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What are the functions of a waiter in a restaurant?

Those of us who go to eat in a restaurant, we have the idea that the functions of a waiter in a restaurant is only to serve food to diners. On the contrary, if we are the ones who attend the place, the perspective changes since there are several activities to carry out.

I will tell you about the functions of a waiter and types since I was working serving tables with my apron in many places, and I learned that each of these places the functions vary, since it is not the same to work as a waiter in a restaurant than la Carta, room service, banquets, nightclubs, beach clubs, casinos, cafeterias, hotels or cruise ships since you work differently, although you are always under the direction of the Department of Food and drinks of the place

Before telling you the general functions of a restaurant waiter, I am going to tell you some curious facts that I saw differently working as a waiter in different places and surely you will wonder how to be a good waiter, right? Then I give you the description of what the waiter or waiter does in a restaurant and his profile.

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What do the Waiters Functions and Profile in a Nightclub?

What are the functions of a waiter?

First you use a large tray when food or snacks are served at the bar or disco, this is usually to open, since in some clubs they start the night with a televised event and they usually close the kitchen and stop serving food at 10 or 11 at night depending on the operation of the place on weekends.

When you work as a waiter in nightclubs, you realize that you have to serve drinks with a small tray that can fit approximately 7 to 10 drinks in it, the important thing is that you do not drop them since you are continuously passing through gaps and with people dancing.

As time goes by it gets a little more complicated, you have to leave the tray to grab the drinks with your hands since people are more turned on over time or drunk and your duty is to leave those drinks intact on the customer's table , my experience was working in Cancun Mexico with thousands of tourists and it was incredible and well paid not by the companies since the companies pay the minimum wage, but from tips you could receive around 100 – 500 Dlls per night.

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What are the activities of a waiter in a la carte restaurants?

When you work as a waiter in one of these restaurants, you learn to observe the needs and times of the client, here you work with the 2 trays, the big one for food and the girl for drinks, you usually work together with a Garrotero or Food Runner that helps you get the orders

You have to learn the menu by heart and know what the dishes have, such as garnishes, meat terms (Well, Well Done, Medium, Bleu) and Know Types of Grapes to be able to offer the right Wine with food, although in some Restaurants They have their Sommelier who is the wine expert

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Another of the responsibilities of the waiter is to clean all the Types of Cutlery and their Placement on the Table Put the salt shakers to dry, since they receive a lot of humidity during the day and separate the remains of food in the kitchen when removing the dishes so that they are available for the Dishwasher or Dishwasher with the least amount of food leftovers.

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But a curious fact about working in these tourist complexes is that when you do not have restaurants, you will have to go to take the order of the clients to their beds on the beach or in the pool, and because it is an all-inclusive hotel, it will take a little more on the journeys and while waiting for drinks as the bars fill up as it is all-inclusive

Working in All Inclusive Hotels or European Plan, you will require the mandatory English language, and in some other hotels it will even be necessary to speak a third language, the third language depends on the tourism that the hotel has and / or the country of origin where they come from. more guests with tour operators or travel agencies with which the hotel works

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What are the Tasks and Functions of a Waiter in Casinos?

After mixing skills as a waiter, in this area, in addition to serving drinks and food, you must also recharge credits on the cards for the players or change cash depending on the area where they are playing, since regularly in the slot machines or Slots or Slots regularly It is played with electronic money.

In the table areas where games such as Texas Holdem Poker, Roulette or BlackJack are regularly found, they are usually played with Casino Chips and cash, although Casino Dealers regularly They are the ones who change tokens, you will also have to change coins and tokens in the box.

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How to work as a waiter in other countries?

Are you planning to go to work in another country, or are you seeing this article in another country, you will be interested in knowing some information that I give you below, since I also ventured into other countries such as Spain and England to work with all the obligations to carry The job is done and first of all here I will mention how to say waiter in its lexical variants of some of the most sought-after countries.

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How do you say Waiter in Spain?

