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Cancun is known for its wonderful resorts, as well as its incomparable nightlife, splendid shops and great restaurants, but this vacation destination could be best highlighted for its dreamy white sand beaches. What, Las Perlas beach a wonderful paradise.

Playa Las Perlas is small with calm waves and crystal clear waters. It is ideal for young and old, here you can spend a good day sunbathing and feeling the sea breeze.

If what you want is to work in tourism, Cancun offers you an exceptional and very interesting tourist job board.

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The pearls beach a paradise

Las Perlas Beach one of the Best Beaches in Cancun

The sands of Cancun's beaches are made of white coral and will never get hot, so your feet won't burn, so you can confidently walk on the beautiful sands of Las Perlas beach.

You will get a beautiful mix of a white sand beach, vibrant beach that is very popular with tourists, as well as a quiet beach where you can spend an intimate time with family and friends.

If you are staying at one of the all-inclusive resorts for families in Cancun, you can have direct access to the beach. And you are lucky!

Las Perlas Beach Why visit it?

Because it is located 2.5 km (at the beginning of the hotel zone). In it you will find some sports such as swimming, a bit of relaxation, and various water sports along with a selection of restaurants and bars. You can also have access to water taxis that will take you to Isla Mujeres.

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Beach Flag Safety Chacmool

Depending on the weather, wind and waves, each section of the beach is marked with a flag indicating whether it is safe for you to swim or not.

A Black Flag

This means that the warning level is very high and you should not swim.

A red flag

It indicates that there are dangerous conditions, in other words, you can swim but you must be very careful.

Yellow Flag

Its meaning is that there is no immediate danger, but that you should still exercise some caution when swimming.

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Meaning of the flags on the beach

A Green Flag

It means that it is completely safe for you to swim at the beach.

Some more remote beaches may not have flags, so it is especially important to swim cautiously in those areas.

Water Temperature in Playa Las Perlas

The ocean water temperature reaches its highest point in late August, early September. Some days it may seem like you are swimming in a warm bathtub!

Even during the coldest times of the year (December-February), the water is still just as nice for swimming. In the Beaches of Mexico, It's almost always hot outside, a dip in Las Perlas beach will make you feel great.

Swell on the Beach

Due to its location, this sandy beach has the advantage that the possibility of high waves is small and that the current is generally not too strong.

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Therefore, Las Perlas beach is quite popular, especially among families with young children. On the beach you can see mainly (Mexican) families and parents with children. At the entrance, you can see a beautifully landscaped playground, offering additional entertainment for your children.

Safety at Playa Las Perlas

Most of the beaches in Cancun have lifeguards. Playa Las Perlas does not escape this, since it has lifeguards on duty every few kilometers.

Warning flags are also placed. The resorts often have their own lifeguards, who also act as dive instructors.

On Las Perlas beach, it is also patrolled on certain occasions by the Mexican Navy, with neat uniforms. The police local also protects the beach to serve and protect; driving through every corner of the coast in 4-wheelers.

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Safety at Playa Las Perlas

How to get to Playa The pearls ?

Directly at the entrance of the beach you will find that there are a series of fixed umbrellas (made of wood and leaves) that you can use for free.

In addition, there is an owner of hammocks and umbrellas. The sanitary facilities can be found at the entrance to the beach, with two separate buildings for men and women.

The facilities consist of toilets, sinks and showers. It is free to use. Wheelchair accessibility has been taken into account during construction. You can park directly at the entrance to the beach. There is a small parking lot where you can park about thirty cars.

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Lodging and Hotels in Playa Las Perlas

There comes a time in your life when you want nothing more than the best of the best, settling for less is no longer an option. That is why when visiting Las Perlas beach, you can choose many hotels to stay, or for a job, below we show you the ones that are closest to Las Perlas beach.


Temptation Cancun Resort

Located 1,2 km from Playa Las Perlas. Number one in value for money. Your best bet for a safe and swimmable beach north side of the Cancun hotel zone.

Temptation Cancun Resort

Ocean waves and winds are protected by the small Isla Mujeres, located off the coast.


Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina

It is located approximately 0,9 km from Playa Las Perlas.

Located in one of the developing areas, this hotel invites you to enjoy one of the many restaurants that are located just a few steps away.

Mayan House Cancun

It is located about 1,2 km from the beautiful Las Perlas beach. It is designed by visionary Karim Rashid, The Tower. When the sun starts to fade, get ready for the night! Exit the elevator and enter a world of music, excitement and adventure.

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You just need to name the adventure you are looking for, and Cancun in the company of Grand hotelier can provide you with the right kind of beach environment for what you are looking for. Whether for vacation or work.

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