The Best Tourist Guide to Travel in Eastern Europe

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What countries make up Eastern Europe?

Establishing a tourist trip through Eastern Europe is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. Especially if what you want is to know each of the countries that make it up. Let's see, which of the countries are:




Is it safe to travel in Eastern Europe?

Absolutely. Apart from Belarus, all Eastern European counties have a lower crime rate than Western European countries. So the chances of being robbed, robbed or involved in any kind of crime are the same as in Western Europe.

And so with the best travel guide, the point is that you are as safe as in Western Europe. Our 12 safe travel tips apply when traveling to Eastern Europe and the rest of the world as well.

Please note: some capital cities have a small number of bars where male tourists end up “spending a lot of money” on drinks with cute girls who invite them there.

What is the best way to travel in Eastern Europe?

Yes, I know, there are many flights to reach your first travel point, that's why the best tour guide is convenient, since you can also get there by train or bus. As for continuing your journey through Eastern Europe, well, the infrastructure is also excellent.

Ways to travel in Eastern Europe:

Traveling in Eastern Europe by train:

While the trains may not be as fast as the TGVs in France or Switzerland and Italy, the good news is that there are plenty of them and they are often a third of the price. There are excellent night trains with sleepers and also some exceptional private trains, such as Regiojet.

Traveling to Eastern Europe by bus:

You can get everywhere and anywhere on buses in Eastern Europe. Some of the best international routes are run by Flixbus (a German company), Eurolines, Regiojet and Omnibus. The good news is that they often include free Wi-Fi, sometimes even a cafe, and USB chargers.

Car rental in Eastern Europe:

Yes, car rental in Europe gives you a lot of freedom if you are interested in exploring countries in depth with smaller cities or national parks.

If you plan to see the main cities, it is better that you use a train/bus/plane to move between them and then public transport, since the best way to move around the cities is by public transport (trans, metro, buses).

 Parking, tolls, and the cost of fuel when renting a car can add up quickly when traveling in and around Eastern Europe. And it is that sometimes being able to rest on a 5-hour train trip is a better option than 4 hours by car.

Low cost airlines in Eastern Europe

With the expansion of low cost airlines in Eastern Europe, you can get incredible deals with the best tour guide for airlines like AirBaltic, Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizz Air, with a base in Budapest being the best.

Can I pay by card in Eastern Europe?

Yes, debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are accepted everywhere. American Express not so much, mainly in high-end stores, hotels and restaurants.

The only time you will need cash is when buying fruit at local markets, souvenirs and when paying at smaller restaurants. It is always good to have cash with you and use the card when you can.

Don't forget that you may be charged an international fee for each payment, unless you have a card that doesn't offer international rates.

What is the Best Tour to travel through Eastern Europe?

Why not consider traveling around Eastern Europe on a small group tour? We highly recommend Expat Explore. They offer a variety of small group tours around Europe to suit all tastes, and you'll have a fantastic team to take care of all the details.

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