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For those who want to find a good job in the hospitality field, it is important to consider these 10 questions that could be asked you in a job interview for hospitality, although there are different types of questions, consider these important.

You must remember that hotel organizations strive to get the best staff to provide quality service.

So you must be prepared for it in job interviews and take these examples into account.

In large cities, the development of the hotel industry has been advancing.

The variety of tourist sites and attractions in the region has picked up its development in tourism and hospitality.

Cancun and its wonderful passages, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Playa del Carmen, receive thousands of vacationers daily, this is just a sample of the value of the tourist resources of the region.

The splendor of the beaches and hotels provide an opportunity for unique and unforgettable enjoyment, what better than working in such a place.

woman training new staff in boardroom

Therefore, hotel organizations, restaurants, different tourism sites always seek to attract people trained in the hotel industry. So, in their job interviews, they are usually demanding and meticulous when it comes to selecting their employees and on some occasions they are job interviews in English.

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10 Questions in a Hospitality Job Interview

Here we will see the 10 questions that you will not be asked in a job interview and these can serve as a guide since professionals already know what to ask.

Pay attention to the following:

What brings you here or tell me about yourself?

It is one of the Classic Work Questions...

Surely, this will be the first question in a job interview.

So be prepared to talk about yourself with this in mind:

  • * Highlight your personality, your power of attention and conflict resolution.
  • Emphasize your virtues as a good hotel agent.
  • Indicate your motivations and work and personal interests.

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You will need to comment on some interesting anecdotes, especially those that have to do with your performance, your professionalism and your qualities.

Try to be natural, spontaneous and always be confident, without crossing the line of trust.

This will guarantee that your nerves disappear, since when you see yourself pleasant, courteous and honest, they will perceive greater confidence in you.

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man greeting another person at a table talk

What do you know about our company ?

This question talks about the importance of the company and what you know specifically. Do not exaggerate in your answers so as not to fall into flattery.

Take the opportunity to emphasize what a hospitality job means to you, talk about your abilities and interests.

This answer will depend a bit on your hotel experience, if you do not have it, talk about the interest in acquiring new experiences working in the tourist world.

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Why did you decide to work in a hotel?

Focus on how your character and personality fit perfectly with hotels by asking yourself these questions:

You are extrovert? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you curious?

Let them see that you enjoy the challenges that come with working in a successful hotel.

What is your Previous Experience in the Hotel Industry ?

Your experience in hospitality will talk about your abilities and skills to work in a Restaurant or a Hotel.

Also, it will be your presentation letter for the position they request.

It is always good to highlight your strengths, your achievements, your desire to grow and improve every day.

Never make a comment that detracts from the quality of the site where you worked. That conveys on your part that you are a dissatisfied and conflictive person.

In which areas would you like to improve?

Here you must answer the ones that are of your greatest competence or capacity.

Depending on your experience or interests, mention the areas in which you would like to work and that will give you further learning to improve.

women talking at a front table

What salary are you looking for?

It is advisable to check the salary in advance according to the area of ​​your interest in the job interview. Never go to extremes.

Don't show yourself too little or too ambitious. Try to show that the work you do is worth it and therefore should be paid fairly.

However, experience sometimes pays better than a degree from a recent graduate, so first learn, gain experience and little by little you will be quoting with a higher salary.

You must also evaluate the expenses that your employment would generate in transportation, food.

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Can you work under pressure?

This is a basic question in a job interview, they will always want to hear from you, that you are fast and effective.

They are interested in seeing your first reaction here, never show nervousness when answering this question.

Pressure is part of the job, remember, you can be a good hotel worker and you know how to handle this burden.

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Do you know how to work in a team?

Teamwork is another of the skills that a good hotel worker must possess.

In a hotel, effective work is done as a team since the work depends on everyone. A coordinated and joint work is productive work.

In a hotel, the variety and diversity of jobs abound, which is why it is necessary to know and have permanent communication with all hotel employees, which is why the job interview is required.

All the functions are connected, and the quality of the service depends on the coordination of each one of the functions that are developed in the place.

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What is your Greatest Professional Weakness ?

You will always have a professional weakness.

Please NEVER say you DON'T HAVE ANYA, since that from the outset will be a lie, of which you do not need to be an HR expert to detect it.

The point of this question is Honesty.

At the same time, it is intended to obtain a response that demonstrates your ability to face a challenge, despite fearing it.

Here you should take the opportunity to accept your weaknesses, always giving a solution of how you would face them.

woman and man talking at work table with laptop

Do you have any questions for us?

It is good that you take advantage of this space to clarify your doubts and ask all your questions.

Professionals in the hospitality industry sometimes do not prepare well for their interview due to their hectic schedule.

This is the first mistake they make, remember that "Not Preparing is Preparing for Failure".

We hope these ten questions help you prepare for an interview, and thus get the job you want so much.

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