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What do the Michelin Stars mean?

The Michelin Stars are the highest qualification that a Chef, a restaurant or a hotel can obtain, they are the “Oscars” of the kitchen recognized worldwide.

Most commonly, the expression refers to the Michelin guide, European hotel and restaurant. The annual award, maintenance or withdrawal of the various awards and recognitions granted by this guide,

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What are Michelin Stars?

They are a prestigious award given to the best chefs, restaurants and hotels in the world.

Getting a Michelin Star is not easy, since before a restaurant or hotel receives this "quality badge" it must have passed a series of very strict tests. In these, the quality, originality, creativity and presentation with which the dishes are displayed will be valued.

The type of environment of the site will not be valued, unless there is poor ventilation of the place and that may affect the dishes. An example of this could be an excess of air conditioning, an unpleasant smell from the restrooms of the place or any similar circumstance that can affect a perfect tasting of the food.


All this is analyzed in detail by an expert inspector in haute cuisine and tourism technicians who are required a minimum experience of 5 years in the sector.

Of course, inspectors make thousands of visits a year to restaurants around the world, but they will never reveal your identity, they always remain anonymous.

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What do the Michelin Stars mean in a Hotel or Restaurant?

So what is a Michelin star? Let me explain: The number of stars varies depending on the rating obtained by the inspectors:

The 3 Michelin Stars

For the third Michelin star, they will have to count on the visit of international inspectors to win the award of: Exceptional cuisine, which makes the trip justified.

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The 2 Michelin Stars

For the second Michelin star they will have to count on the visit of 10 national and French inspectors to participate as the category: First class cuisine for their type of food.

Only 1 Michelin Star

For the first Michelin star, The Restaurant receives 4 visits from national inspectors to participate as the category: Very good restaurant within its category.

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How to earn a Michelin Star?

If a restaurant obtains one of these recognitions, its reservations automatically skyrocket, the waiting list begins to be a common thing in these places.

All the restaurants that have obtained any of these awards have seen their business grow considerably. But they also have to keep working so as not to lower the quality of the service since they could lose their "longed-for" Star.

When a restaurant gets one, two or three Stars, it will be able to keep them as long as it continues to offer the same quality in its dishes.

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To verify this circumstance, every year an inspector from the Michelin Guide will pass (anonymously) to check if the restaurant is still worthy of this award.

The restaurants that get a Star tend to increase their prices: This happens, not because of the reputation that such award gives them, but because to maintain that award and not lose it, they invest in higher quality products. These can spend up to 30% more on raw materials to prepare their dishes.

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Can You Miss Michelin Stars?

Anyone who has achieved the quality badge, must remember that they can lower their number of Stars or even lose them all.

The Stars are not added every year, but each year the restaurant is subjected to a review to verify if it continues to be worthy of the Michelin award, being able to obtain a higher rating, a lower rating or remain without a Star.

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If one, several or all of the Michelin Stars are lost, they can be obtained again as long as the restaurant proves again that it is a candidate for the award.

The despair of some chefs when losing their longed-for Stars can reach the extreme, falling into depression and even suicide, as is the case of Bernard Loiseau, who, after getting a bad review of his restaurant, committed suicide just thinking that he could lose its Michelin stars.

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History of the Michelin Stars

André Michelin, in 1900 was the creator of the first Michelin guide (in France), which was released as a guide for travelers with restaurants and routes, little by little its popularity grew until it became the best restaurant guide Worldwide.

Countries and Chefs with the most Michelin Stars

Today there are many countries that already have a recognized reputation in the “Red Guide”. Spain is one of them. As of 2019, it already had 206 Spanish restaurants with Michelin Stars.

Although the city in the world that takes the highest number of stars is Tokyo, which has 308 stars distributed among 230 Japanese restaurants.

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Chef with the most Michelin stars

The chef with the most Michelin stars to hold the record today, despite his passing in August 2018, is Joel Robuchon, who has a total of 32 stars. A record that as of 2029 has not been reached by any other chef.

For some restaurants and chefs, the fact of receiving the award of "good restaurant" is a source of stress and more work. In fact, there have been cases of some restaurants that have voluntarily requested the removal of their restaurants from the Michelin guide.

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Michelin Stars and their history in restaurants

In 1977 Michelin eliminated from its famous guide "Maxim's" one of the oldest and most authentic restaurants in Paris and its French food, after its owners (the Vaudable family) voluntarily requested their withdrawal.

This requesting voluntary withdrawal is somewhat more common, there have been cases in all countries, such as in Spain (Horcher family), in France (Lucas-Carton, who renounced 3 stars), Great Britain (Maison de Bricourt), Italy (Gualtiero Marchesi, who was the first to get the 3 stars with the Italian food ), etc ...

Michelin Guide Restaurants

If you are one of those who is passionate about traveling but above all, doing “gastronomic tourism” then it is clear that the Michelin Guide is your best ally.

Do you want to enjoy the best restaurants recognized worldwide? Prepare your Michelin Guide before traveling and you will surely enjoy a pleasant gastronomic experience. Of course, do not forget to prepare your wallet, since some restaurants may have prices that are somewhat higher than normal.

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Michelin Star Mexican Chefs

If you want to know all the restaurants that have a Michelin Star in Mexico I will disappoint you, but if there are restaurants of Mexican food with Michelin stars such as Paco Mendez and his restaurant Hoja Santa in Barcelona.

Now you know that they are Michelin stars or that they are Michelin, and you can prepare in the kitchen and start to get down to work to be the best chef in the world ...

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What are Michelin Stars?
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What are Michelin Stars?
The Michelin Stars are the highest qualification that a Chef, a restaurant or a hotel can obtain, they are the “Oscars” of the kitchen recognized worldwide.
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