What is a Scenographer?

All the stages, furniture and accessories that the public sees in the artistic production, make up the stage design.

The work of a Scenographer is to design the physical environment in which the action will take place.

Blueprints and ideas are taken from the production team and turned into realistic constructions including landscapes, curtains, furniture and accessories. Set designers often work with directors, producers, costume designers, and other members.

Do you feel that you have Skills for Decoration and Scenography?

Roles of a set designer

The job of a Set Designer is to discover everything that may be needed based on the script.

Expect the set to create the right mood and atmosphere.

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You must take care of the details that are taken care of in a set have to do, for example, with offering the public the clues about the time of day, the location, the season and the historical period. The set designer, once the outlook is clear, will be responsible for:

  • Present the plans, drawings and three-dimensional miniature models of the set.
  • Draw the plans to scale, showing from above the design of each set and the location of large furniture and accessories.
  • Build frontal views, to show the set and details of the scenery and platforms.

These visual aids help ensure that everyone involved in the production process understands each other.

The stage manager checks with the set designer, and makes sure it is installed correctly as the design

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Are you ready to be a set designer?

Do you think you have the Qualities to be a Good Set designer?

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Skills and Personal Qualities Needed to be a Set Designer

Set designers have different personalities.

They tend to be artistic individuals, which means they are creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive.

Here are some of the skills and qualities you need to be a good Set Designer:

  • Imagination, creativity and the ability to present ideas to others.
  • The ability to communicate ideas through technical drawing and modeling.
  • Excellent visual knowledge and spatial design skills.
  • A good working knowledge of the visual arts and production processes.
  • Know the photographic plans and lighting.
  • Good communication, presentation and networking skills.
  • The ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to solve problems, be resourceful and adaptable, and work on deadlines.
  • Excellent leadership and motivation skills.
  • Perseverance and patience
  • Knowledge of relevant health and safety regulations.

Set designers must be innovative, as well as entrepreneurial and assertive.

Requirements to be a Good Set designer

In addition to having organizational talent and negotiation skills, the most important prerequisites for taking on this profession are: a rich imagination, creativity, and a healthy dose of pragmatism.

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A set designer should have a good general education and architectural knowledge, as well as a good knowledge of art and cultural history, style, design, and costume materials.


Formally, there are no established requirements for the profession of Set designer.

However, prior training as a painter / sculptor / scenic is recommended as it provides basic knowledge and increases career opportunities, perhaps also, graphic and photographic design, as well as interior design, can form the basis of this profession .

Employment Opportunities as a Set Designer

As a set designer, you can basically work wherever sets and scenes are set up and designed.

These include theaters, tourist environments and musical stages, movies ...

However, nowadays, stage design is becoming more and more popular and is also applied to museums, hotels, luxury, large boats restaurants, etc.

Hotels are usually a wide and diverse setting where the works that are presented are intended to generate emotions and impressions in customers on a daily basis.

Not only will you be able to work on the setting of the rooms, but you will also be able to play with the setting of the restaurant, of the environments for parties or special meetings, in short, you will have at hand the responsibility of making the place a setting to give to the customers a pleasant, cheerful, attractive, and above all, charming welcome.

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Data of interest

The Scenographer is a designer of spaces: imagine, create and configure the settings for a play or for a particular environment, taking into account the different spaces (stages, rooms) and their interactions.

Stage design is a very versatile profession.

So if you have an interest, even knowledge in scenery, you can opt for very attractive jobs.

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