Commercial Aviator Pilot

You are one of those who dreams of being an aviator pilot. Would you like to know what it takes to be a pilot? and How to become a pilot aviator and get the job?

You can do it if you follow step by step some basic tips that we provide in this guide so that you can become a good aviator pilot.

You should know that if becoming an airline pilot is your professional goal; learning to fly an airplane is not the hardest part. Being in charge of an airplane, its crew and passengers, is a much greater responsibility.

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Everything you need to know to know how to become an Aviator Pilot

Large commercial airlines require pilots to have bachelor's degrees. However, if your goal is to one day be able to fly a large commercial airplane, in addition to having a bachelor's degree, there are many things you need to know to know how to become an aviator pilot:

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What to Study to be an Airline Pilot

Although higher education is not a requirement for the profession of a pilot, a college diploma adds significant differences to job applicants, especially in large airlines.

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The Aeronautical Sciences course is a bachelor's degree, with a duration of 4 years, and offers a very broad vision of the area. Another option for higher education is the Professional Aircraft Piloting Technologist, with an average duration of 2 years.

Another important differential for those who want to act as a commercial pilot is the command of the English language. The official language of aviation is English. Who wants to grow in the career needs to have a complete knowledge of the language, especially in the domain of the technical terms of the area.

Where to get Flight Training

Flight training that helps how to become an aviator pilot.

It refers to the availability of aeronautical training centers that allow obtaining training and certification in the area:

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Aviation Academy

Aviation academies offer a way for students to gain the required pilot certificates and knowledge in a short period of time. These programs often train people to be airline pilots in a year or two with condensed courses and intense airline-oriented training.

Military Aviation Career

A career in military aviation can ease the financial burden of flight training, offsetting a stipulated time commitment to the military. Since the cost of training is covered, this is a desirable option for many.

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The Essential Steps to Follow to Become an Aviator Pilot

If you are already determined to become an aviator pilot, follow these five steps and you will see that your career will be successful:

Study a Bachelor's Degree in Auronautics or Aviation

A degree is not technically necessary to become a private or commercial pilot. However, most people who want to be airline pilots go to college to earn a bachelor's degree, either before or as part of completing their flight training.

This is because most major airlines prefer to hire pilots with four-year degrees. Regional airlines are often more open to pilots who lack this level of education, but there is no doubt that having a degree will make you more competitive.

Get Experience and Add Flight Hours

Aspiring airline pilots are required to complete a certain number of flight training hours to qualify for the license. To obtain a commercial pilot license, 250 hours of flight time are required, in addition to 1,500 hours of flight time for an airline transport pilot certificate.

How to process the Aviator Pilot License

To obtain a pilot license, a minimum of hours of flying experience must be completed. Individuals are also expected to pass a written test, demonstrate flying ability, and take an instrument flight qualification test.

As part of the stipulations of the pilot's license, individuals must pass a physical exam, which includes having vision correctable to 20/20, good hearing, and no physical disabilities that could interfere with work.

Earn Professional Experience as a Copilot for the First 25 Hours of Flight

Once hired, pilots generally must undergo additional 6-8 week training, which includes at least 25 hours of flight time. Most of the new hires are hired as co-pilots.

Some pilots start their careers with small airlines or regional airlines. This gives the opportunity to gain more flying experience before being hired by a major airline.

Seniority as an Airline Pilot will make you a Flight Captain

Most advancements in this field are based on seniority, but pilots can achieve the rank of captain through other means. Airline pilots can obtain an air transport pilot license, which shows experience of night and instrument field flight.

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How to become a Pilot Aviator


Essentially, you become an aviator pilot by undergoing ground school and flight training, meeting medical, age and language requirements, and passing a series of written and practical exams to earn certificates and ratings. required by the competent organizations that grant the respective certificates.

Remember that in addition to knowing how to become an aviator pilot, it is necessary to have special skills and a vocation to fly and be in control of an airplane. Your disposition, responsibility and ability to make decisions are some of the qualities that you must have as a good aviator pilot.

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You do not need to do a university degree to become an aviator pilot, however, training in the area will make you more competitive. In the field of aviation, different training options can be taken and the possibilities worldwide are quite wide.

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