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La Chacmool beach It is located in Cancun, on the southeastern peninsula of Yucatan, in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. The coast is also known as the Costa Maya and borders the Caribbean.

Consequently, you will find turquoise blue water and splendid fine white sand, fantastic! The beach borders directly with its neighboring beaches Playa Gaviota Azul, also known as Forum Beach, and with the sandy beach Marlin beach.

Public access is signposted and is located approximately 10 km on Boulevard Kukulkan in the Hotel Zone.

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Clean Riverbank with Blue Flag in Chacmool Beach

Paradise Chacmool Beach in Cancun

An absolute comfort that you can experience in Chacmool beach, since it is kept clean every day. It is guarded from morning to afternoon. It is a very beautiful beach, with gentle waves and a warm climate.

Also, clean toilets and showers are available in the public area for free use, there is an information booth and some palapas (umbrellas made from dried palm leaves).

Some of these are reserved for wheelchair users who can reach the beach via a ramp. In addition, importance is given to the protection of species on this beach, so that here at irregular distances there are nests of turtles protected.

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Maritime Walks on the Beach Chacmool

There is no boardwalk in Chacmool, as to the left and right of the public entrance, there is a line at tourist beach hotels.

However, there are some gastronomic offers, as well as an ATM and a small supermarket on the street near the access. A small area of watersports, as well as a small surf school that give their lessons right on the beach.

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Information about Chacmool Beach

Beach Cleaning

The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and is cleaned regularly, especially in the hotel area. Inside the beach you will find at most a little seaweed, which is quickly eliminated. You must be very aware with the children as there are many rocks.

Chacmool Beach was awarded the Blue Flag

Water Cleaning

The water is crystal clear and there is usually no residue or natural residue visible. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, some algae may appear. For this reason it is important that when you visit it, you introduce the garbage in its respective containers.

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How to get to Playa Chacmool Cancun ?

Getting to the beach is extremely easy. If you come from Cancun Airport, you can transfer by bus, taxi, car, shuttle bus or utility to Playa Chacmool.

Near the beach there are two nearby parking lots, one is in the mandala and the other next to the Vips, where you can park without problems, you just have to arrive early so that you can choose a good location for your car.  

Chacmool Beach has showers, quite clean. You can request a service of beds and umbrellas that are available until 4 in the afternoon, leaving a provision to the service locator.

Water Sports in Chacmool beach

On Boulevard Kukulkan, near the public access, there is a small surf school. Here you can not only rent boards, but also book surf lessons. Additionally, daily stand-up paddle tours are organized on the opposite lagoon, and conditions at Chat-Mool Beach are generally ideal for beginners.

The waves are not particularly high, but constant. Depending on the wind and weather, the place is also suitable for advanced or kitesurfers.

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Attractions at Chacmool Beach

Beach attractions

You can build endless sandcastles, they can be simple or elaborate, but they are all so much fun to build! At Chacmool beach, you won't need special tools: just sand, water and your hands.

  • You can have and enjoy an authentic picnic, on this beach, with your family and friends. Cheese and crackers, sandwiches, or fried chicken may be on the menu, and when fitted with a salad or fresh fruit, it's much healthier and less expensive.
  • If you are the energetic type of person, some games can make your day more fun. Take a ball with you and play volleyball. Bring a hula hoop and have fun.
  • While taking a relaxing break, it's a good time to catch up on your favorite reading. Or to relax and listen to your favorite song.
  • You can choose to have a quiet and relaxed time. At night it is where most sea turtles arrive, to lay their eggs during the season.
  • What an amazing way to end the day at the beach! The Chacmool beach sunsets are spectacular, particularly from a coastal point of view. You can choose to organize a night party that includes live entertainment, making a beautiful evening with your family and friends.

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Gastronomy on the Beach

There are certain offers many times on food, snacks, and drinks. You can choose to request a list of the day's specials from the closest restaurants. Visit the grandtolier blogs  to learn more about the diversity of restaurants and the tourist job market it offers.  

On Boulevard Kukulkan, near the public entrance, there is a small restaurant with a gastronomy Spectacular, plus a burrito bar, open 24/XNUMX.

Chacmool Beach with Blue Flag

Chacmool for being a blue flag beach, that is to say that it is clean, you must increase your awareness when entering it. For all interests to be represented equally, it is essential that you know the beach care process.

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