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San Miguelito Beach Cancun

Cancun is known for its Caribbean beaches, which always offer unparalleled beauty and the constant opportunity for recreation. Playa San Miguelito is no exception, and it may not be a well-known beach, but it is a beautiful secluded stretch of sand, offering a lot of peace and calm waters.

What makes this beach so appealing to tourists is that it offers calm waves, which are suitable for children to swim safely.

But this is not all, this beach is located within a small archaeological zone, so if you like to explore, this area will be ideal for you. Additionally, if what you are looking for is a job in tourism, you can find it in San Miguelito.


San Miguelito Beach: A natural and cultural paradise

San Miguelito Beach

The beautiful and imposing San Miguelito Beach is located specifically in the Riviera Maya, in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, which is in the Yucatan peninsula, in southeastern Mexico.

White Sand and Turquoise Waters

It is about 1,5 km long, and it captivates with its fine, white and radiant sand, as well as its turquoise blue waters. The beach by itself looks like a postcard, and walking barefoot on the sand feels as soft as if it were flour.

Hotel zone

Along the beach are a number of large beach hotels, which offer all inclusive services to their guests.

Within these hotels you can find sports facilities, where you will observe networks of volleyball or small soccer goals. Similarly, you can also enjoy swimming pools with live music and entertainment.

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Playa San Miguelito Cancun How to get there

The beautiful beach with white sand and blue colors, unfortunately it does not have direct public access, since it is surrounded by hotel complexes, so you must stay in this area to enjoy the beach.

How to enter Playa San Miguelito without being a Guest?

However, You should not worry if you do not stay in this place, since there is another way to enter the site, and it is simply arriving through other neighboring beaches, such as Ballenas Beach o Dolphins Beach, but you must bear in mind that you will not have certain comforts that you would have if you were a guest of the area.

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This San Miguelito Beach is Ideal for Water Sports

Similarly, there is a great offer for all people who are fond of watersports, Since you can find small tents, approximately every 150 meters, where you will have the opportunity to rent jet skis or book paragliding excursions.

You can also practice surfing if you already have experience, since an area of ​​Playa San Miguelito is ideal for this sport. All these offers are available to all visitors, no matter if you are a guest or not, of the hotel zone.

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Archaeological Zone in San Miguelito Beach

Archaeological Zone of San Miguelito

As we mentioned before, the beach of San Miguelito is located in an archaeological zone, which bears the same name, so if you dare to explore the place a little more, we assure you that it will fascinate you, since it is a mix without equal between history and culture

Visiting this Archaeological Zone, you can get much closer to the Mayan culture, observing various ruins and structures that are still very well preserved, which will surely surprise you with the perfection and enigma of its architecture.

How to get to the Mayan Museum of Playa San Miguelito?

Access to the Archaeological Zone is through the Mayan Museum of Cancun, about 16 km from Boulevard Kukulcán, so it is also within the Hotel Zone of Cancun. To this cultural site of the region if you can enter and arrive without difficulty, using public transport.

Once you are in the Mayan Museum, you just have to walk through a path inside the museum, while observing a large amount of typical vegetation of the region.

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The Archaeological Zone of San Miguelito

chaak palace in the ruins of san miguelito cancun
Photography Viktor_Gladkov

Within the area, you will be able to see that there are four sets or structures, of Mayan construction, duly differentiated one from the other, but among them the ones that stand out the most are the following:

Chaak Palace

One of the structures that most attracts the attention of tourists is this, mainly due to the fact that it occupies a much larger size than the other buildings, which makes it stand out significantly.

The place has extremely wide spaces inside, as well as a lobby surrounded by columns that support a flat roof, with its own architecture from the XNUMXth century. In the same way, it also has large benches located in front of a cult space, and you should know that this structure belonged to a Mayan king, named "Pakal".


Inside the palace it is observed that the walls, and in general all kinds of structures, have engravings and mural paintings, all in a post-classical style.

Right there is the main pyramid of San Miguelito, and although full entry is not allowed, you can still get quite close and take beautiful photos, with landscapes full of mystery and Mayan culture.

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South Set

This structure also stands out among the others, because it is known as the Crown Jewel. It has been restructured on different occasions, but today it still preserves a large part of what it was in its time: A temple of the Eastern Coast court.

Inside, you can see various decorative elements such as the cornice, which has colors between red and blue.

As you can see, San Miguelito beach has a lot to offer, whether you want to spend a quiet day at sea or do water sports, or if you want to enjoy all the Mayan culture of Mexico.

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