insightful, and even fun. The key is not to get too obsessed with your results.

On the other hand, once again we remind you that if you are a psychologist and you are interested in finding a job in Mexico, at Grand Hotelier we offer you a job board. We help you achieve your goal.

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Cleaver Test: Know All the Details of this Test

Cleaver Test: Know All the Details of this Test

Cleaver Psychometric Test

El Cleaver test in general it is a test that provides a complete description of the personality of the person, highlighting their ability to perform various social tasks, their ability to get along with others and communicate with them.

It predicts how this person will react in certain situations and what are their typical reactions and relationships under pressure, therefore, it is used for recruitment days in companies.

The evaluation is based on four scales calculated from the person's self-promotion. Confidence, social influence, perseverance and moral values. Grand Hotelier is the main employment portal that uses this type of test.

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Cleaver test

Where is the Cleaver test used?

The Cleaver test is a psychometric test that can give a very accurate perception of the candidate's personality, their level of intelligence, their ability to establish relationships and their ability to think logically.

It also measures the participant's reactions in specific situations where pressure is applied. Evaluate the skills and characteristics of each person to use them correctly in an organization.

This psychometric test is used by more than 90% of companies around the world because its results allow a very complete evaluation of a future candidate for this position.

This means that it is a mandatory part of the new talent acquisition process, as well as the staff evaluation process, or as a prelude to the selection process for promotion.

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How is the Cleaver Test performed?

The test is divided into two phases, the first phase involves projecting an image of yourself through a process of self-description, that is, examining the behaviors, motivations and limitations of an existing position in a work environment.

The second stage refers to the human factors to which the participants are exposed to a series of questions and to a work situation in which they must answer each question from a series of options available to them.

The options chosen by a person are more or less identified with himself and a determined test should not be used to know how the individual is examined, these tests can be online or face-to-face.

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What Does the Cleaver Test Measure?

Where is the Cleaver test used?

This test allows to identify the abilities, personal qualities, attitudes and aptitudes of the person taking the test. After the test is resolved, the employer uses this information so that people have the best possible job or in other words take on a position for which they are prepared.

It can be used not only to recruit new employees, but also to assess existing people, identify gaps, and encourage transfers and promotions.

In the same way, it is in charge of measuring the following segments in the person evaluated:

  • Thrust (Dominance)
  • Influence (Persuasion)
  • Constancy
  • Attachment (Compliance)

Article I

Main Characteristics of the Evaluated Segments Cleaver Test

Thrust (Dominance)

The main feature is: challenging. You prefer to receive attention and have control of others. Ready to race at any time. When something is at stake, the best will come from this person. Respect for the person who meets all your expectations.

You do your best work when you have power and responsibility. He thinks he is great and wants them to accept his authority without question. You can create a situation where, if there are no problems, it will. Work long and hard until you get through a difficult situation. When dealing with people, he is usually direct, positive, and demanding.

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Influence (Persuasion)

Main traits and characteristics: persuasive, open and sociable. He is primarily interested in people and their problems and activities. He is always ready to help others to carry out their projects, as if they were his own. He is generally considered an optimistic individual, always seeing the good in any situation.

They are considered part of the organization because they are socialized. They are easy to treat by showing a sense of security.


Main features. Overall friendly, quiet, and easy to use. It is not very bright or controlled. It is not explosive and reacts quickly, so you can hide your feelings and get angry. I like to make close friends with a relatively small group of like-minded people.

He is generally happy and relaxed. He does not like changes and will try to follow them, especially when they are unexpected or sudden. He is still able to work with infinite patience.

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Attachment (Compliance)

Key Traits: General calm and adapts to situations without antagonism. Being sensitive, you seek recognition and easily hurt others. He is humble, loyal, obedient and always tries to do what he can.

Mostly he is considered cautious and conservative, he is slow to make decisions even with all the information available, this can annoy someone who expects him to react quickly. Your reluctance to make a decision allows you to wait to see where other opinions will act.

Fields of Application of the Cleaver Test

The Cleaver test or test is a psychometric test that is performed in various areas, these are the following:

Personnel Selection with the Cleaver Technique

The selection of personnel is the first area of ​​use of this test, since through this test the capacity of future employees and their behavior at work and work environment can be determined.

Promotions and Transfers

The Cleaver test is not only good for new hires, but also for studying the capabilities of current employees and making the right decision regarding promotions and transfers within the organization.

Implementation of Specific Incentive Programs by Type

It is also used for the study of employees in order to create programs that encourage the ability and work spirit of employees.

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How is the Cleaver test performed?

Organizational Approach

It can also be used to develop a long-term plan for the organization, this in order to advance in terms of organizational plans.

Refine Career Development Programs

The applications of these tests or techniques also work to determine the professional shortcomings of employees and can be used to improve and develop careers.

This test can also be used in recruitment sessions to determine what occupation, specialty or position the participants fit into.

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Cleaver Test Summary

Consequently, the Cleaver technique measures behavior and capacity, to determine how people behave in work environments, how their behavior changes when motivated or encouraged, how they behave under pressure (either under strong pressure or personal pressure). .

Now you know the cleaver test and its interpretation, although we do not have a technical sheet or manual to apply the test, since each company applies them depending on the position, but you can download free templates online

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