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Functions of the Groups and Conventions Department

Have you ever attended a convention with events, catering, and exhibits or stalls? Most likely, all these elements that make up the convention were brought together by the Groups and conventions In a hotel, it is a work team coordinated by the Convention Services Manager.

These Managers work for Hotels or Convention Centers serving as liaison with groups that plan to carry out large events.

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If you are currently studying for a degree in event planning, hospitality, or another related area, read on and learn more about the role of directors in convention settings.

Do you know who Organizes Groups and Conventions in a Hotel?

A Director of Groups and Conventions is the one who is at the top of the organization chart, who can also be commonly called the Manager of Convention Services, plays an important role in the Hotel industry and in congresses, he is the one who leads the entire organization.

conventions in hotels in Mexico

As a professional, leader in charge of coordinating groups and conventions in a hotel, the Director must work with several different departments and synchronize the needs of the employees within each team, as well as the needs of the clients and their characteristics within the events .

The Convention Services Managers help coordinate meetings, conventions and other special events that take place in the Hotel spaces. These professionals work to synchronize the needs of the group planning the event and the hotel staff where the event is taking place.

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Functions of a Convention Services Manager

The Directors or Managers of Convention Services are in charge of directing the planning of the event, specifically in a convention environment, a director is in charge of coordinating the services for groups and conventions in a hotel.

Some of the features include:

  • Reserve conference rooms;
  • Reserve video or audio equipment;
  • Organize banquet or catering services;
  • Plan any changes in the configuration of the event space (design the space for the events);
  • You are responsible for any food and beverage needs
  • The primary function of the convention services manager's job is to ensure that all events run as planned.

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Requirements of a Convention Services Manager

A degree in hospitality, restaurant management, or hotel management can prepare you for a career as a Convention Services Manager. However, the requirements of Education Specific may vary by employer.

Requirements of a Convention Services Manager

Some may seek candidates for jobs that have bachelor's degrees, others may require associate's degrees, and still others may require only hotel work experience. Some employers may seek degrees in specific specializations, while others seek certifications and courses in the area.

Convention services managers are generally hired by a convention center or hotel and work with the planners de events to match the facility's amenities with the planner's needs. They usually have a bachelor's degree in a related field and have experience organizing events.

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Candidate for Groups and Conventions Manager

Not everyone can work event planning at this high level. If you can stay calm in the face of stress and be extremely motivated and organized, chances are you can learn what you need to know to work in convention management.

Some hotels offer management training programs for experienced employees who demonstrate leadership potential and good people skills. Students may be awarded the title of assistant, and may be required to work in different areas of the hotel to gain experience.

To be successful, you must be a talented communicator, professional, natural problem solver, and highly flexible. Everything else you need can be learned.

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Convention Services Manager and his Job Duties

A convention director will perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. They are in charge of meeting potential clients who wish to host an event on site to discuss their needs. They will then draft the contracts and agreements so that the client is aware of the terms and conditions and the services to be provided.

To ensure that all staff members are prepared for the event, they will hold meetings with all heads of other hotel departments to coordinate any planned events. Convention service managers monitor events and address unexpected issues as they arise to make sure conventions go according to plan.

What Must a Hotel Offer to be a Successful Center for Meetings, Groups and Conventions?

Some things have not changed in the convention business, such as including many services in the agreement. What has changed is the type of services. All groups and conventions expect free WI-FI and a courtesy space for a meal, although this always depends on the number of people attending the convention and consequently on the incidental income that the hotel will receive.

The growing number of portable devices and connected devices is increasing demand in hotel networks, so having reliable Wi-Fi is crucial for these events.

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Convention services manager labor duties

Some Hotels for Conventions in Mexico

The hotels for groups and conventions in Mexico are world class and very diverse, among which we can mention:

  • Hyatt Regency Mexico City, with 25 meeting rooms
  • Camino Real Pedregal Mexico, with 8 meeting rooms
  • Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, with 26 meeting rooms
  • Hilton Mexico City Reforma, with 18 meeting rooms
  • Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel, with 30 meeting rooms
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun, with 10 meeting rooms
  • The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun, with 14 meeting rooms
  • Camino Real Mexico Airport, with 11 meeting rooms
  • InterContinental Presidente Mexico City, with 13 meeting rooms
  • Hotel Royal Pedregal, with 18 meeting rooms

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You have seen the various roles and responsibilities of a convention services manager that make these great events possible.

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If you want to become a director in charge of coordinating conventions, most hotels in Mexico with convention facilities are looking for candidates with an academic education, and the best place to make yourself known is at exclusive hotel and tourism job bank de , enter the page, register, Upload your CV and apply to vacancies, and get the job you are looking for.

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