What is a Choreographer?

A Choreographer is the person in charge of choreograph a group of dancers, in other words, teaching dance routines in any type of artistic productionWhether you are professional or amateur, from a student staging to music videos or Broadway shows.

The Choreographer is the professional who directs everything related to dance, and creates compositions through body movement

How to be a Choreographer?

You will need an extensive career dedicated to dance starting as a dancer, learn various dance techniques, have a great musical sense and great scenic creativity to become a Choreographer and better yet be among the famous choreographers.

Famous Choreographers 

Martha Graham

Creator of her own Graham Technique that is based on contraction and relaxation, controlled falls, innovating with her man jumps.

Rudolf nureyev 

Who is historically considered the best dancer of Classical Technique known as Ballet

Fred Astaire

An expert in dance techniques such as tap and ballroom dance, Fred will always be known as the charismatic, elegant and expert. story dancer in musical works and television.

Alvin ailey

American dancer from the 40s who founded his own African American dance company called the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, where most of the dancers were of African American ethnicity.

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Alvin Ailey | Choreographer

Auguste Bournonville

Ballet dancer of theatrical operas mainly, being very famous in his time, however he chose for personal reasons to create his own Spanish dance technique, to reach the taste of other countries.

Isadora Duncan

Precursor of modern dance, movements opposed to classical dance, which later gave rise to Contemporary Dance, at some point he mentioned that its movements arose through the rhythm of the waves.

Bob Fosse

An artistic genius famous for his movie Cabaret, being a professional as a film director and also a film scriptwriter as a film actor, theater director, author, librettist, dancer and of course Choreographer!

Bob Fosse | Choreographer

Current Famous Choreographers

Julien derouault

Lorena valenzuela

Famous for creatively mixing Latin rhythms with pose, waack and punk.

brian friedman

His success has been choreographing video clips and shows of famous artists, including Cher, Britney Spears, Beyoncé Knowles, being the dance in heels his hit.

Victor ullate

Outstanding choreographer in Spain, who has trained the best Spanish dancers in classical dance.

Terri best

His choreographies are intense and emotional since he has always believed that one should dance with the heart.

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What does Choreographer mean?

Choreographers MEANING

They could be given a symbolic meaning that contains talent, creativity, passion, discipline, and teaching.

It means being a creative and experienced dancer whose mission is to innovate dance steps and body movements, in order to create choreographies (dances, dances) for a dance show mainly, for the cinema, or any other artistic field such as skating, animation, synchronized swimming, gymnastics etc.

In Mexico, and in some of its main cities such as Mexico City, shows are presented in Restaurants, Hotels and Theaters, where Dance cannot be absent, and where the vision of the Choreographer applied in motion amazes the audience.

What is the function of a CHOREOGRAPHER?

You will be responsible for creating aa Choreography, Dance or Dance, also turning out to be responsible for the connection with the public. He is a consummate dancer as such, and thanks to this, he projects all his experience in a choreography.

You must have an expert ear and musical sense to develop your own creative style within training and transform it into a successful show

You must also have a critical eye to choose the right dancer to form your corps de ballet, he will be in charge of attending and selecting dancers in a hearing.

Other functions of the Choreographer are:

  • Select music
  • Imagine the project
  • Recruit extra or alternate dancers
  • Assign the roles or characters
  • Divide the project into sequences
  • Divide the sequences into steps
  • Teach the dance steps
  • Know the stage where they will dance
  • Seek financial support
  • Keep clothing and equipment in good condition
  • Propose or define lighting

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To apply for this position you must demonstrate artistic competence, along with a pedagogical preparation to stage the chosen play.

As the artistic leader of the project, his work does not stop at the stage and the rehearsals ...

What are dancers? What is a Dancer? 

They are people who have a talent for dance, their main abilities being:

  • Musical ear and sense of rhythm
  • Skill in various dance techniques
  • Discipline
  • Carisma
  • Projection
  • Talent
  • Passion and Delivery

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A Choreographer needs a group of dancers and stagings to complete his profession as a Choreographer ...

To carry out this mission, the Choreographer must perform several tasks, which will be described in detail in the following sections.

