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Occupational Psychometric Tests

A psychometric examination consists of conducting an evaluation or tests as part of the hiring process of companies and psychology specialty clinics such as the imss or private clinics, to measure your intelligence, your abilities and your personality. This test determines if you are suitable for employment or recognize your personality.

The results of these tests will determine if you will be a suitable candidate in relation to the jobs or tasks that you are going to perform and the postulated position.

In some places, it is required to present a very simple occupational psychometric test, as much as in other more difficult places.

What do you need to work in the best hotels or restaurants in the world? In addition to all your enthusiasm, your skills and abilities to get a good job; you must present a Psychometric test where the personal and labor parameters required of a specific job are evaluated.

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occupational psychometric examination

Purpose of an occupational psychometric examination

The occupational psychometric test offers relevant data on your personality, your intelligence and your ability to fill a vacant job position.

The results obtained from the application of this test are additional tools that help to choose the most suitable and ideal person to fill the required position.

Together with a previous interview and the presentation of a curriculum, the labor psychometric examination is another factor to consider by companies when selecting new personnel.

The tests are structured to accurately assess your intelligence, aptitude, and personality as well as your ability to work with others, process information, and cope with the stresses of work.

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Characteristics measured by psychometric tests

Through these psychometric tests, different personal and work characteristics are determined.

Psychometric test

However, these will depend on the area in which they are applied, but in general these evaluations as examples measure the following:

  • Financial
  • Intelligence quotient
  • Personality
  • Leadership
  • Behavior in different situations
  • Character of the individual
  • Ability to focus and attention
  • Willingness to work as a team
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Ability to receive criticism
  • Tolerance level
  • Independence
  • Skills and aptitudes
  • Attitude to pressure and frustration
  • Decision Making
  • Mental disabilities
  • Personality disorders.

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Reasons to use psychometric tests

The resolved psychometric tests are of great help when hiring personnel who want to obtain work in hotels, casinos, or any professional area. Grand Hotelier shows you the reasons why these exams are applied in order to fill a vacancy. A psychometric test helps to:

  • Determine if your personality fits with the vision of the organization you hope to join.
  • Compare candidates by their ability and not by physical characteristics.
  • Evaluate each candidate according to their acquired skills and not their academic training.
  • Hire in the safest and most efficient way.
  • Ensuring that future performance at work is successful

Types of psychometric tests

The vast majority of psychometric tests are now performed online, although very occasionally an employer may use an in-person test, created by experts from the university of psychology. However, you have to pass these psychological exams with a good grade.

Applicants to work in restaurants on a Caribbean island; You must meet certain qualities for that type of job, which is why psychometric tests are being applied that measure the ability to work with others and cope with the stresses of work.

Quiz and psychometric tests

If you want to get a job on a boat, work in a restaurant or in a large hotel, visit, and check what you need to know to present a psychometric test that guarantees you to work on what you like the most.

There are different types of psychometric tests for jobs, however, we can group them into three Categories as examples:

1- Aptitude tests

The aptitude tests are intended to assess skills, but it will depend on the type of job you are applying for; These tests include the following tests:

Numerical reasoning test

It is used to evaluate basic mathematical skills, to identify and interpret data, through a combination of written and statistical information presented in reports, graphs or tables.

Verbal reasoning test

It serves to demonstrate the understanding and application of ideas in order to make decisions.

Reasoning test in diagram form

These test your logical reasoning ability, using flow charts.

Logical reasoning test

Evaluate your skills to come to a conclusion. It consists of providing some information and then you are asked to make a decision on the information provided.

Bug check test

Evaluates your ability to quickly identify errors in complex data sets such as codes or alphanumeric combinations

Inductive reasoning test

They require you to identify patterns, using diagrammatic information.

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2- Skills tests in the Labor Psychometric Examination

They represent a way for employers to assess how quickly you can learn a new skill to competently perform the job for which you are applying.

Depending on the job you hope to land, the aptitude test may include something like designing a basic web page (if you are applying to be a designer) or a financial modeling assignment (if you are applying for a quantitative role in finance).

Both the ability and skills tests are assessed using paper-based exercises consisting of multiple-choice questions and answers completed under the test conditions.

Therefore, more and more, psychometric tests are completed online using specialized systems or simulators for electronic answering that eliminate the requirement of a paper test to better answer them online, since less time is required with today's automation. in day

These psychometric tests are also carried out for children, and adolescents looking for certain skills and patterns to determine the abilities and have the child's profile resolved, with a test of common questions and answers

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3- Personality tests in the Labor Psychometric Examinations

Personality assessments allow employers to assess your suitability based on your behavior and the way you approach your job with a problem solved when hiring.

Increasingly, they will use personality tests as a way to determine if you have the right attitude and personality to fit the culture, history and vision of the company and put it into practice.

Employers consider many factors during the hiring process, from your knowledge and experience to your aptitude in areas such as decision-making and teamwork.

Ultimately this will be used to determine how well you fit into the organization and company culture. Your answers will often be compared to those of a high-performing employee or a successful manager, which will be an indication of whether they share the same characteristics.

These psychometric tests are also carried out to enter many places such as the universities of UABC, UASLP, UANL, UG, UAZ, Nursing, Military, Police, Medicine, also in the SAT, Telmex, ISSSTE, IMSS, UBER, Coppel, Banamex, CFE, in high school, in high school we would not finish almost everywhere they require these exams

Now you know what they ask in a psychometric test, what it is and what are the psychometric work tests upload your curriculum vitae on the platform and get the best jobs

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