In Spain he is called WAITER

How do you say waiter in Argentina?

In Argentina he is known as MOZO

How do you say Waiter in Chile?

In Chile it is called GARZÓN

How do you say waiter in spanish?

In English it is known as WAITER

If you want to go to work in another country legally, the first thing you should do is find out at the embassy what is necessary to study a course or diploma so that they can give you a student visa and continue to renew it every time, if you do it constantly, you miss it. You win to work and you have good behavior, starting as a waiter in the country you want will help you to get residency in a few years.

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When you arrive in a country and do not have papers to work legally, what you can do is go find a job, speak honestly with the owner of the establishment and be able to reach an agreement for the time being, quite possibly you can find a job, remember that the NO You already have it, go find the yes, it is more important to work and get money than to be scared because you do not have papers.

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Waitress with Beers

What is the Manual of Functions of a Waiter in General?

In the end, it seems like the responsibilities of the waiter come down to making and keeping your customers happy, ideally to the point that they want to keep coming back again and again.

However, what it takes to keep customers coming back, time and time again, is different everywhere.

If the restaurant where you work is a haute cuisine establishment, diners will expect the service staff to know very well the dishes that are served and the wine that should accompany them.

From there, reverse engineer the qualities that a server would need to achieve it from there, taking into account both customer and non-customer requirements.

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Waiter or waiter waiter

List of Tasks, Requirements and Functions of a Captain of Waiters and of a Waiter

  • Provide excellent service to the customer and to all who visit your restaurant.
  • Help diners order by answering menu questions or making recommendations if requested.
  • Take exact food and beverage orders and communicate order details to kitchen staff as needed.

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  • Review the customer's identification, if necessary, to make sure they are of legal age. Also, this is if alcoholic beverages will be served.
  • Inform customers about the restaurant's customer loyalty program, or any other special offers and promotions.
  • Update and sell any additional products when appropriate.

Among other functions such as:

  • Give the food and drink orders to the guests.
  • Serve romantic dinners
  • Serve food and drinks immediately so they don't get cold (or hot). There is nothing worse than biting into warm food or taking a sip of cold coffee!
  • Present and pour the wine selections with the appropriate dishes.
  • Keep abreast of any changes to the menu and the day's specials.

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  • Check kitchen utensils and dishes for dents or breaks. Customers don't want to sit over broken glasses or plates; it is a great disappointment and reduces the chances of them coming back.
  • Check in with diners to make sure they are enjoying their meals and correct any problems.
  • If there are problems, than to deal with customer complaints correctly and courteously, as no one likes a rude waiter.
  • Have superior balance skills and feline reflexes. You're going to be on your feet and carrying food all day, and no one wants to hear that dreaded sarcastic applause for knocking over a plate.

How to be a good waiter? Important Tasks and General Functions

  • Clean dirty dishes, glassware, silverware, and linens and wipe tables after diners have finished.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly dining area.
  • Prepare the silverware, the food stalls and prepare for the next shift.
  • Replenish condiment containers and napkins.
  • Deliver checks and process bill payments.
  • Present yourself well and adhere to proper grooming and appearance standards. Servers are the face of a full restaurant!
  • Carry out the procedures in the manual of the functions of a waiter at the foot of the guidelines

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Waiters as I work in hotels

Now that you know what a waiter is. Prepare and put into practice your skills to achieve a great performance and cover with the profile, an English course would also help a lot if you are serving clients from other countries, although if you are an inexperienced waiter you will have to try harder to be in the big suspenders.

There are courses and training programs where they give you manuals and tools to learn to wait properly, among the characteristics of the diploma you must have the skills and responsibility to meet the objective 

All the functions of a waiter are crucial to ensure a smooth running of the restaurant and a pleasant experience for customers.

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Duties and functions of a restaurant waiter
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Those of us who go to eat in a restaurant, have the idea that the functions of a waiter is only to serve food to diners. On the contrary, if we are the ones who run the place, the perspective changes. here I show you the tasks of a waiter
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