Tasks of a Choreographer

Information gathering

Beforehand, you must conduct a thorough research on the project you are going to work on. An example, the case of "Swan Lake", you will have to know the legend behind the story, the author-composer of the music, Tchaikovsky, the different interpretations that have been made of this work, and so on.

If it is a Choreography for a movie, the film project in question must be clear. You must work on your references, your inspirations, to overflow your imagination and propose a new creation.

Choreography Composition

The composition of the Choreography implies a rigorous analysis of specific movements (steps), displacements, figures, interpretation of each dancer and the group of dancers in general.

Everything must be measured to the millimeter to obtain different types of final results in a specific dance style or a mixture of genres: Contemporary Dance, Couple Dance, Classical Dance, Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Oriental Dance, Flamenco, Hip -Hop, Traditional Dances of each country, Latin Dances, etc.

Project realization

To flesh out the Choreography, you must recruit the Dancers who will perform the Dance in question, first:


To select the protagonists, tests, rehearsals. He is in charge of the logistics of the entire production, such as scenery, costumes, specific materials, finding a location, managing administrative aspects such as production costs, etc.

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Assign the Roles

Then we continue with the realization of the project as such, here the Director and on him falls the responsibility of each decision made; Their objective is for the production to be a complete success, mainly in terms of the talent and creativity of the staging.

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How Much Does a Choreographer Earn in Mexico?

The Salary of a Choreographer, Characteristics, Salary and Career Outlook as a Choreographer

The Choreographers as a base, must have been dancers. It takes many years of professional experience and a lot of practice to become a great Choreographer, this is done gradually, first with small companies and then moving up through the great competition that exists in this medium.

Salary is a direct result of this evolution ...

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Sadly at first it is very rudimentary, and unfortunately sometimes some tourism companies do not appreciate the importance of this profession, however, it is likely that it will become more substantial over the years, once the recognition arrives.

Living from the status of choreographer is not easy ...

The remuneration also depends on the entity for which you work, for example: a Dance Company, a Television Medium, Opera Theater, a Film Production Company, or Tourist Companies.

What Qualifications are Required to Practice this Profession?

Having been an expert dancer at the time, the more talented you have in this skill, the better your chances of being recognized, however, It's no use being a great dancer if you don't have creative knowledge to stage a show, as well as bring the  Passion for this art and discipline.

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Dan Kin | Choreographer

Be a great Leader, know how to teach students what you want them to convey through their movements.

Imagination and ideas To propose and carry out new projects, as well as the organization and discipline to meet the deadlines determined in a timely manner, character and leadership skills in this profession are essential.

An important point if you are involved in the world of dance is: the safety of your work team, in this case, the Dancers. You should always cover this need and consider specialized personnel in this area in your work team, since injuries in this type of employment are very constant.

What Training is Required to be a Choreographer?

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The Update in Dance Techniques is essential, It is an essential part to dedicate to the career of Choreographer, since it has to evolve in the choreographic compositions over the years.

Have a fairly complete resume, although there are some schools specialized in the Performing Arts or in Music and Dance. To become a Choreographer, it is necessary to have previously proven to be talented in many fields related to Dance.

Learn about Health and Nutrition, an important point that as a Choreographer or Dancer must always be present, since this contributes to a good physical resistance on stage.

He who is a Choreographer, knows that his essential quality is creativity, with gifts of innovation, have directive and pedagogical skills that allow him to bring the product of his creations to the stage, since Dance, the rhythm of the selected Music, is the representation of his concept.

Choreographer: A Career with Possibility of Evolution

Choreographers begin by directing small groups such as duos or trios, discovering aptitudes, talent and human gifts, through the techniques and knowledge of each of them, in order to consider being part of larger formations.

For example, without being less important to start as a Choreographer for XV years, Choreographer of children or young people from schools or colleges, evolve into a Theater Choreographer or music magazine, and so on until being a Choreographer for Contemporary Artists or Professional Dance Companies.

Spend much of his time researching and creating new ways of engaging with music, bodies, and movement.

As well as being respected and admired artistically by his Dancers, in order to develop emotion in them, and transform it into the performance he wants to convey, knowing that he will normally remain behind the scenes during the performance.

The more knowledge of different Techniques and styles of Dance a Choreographer has, the more Competent and Creative he will be ...

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