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Questions in a Job Interview

get ready for possible questions in a job interview. If you are near the end of the application process, the good impression you make in the interview can make all the difference. At we are aware of this, therefore, we have prepared this article for you.

Prepare for Possible Questions in a Job Interview

Prepare for possible job interview questions

But the job interview is the biggest challenge for many applicants. Although you can review your resume multiple times, there is no second chance at the interview. You have to be in shape to get to the point. Only good preparation can help, especially if you anticipate possible questions in a job interview.

The most important interview questions in 15 seconds

You cannot take the interview lightly, so keep the following suggestions in mind.

  • Find out as much as possible about the company and the person you are talking to. The Internet helps in research.
  • Pay attention to dress codes, in a bank seriousness is an obligation, in advertising agencies it is more relaxed
  • Take into account all the details of your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV) and prepare some sentences for your self-introduction.
  • Send positive signals with your body language, this you can practice.

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Stay one step ahead of job interview questions

Congratulations, you almost made it, your application has been accepted and you have been invited for an interview. This means that you have left most of your competitors behind. But it also means that your strongest competition is still in the race.

So there is no reason to quit. The job is within your reach, to get there, you need to be well prepared for the interview.

The perfect preparation for your interview

When you meet with those responsible for the interview, you may feel very nervous and will most likely question you. Possible questions in job interview? Most likely, they will ask you some details about the company and the position you aspire to hold.

So what should you do? The more you know about the company and the job, the better. But you should also know your own strengths and weaknesses, because it will be easier for you to function during the job interview.

Find out about the company

It is much easier to convince the employer of your choice if you know exactly what they need. Now you must continue with the research that you have already started for your CV. If you want to work at, check the company's website, Google their name and search for them on BING.

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Find out about the people you are talking to

It can't hurt to find out as much as you can about him or her in preparation for the interview. The biggest source is the Internet. If you discover similarities, for example the same hobby or both come from the same city, you can use this as an icebreaker in the interview.

Know your own application

The interview is based on all the information the hiring manager has gathered about you. This information comes mainly from your request. Therefore, in preparing for the interview, carefully examine your CV and your application cover letter.

This way, you can even anticipate some questions and you won't get caught off the wrong foot because you don't remember exactly what you typed in the app.

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Practice your self-introduction

At each job interview, the recruiter will ask you to briefly introduce yourself. Don't miss your chance to score points here, because you can prepare for this very easily.

Make a list at home of the information that is interesting for the company, prepare a few specific sentences and for the time. After all, it shouldn't take long. Friends or parents are a good test audience.

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Take notes

The interview is not a school or college exam. Nobody expects you to show up without papers. It can even give the impression of poor interview preparation. You can take notes and provide information about the company, your interviewer and, above all, questions about the company.

However, read your notes carefully beforehand, so you don't have to read anything directly during the interview.

Prepare your suit to go with the recruiter for the questions in a job interview

The right clothing plays an important role in the interview. Keep this in mind during preparation. By wearing the right clothes for the interview, you show that you know the industry and that you are a good fit for the company. This also includes the hairstyle and, if necessary, the appropriate makeup.

Practice body language and phrasing

Not everyone has a natural talent for body language, and some people unconsciously send negative signals, such as boredom or disinterest. You shouldn't underestimate the effect on your conversation partner.

Therefore, it makes sense to check your own body language in preparing for the interview, whether in the mirror or on the video, and optimize it. You can read about what you need to pay attention to in the infobox. For the fixed phases of the job interview, such as greeting, farewell and self-introduction, the wording can also be found.

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Gather information for job interview questions

If you aspire to work in a company that manufactures fabrics, how would you answer, What do you think of ecological fabrics? Logically, you should gather information as part of your preparation for these and other possible questions. Find out the following:

  • What company locations are there?
  • Where is the parent company located?
  • How big is the company?
  • What products or services does the company manufacture?

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How successful is the company:

  • Are you an industry leader or just one of many?
  • Who are the biggest competitors?
  • How many people work for the company?
  • Are many new employees being hired today?
  • What image does the company convey to the outside world through public relations and marketing?

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As I've shown you, anticipate potential interview questions by researching. Your first point of contact when preparing is the internet and most company websites, like, have a section called “Company” or “About Us”.

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