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Chef Garde Manager

It is natural that in most cases we associate cooking with cooking and heat. However, there are magical moments that are lived with cold dishes and / or at room temperature. That magic is the responsibility of Le Garde Manger Kitchen who achieves it through their multiple competitions parading with their uniforms inside the kitchen.

Cold dishes were long associated with salads and desserts, but this is a thing of the past. There are currently professionals within the culinary art who have been in charge of diversifying and enriching this concept. The so-called cold dishes are a whole universe of attractive alternatives on the menu

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Knowing the History of the Garde Manger Cousine

In the Roman period the occupation of the pantry, thanks to the great meals of the time. From there the. In these feasts cold cuts and patés were served as accompaniments to the main dishes. On a large table the food was placed to be taken directly by the attendees

Around the XNUMXth century the term garde manger represented an area of ​​the kitchen where sausages, hams, cold cuts, etc. were stored. When feasts were held, in this space the food that required to be away from the stove was placed because of the heat.

This term has been transformed over time, today it is much more than a site, it is a profession. This requires well-defined competencies and knowledge of culinary skills. The performance of this professional is located within the ritual of activities typical of the gastronomic market. And it is that there are various types of chef, in which this enters.

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Full history of the Garde Manger

What a Garde Manger Chef Does

This culinary professional has many functions within the kitchen, in fact, he is the third in hierarchy within it. His main responsibility is to prepare the food for the rest of the kitchen areas, mainly the meats, including the cutting of fish and shellfish.

A garde mangeres is in charge of the cold area of ​​the kitchen and has specific activities, among which we can highlight:

  • Manage basic recipes or kitchen standards and dishes.
  • Manage, through detailed knowledge, the preparation of the cold dishes offered on the menu.
  • Inspect the work of the staff under their charge according to the organization chart.
  • Know the handling and storage of refrigerated and frozen foods within the book of standards.
  • Learn about the purchase and supply of raw materials for the kitchen area according to its characteristics.
  • Prepare cold dishes and directly supervise their handling, in terms of display and conservation at banquets or events outside the premises.

Without a doubt, a garde manger must have knowledge of the kitchen area and other areas. You must have the skills and abilities required to perform such an important position in haute cuisine. Must be motivated and with a high capacity to absorb new knowledge.

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Garde Manger Image

Relevance of the Garde Manger in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a dynamic system that can be classified as a manufacturer. As every system has inputs, processes and outputs, what we see from the kitchen and taste are the outputs. The dishes are the result of endless processes and not all of them are in the recipes that generate them, their translation and meaning is in charge of the pantry.

The quantity, frequency, quality and diversity of the raw materials that enter the kitchen, have a whole supply job behind them. In order to ensure that this provision is good and that it allows the system to work, the garde manger must very well manage the knowledge of the consumption and quality standards of the materials under his responsibility.

By having the management of the main raw materials such as meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, it is a main actor in the system. In practice, he is responsible for planning the purchase, reception, inspection, storage and adaptation of raw materials for the kitchen.

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Cold Dishes, Gastronomy and Marketing

There are groups with a high trend in the market for which cold dishes are very convenient, including vegans, vegetarians and those who want a healthy nutrition. These dishes are the perfect base for the development of combinations with excellent flavor, attractiveness and with the characteristics desired by this consumer.

The role of the garde manger in these markets is leading, restaurants and related businesses are presented with the opportunity, through cold dishes, to attract this market. These presentations can meet the needs of this industry.

It is an area of work in growth where the speed of the same will depend on the capacity that has to cover the demand of the service. These dishes can satisfy the particular requirements of each sector, with haute cuisine characteristics.

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Functions and Definition of your Cymbals

As in many areas there are classic dishes that define them, and the garde manger domains are no exception, they have preparations that characterize them. They are the best known and can become a point of differentiation and preference when choosing a place to eat.

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Now let's see what are those dishes that are not missing from your menu.

  • Cold meats. There is a wide range, they can be salami, chorizo, ham, sausages, etc. The meat is sliced ​​and seasoned with different Herbs.
  • Pate. It is a spreadable cream that is obtained from marinating livers or meat and fat, with the addition of herbs, wine and in some cases vegetables.
  • Terrine. It is a mixture prepared from meat (duck, chicken, pork or hare), nuts or vegetables in a special container and placed in a water bath.
  • Carpaccio. It is raw meat or fish, thinly sliced ​​and seasoned with lemon, salt, and olive oil.
  • FOAM. Fluffy multi-ingredient cream, it can be salty or sweet, mixed with heavy cream or whites until stiff.

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Garde Manger Chef dishes

The Garde Manger Fundamental piece in Haute Cuisine

The garde manger is a professional with skills and competencies within the culinary field. Its high hierarchy within the kitchen is based on the importance of its management. You must understand and handle a wide setting that includes the external kitchen area, in the preparation of banquets or ceremonies associated with your area. Sometimes he is the sculptor of figures in ice

You must have extensive knowledge of recipes and activities within the kitchen, in order to manage the planning of the flow of raw materials within the culinary system. Its management must guarantee the quality, storage and availability of these materials. Much of the haute cuisine that can be offered to diners will depend on its performance.

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