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The Fun Theme Park

The following list of theme parks for children in Mexico It is not exhaustive, but it does include some of our favorite activities. One note, just remember that most parks are closed on Mondays.

I want to start by saying that I love Mexico. It's colorful, chaotic, and ridiculously big, and it was my home for almost six years. During that time I explored much of what the city has to offer families and in doing so I realized how much there is to see and do.

The best parks for children in the state of Mexico - Theme parks

Contrary to what you might think, the capital of Mexico is a brilliant place for children with many tourist attractions, activities, museums, parks and much more that they will love.

Some people travel to shop, others live in roller coasters.

The Best Theme Parks for Children in Mexico

If you are one of those who does not fit inside himself when he sees an amusement park, or you are a parent looking for a place to take their children on vacation, you must include at least one of the following on your list of places to go places. Guaranteed fun.

Xcaret, Playa del Carmen

Probably one of the parks for children in Mexico most famous. If you can't find something you like at Xcaret, theme parks are not your thing. In addition, this park is located on the Rivera Maya.

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Xcaret, Playa del Carmen - Theme parks

Xcaret has everything

You will be able to enjoy wildlife, snorkeling, zip-lining, swimming, food, shows, hiking, diving, shopping, history, dining experiences, games for children, and a tower on top of the world to see the entire property.

Six Flags, Mexico City

Six Flags has the best roller coasters in town and games for the whole family. From the kiddie bumper cars to the extreme speed of the teen-adored Batman Ride, the Tsunami, and the popular Splash, there are rides for all ages and tastes.

Six Flags Park Adapts by Time of Year

Enjoy many other high-quality attractions, incredible parades, a show with the dolphins.

Of course, there are also restaurants, so you can rest and refuel. Between September and December, do not miss the theme of the park that adapts with typical shows of the festivities.

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Xel-Ha, Cancun

In the Rivera Maya, Xel-Há is the most visited water park south of Cancun. There are endless water activities that you can do to kill the heat and surely at the end of the day you will not have done them all.

All Kinds of Activities in the Water

What most people come to is its sinkholes and underground rivers, you will have the fun of being able to snorkel, see tropical fish up close and personal, or you can simply float along the Lazy River in a very relaxing inner tube. .

But water is not everything in the park there is also a rope bridge, zip lines and hiking trails through the coastal jungle.

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Xel-Há, Cancun

Dream Park

The Park of Dreams is located on the Isla de Mujeres, a quick ferry ride from Cancun and voila, you'll be there.

Areas for the whole Family in the Parque de los Sueños de Isla Mujeres

One with a pool that overlooks the most and other large pools with slides and games. They give you all the equipment you need for water sports, such as surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and more.

The adult area has an infinity pool with ocean views and a swim-up bar so you can enjoy the views while having a cocktail. They offer you 3 meals and in their best restaurant you will try their specialty in American barbecues.

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Dream Park

Magic Jungle

Endless attractions and games for all members of the family. It is one of the largest theme parks for children. Beyond the regular list of roller coasters and kiddie rides, you can go freefalling, skydiving, zip lining, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.

Do you like adrenaline? The Selva Magica Park in Guadalajara is the Ideal

Located in the northern part of one of the largest cities in Mexico, Guadalajara, the park is right next to the Guadalajara Zoo and the Barranca de Huentitán National Park. Where your warm blood will be tested with activities that will give you an adrenaline rush.

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Maya Park, Lost Mayan Kingdom

A water park located on the Mexican Caribbean coast, Parque Mayá has as its theme a Mayan city lost in the middle of the jungle.

You can't do it all in one day

There are eight different types of slides, from extreme to smooth, two zip lines, a zip line roller coaster, plus an island for young children, and a pool and cenote for swimming.

The price of this adventure is a bit high for adults, but the park receives rave reviews from its customers and is well worth a visit.

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Mayá Park, Lost Mayan Kingdom

The Chapultepec Fair

This is the smallest amusement park on the list, La Feria in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park has its own kind of charm. As if you are in your own wonderland.

The Roller Coaster of Chapultepec

However, in this park there are five roller coasters, one of them is among the 20 most classic wooden coasters in the Americas, just looking at it will make you nervous.

The Roller Coaster, as it's called, was built in 1964 and you can feel its age as it rustles along the slopes, but it's still one of the most fun rides. Children are not far behind obviously there is a carousel for them in the park which they will enjoy a lot.

The Chapultepec Fair

Xplor Park

Created by the people of Xcaret, it is an adventure park located in the middle of the jungle with a system of seven zip lines that allow you to take a tour of the landscape, it has beautiful underground rivers and cenotes, caving and 4 × 4 rides through the jungle.

And the Best Meals in Xplor Park ...

They have an international buffet and when you buy your ticket, all kinds of food and drinks are included, no alcoholic, unlimited.

Xplor Park

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Typically, hiring managers will do their best to place applicants in positions where they might have prior experience or education. Of course, those who want to learn a new trade are often asked to discuss the application during their interview.

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