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Parasailing Playa del Carmen

Are you planning to visit Mexico soon? You cannot miss the best beaches in Cancun: Riviera Maya, Los cabos and the spectacular Playa del Carmen. Here you will live a unique experience and discover the emotion of Parasailing in Playa del Carmen.

On the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is Playa del Carmen, a fun little beach town that today is becoming a popular tourist destination for people looking for exciting travel experiences.

Distinguished for the attractions it offers, Playa del Carmen, allows vacationers to enjoy a ride in Parasailing on the beach, such as an ocean paraglider over Mexico, where they live an adventure on the wonderful waters of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Grand Hotelier invites you to sail through the sky over the sparkling blue waters of Cancun. Enjoy a leisurely stroll while viewing the beaches, tourists, and attractions from the highest possible point.

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What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is an activity that consists of holding the person in a special parachute. When it starts, the parachute allows the person attached to it to rise and float on the coast, dragged by the boat. In general, takeoff is usually somewhat bumpy, however, once you are in the air, this experience becomes one of the most unforgettable on the busy beaches of Mexico.

Parasailing in Playa del Carmen awaits you with many boats ready to take you through the sky over the ocean. This is one of the most attractive activities in the place.

Everyone hopes to go to Playa del Carmen, some to enjoy the splendor of the beach, others to live the experience in Parasailing and some prefer to have fun as busy spectators.

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This experience is one of the most satisfying that can be enjoyed. Contemplating the majesty of the jungles, lagoons and wonderful beaches of Playa del Carmen from the altitude that is reached, is a marvel.

How to live the Adventure in Parasailing?

Imagine that you float in the sky over the paradisiacal Playa del Carmen, feeling the wind on your face. Imagine that you are a great bird that flies through the skies of the Caribbean Sea. A unique experience. You can experience this sensation thanks to one of the water activities that take place in Playa del Carmen and other cities in the Riviera Maya.

In Mexico you will not only have the opportunity to get to know the big Cosmopolitan cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey. You will also know the best beaches and the best water attractions in the world

Your Parasailing Cancun tickets include transportation to and from the departure pier of the hotels in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

Once you arrive, you will meet the operators who will help you on your trip. They will give you a brief overview of your adventure, making sure to explain all the safety rules before your parachute.

Once you are securely attached to your parasailing gear, have fun on a 10 minute ride in the sky. You can even have it submerged in the water at the end of your trip. Don't forget, if you need to communicate with the operators on the ship, you will have a walkie-talkie ready.

Parasailing: Live the Experience!

Although Parasailing can be considered an extreme sport, it is actually very simple and does not require special skills. As the ship takes off, the air in your parachute will take you up to the sky for a thrilling flight. Then you will be dragged effortlessly.

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You can fly alone or in tandem with a friend or family member, this will depend on you. After your parasailing adventure, you can enjoy a snack and refreshments at the beach club, where you can relax and recreate all day if you wish.

Live the adventure of your life. Enjoy Parasailing in Playa del Carmen. Fly up to 260 feet above the beaches and ocean. Keep an eye out for crystal clear water. You may be able to see a sea turtle or dolphin swimming around.

Enjoy, from the air, the spectacular Nichupte Lagoon, Isla Mujeres and the most spectacular Cancun Hotel Zone in the world.

Tips for visiting Playa del Carmen

Are you ready to fly? Get ready for take off as you soar high above the sparkling blue Caribbean waters of Playa del Carmen. Dream, live and open your eyes wide. 

The views are spectacular, the colors vibrant and exciting, the photographic opportunities unforgettable. This is the sport of parasailing, as only Playa del Carmen can offer. Here are some useful tips to help you comfortably enjoy your ride:


Parasailing can be considered an extreme sport

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

Try to be as comfortable as possible, if you decide to wear sunglasses, leave them on board before flying or make sure they have a strap to secure them around your neck and not lose them. The ocean breeze can play a bad game on you. Do not wear anything that can come off.

Apply Sunscreen Before Your Trip

Don't forget to use a good sunscreen. We recommend that you put a protector on your face, arms and hands. Remember that you will be more exposed to the sun.

Be proactive

If you choose to have your operators submerge you in the water at the end of your flight, we suggest that you wear a bathing suit.

Take your Camera

Parasailing offers you a show of the coast of Playa from above. It gives you the opportunity to take a panoramic photo of the ocean from above. So if you have a waterproof camera, don't forget to take it with you.

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Don't Stop Buying Your Tickets for Parasailing Playa Del Carmen

Living this experience is an excellent option that only the paradisiac Playa del Carmen and other beaches in the Riviera Maya offer you. You will never have the opportunity to see Cancun this way anywhere else. So, don't stop doing this flight.

In addition to the adrenaline rush, the experience you will live will be unique and intense, one of those that remain forever recorded in your memory.

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