Best Beers in the World

For the nineteenth time, the World Beer Awards were held, during which awards were given to the best beers in the world 2020, according to the criteria of the judges, and that takes care of the organoleptic properties of this coveted drink.

This year, more than 3.500 sparkling specialties from more than 50 countries competed with each other. The jury of international beer experts decided in a total of three rounds on the taste and elaboration of the products presented.

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These are the best beers in the world in recent years

For the participants and the winners, the awards signify recognition for the high quality and creative character of the beers they produce. Beer production is an art that includes traditional techniques and modern technology.

In the process of obtaining beer, the master brewers, always innovative, surprise with new recipes. And for that we are very grateful, they do not stop splashing our palate with joy.

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The Best Beer in the Dark World

Mira Brune N ° 6 beer in hand

Mira Brune N ° 6, from France.


According to the judges, it has a deep dark color with good head retention. Pleasant balance of caramel malt and slightly citrus bitterness. Hop flavors show up well without being overloaded.

Of the Best Flavored Beers in the World

pair of canned beers Taxman Brewing Company Maple Vanilla Evasion 2019 United States

Taxman Brewing Company, Arce Vanilla Evasion 2019, from the United States.


It stood out for its beautiful color, a little cloudy but very attractive. The sweetness of sugar and maple is perceived in the aroma, with appropriate alcohol levels. The malt, vanilla, chocolate and molasses, give a complex flavor, but exquisitely balanced, persistent, warm and sweet finish.

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Best IPA

beer bottle with glass and poster behind the best beers in the world

English style Votus 001, from Brazil.


Dark copper in color with a lovely creamy, persistent beige head. Herbs with earthy and caramel touches stand out when smelling, it is sweet to taste with hints of biscuit, a medium and balanced bitterness. An exquisite bitter finish is felt.

Best Beer in the World Pale Blonde 

the bottle of verveza Zubr Gold best beer in the world

Zubr Gold from Czech Republic


It is barely noticeable gold in color with moderate carbon dioxide. Gentle to smell and taste. Very easy to drink.

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The Best Pale Beer in the World

glass of beer and bottle Camba one of the best beers in the world

Camba Pale Ale, from Germany.


With a nice smell of hops with red fruits and citrus. In the mouth it is lighter than expected, but with pleasant flavors of yellow stone fruits, hops and balanced bitterness with a clean finish.

The Best Beer in the World Acid

glass of beer and can brand Franc-Bois d'hiver one of the best beers in the world

La Souche Microbrasserie, Franc-Bois d'hiver de Canada.


It was described as a hazy pink beer. Musky honey and deep raspberry aroma. The floral and spicy notes such as mustard and pepper stand out with an acidity that balances with the rest of the drink.

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Among the Best Brut Beers in the World

award winning bottle of sharps doom bar amber beer

Sharp's by Camel Valley Pilsner, produced in the UK.


Pale yellow cloudy with aromas of yeast, minerals. As for the flavor, bread and yeast stand out, it has good carbonation, almost like white wine.

Subtle, clean finish. Interesting and very nice.

Best Beer in the World Stout And Porter

Milk stout mug awarded for best beer

Milk Stout from Cassels Brewing Co, Produced in New Zealand.


Soften the milk chocolate with a slight aroma of pear and vanilla, you will love the rich taste of dark malt, a definite great drink.

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The Best Wheat Beer in the World

NBeer Lindongjiangzhi Weizenbock beer glass from china of best beers

NBeer from Lindongjiangzhi Weizenbock, Made in China.


Good nose with bananas and well-rounded palate esters, with flavors that evoke banana and cloves so smooth and satisfying.

The Best Beer in the World Without Alcohol

bottle and glass of Maisel's Weisse non-alcoholic beer

Maisel's Weisse, from Germany.


Beautiful wheat beer with banana and caramel esters.

The same happens in the flavor when mixing banana and caramel, since it intensifies creamy malt notes, it is light-bodied and well-rounded with a refreshing finish.

What You Must Appreciate About Beer

If you've never had a good bottle of beer, you may not know the difference between a quality beer and a mediocre one.

Some specific characteristics distinguish good beer from the rest.

Brewing takes a lot of time and effort, which is why it is important to appreciate a good taste of beer. If you don't know how to identify a well-brewed bottle of beer, here is what to identify:

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Scent of Beer

The aroma is the first thing you notice before even trying it.

You can identify a good purchase based on the smell, since the aroma is based on the main ingredients that are used to make the beer, which are mostly made with malt.

Before drinking the beer, make sure you smell it good for a long time. Even if you are not an expert in beer scoring, it is always easy to identify a pleasant smell coming from the beer bottle.

Beer Color

When it comes to the color of the beer, opinions are quite subject considering that there are light beers as well as dark beers.

However, the color of the beer should be clear and consistent, even if you are drinking a dark beer. You need to make sure that you observe the color of the liquid on a light background so that you can be sure that you get the true color.


We can never give a universal flavor, but it is possible to identify a good quality beer based on the flavor. A good beer can be sweet or sour depending on preference.

Some brewers specialize in brewing sweet beer, and it should be felt in your mouth.

A good beer must be distinctive, and must not leave an aftertaste in the mouth.

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Many people will be surprised to learn that a good beer CAN FEEL.

Beer should feel good when you take a sip or a drink, this sensation of beer has nothing to do with taste, it goes further, it is about its texture, its viscosity and the way the beer is impregnated in your sense of taste, although there are different types and brands of beer, you will wonder, then what is the best beer in the world, I answer you the best beer in the world is the one you like the most depending on the palate.

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