Southern Europe: Practical Guide for you to know these Beautiful Landscapes

Tourist Guide to Travel throughout Southern Europe

Traveling through southern Europe is one of the main destinations on the continent. Whether visiting the historic cities of Italy, the tapas culture of Spain, the glittering coastline of Malta, or even the ancient ruins of Cyprus, there are countless incredible places to visit in this vast region that can be overwhelming to really narrow your focus. and find out where to visit.

If you can't decide where to visit or need help planning a trip to a certain destination, check out this article below to plan your perfect trip to Southern Europe!

What countries are in southern Europe?

When you start looking for the best places to visit in Southern Europe, you will quickly become aware of the diversity of the region.

In Mediterranean Europe there is a bit of everything, from discovering the historic cities of Spain to relaxing on the cliff-top beaches of Portugal, from eating and drinking until falling into a coma in Italy or island hopping in Greece.

And even with limited time and space to travel, you can add a whole ton of new experiences with relative ease, here's the list of countries that make up Southern Europe:


How much can you save on your trip to Southern Europe?

Airfare is most likely one of your biggest travel expenses. If you want to save money by avoiding travel agencies, your first step is to research your options.

Spend some time planning your trip with a site that compiles your options. Travel search engines compare available flight deals on multiple airline ticket sites, travel agencies, and then sort them by price.

Places to visit in Southern Europe

If you have figured out which country or countries you want to visit in Southern Europe, you are probably looking for the best information on where to go and how to travel. Below are some of our top articles broken down country by country to help you plan the best trip possible.

And, if you want to know even more when it comes to traveling in specific Southern European countries, be sure to visit the country-specific page to see absolutely everything we've written about each country!

 How to access the transport of Southern Europe?

By plane: Each country in southern Europe has an important gateway for international flights. The busiest airports in the region are Madrid-Barajas (MAD), Barcelona-El Prat (BCN), Rome-Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci (FCO), Lisbon-Humberto Delgado (LIS) and Athens International Airport (ATH).

By train: If you are already in Europe, the train is a great alternative to enter the region. The most popular connections to neighboring European destinations include Paris to Madrid (9h45m), Paris to Barcelona (6h), Innsbruck to Venice (5h38m), Ljubljana to Trieste (1h35m), Zurich to Milan (3h26m), Geneva to Turin (4h21m ).

Geography of southern Europe


Southern Europe is a region located in southern Europe, where the subtropical Mediterranean climate prevails near the warm shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The climate of southern Europe is subtropical Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters.



In southern Europe, Mediterranean vegetation has a distinctive character, with broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as scrub areas. Around the sea this vegetation is called maquis; It includes aromatic plants and small trees such as olive and fig trees.

The thickets disperse due to the summer drought, particularly in areas where the soil is underlain by limestone or where there is little or no soil


Europe is a continent in the northeastern hemisphere. As the second smallest continent in the world, it covers 6,8% of the Earth's land area and 2% of the land area, with a higher coastline-to-land mass ratio than any other. Geographically, it varies within a small area. 

The south is mountainous, while the north encompasses mountainous highlands. The North East has a prominent landmark known as the Great European Plain. We currently track 549 animals in Europe and are adding more every day!

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