Duties of a Hotel Receptionist

Most people overlook the importance of functions of a hotel receptionist.

The profile of a hotel receptionist is the presenting face of the hotel, whether male or female, it may depend on the return of guests, the hotel being recommended.

A warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere in the reception area can help give guests the best possible start to their stay.

The value of a friendly greeting and ethical and professional attention cannot be ignored, you should always greet and welcome guests upon arrival.

The salary of a receptionist varies greatly depending on the quality of the hotels.

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10 Functions of a Hotel Receptionist according to the Manual

The basic tasks of a hotel receptionist and their profile include:

The management of reservations, the choice of rooms for guests and the delivery of keys, usually in English, receiving tourists from abroad.

In addition to transmitting messages to guests and performing certain procedures when guests enter and leave the hotel.

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What Does a Hotel Receptionist Do?

Client service

Client service

The receptionists of a hotel have the responsibility to receive, attend and monitor guests upon arrival, check-in and check-out.

Its main mission is to welcome customers and provide them with the first meeting point with the hotel.

It is about showing the best face of the hotel from the arrival of the guests. Here the friendliness and courtesy of each receptionist is put into play as requirements.

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Entrance and Welcome

Before offering or handing over room keys, receptionists must verify the identity of the guests and be courteous.

It is advisable to offer a few words of welcome accompanied by a pleasant greeting, before starting the formal check-in or check-in to the hotel.

Therefore, they must request the necessary documentation and make the corresponding registration.

The respective registration must be done quickly and effectively. Thus the client will feel well and effectively cared for.

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Provide Information about the Hotel


Within the functions of a hotel receptionist, providing information regarding the facilities and operation of the hotel is one of the most important tasks of any receptionist.

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Attention of Telephone Calls and Special Services

Receptionists must provide the best of service to clients and respond immediately.

Since they receive particular requests made by guests, such as: special meals, additional beds, among others.

Also, they must take charge of telephone calls and treat them appropriately, e-mails received by the hotel, and even information contained in corporate social networks.

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Reservation Record

Reservation Record - functions of a hotel receptionist

One of the most peculiar administrative tasks of a hotel receptionist, has to do with the registration of reservations, both for lodging and for Restaurants.

It is necessary for the receptionist to anticipate the arrival of the guests, the available rooms, and any other requirement to provide the best hotel service.

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Respond in Situations of Conflict or Complaints

A good hotel receptionist must be able to respond to requests, complaints, complaints or questions quickly and effectively.

It is necessary that the receptionists have a book of recommendations, complaints or suggestions if the client requests it.

Attention should always be cordial, regardless of whether the customer is confused or moody.

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Management of Languages ​​and Tourist Information

Management of languages ​​and tourist information

Ideally, hotel receptionists speak at least two or more languages ​​so that they can communicate widely with a diversity of clients.

The receptionists must also offer tourist information of interest related to the tourist sites of the town and the different activities that are carried out.

It is recommended that the receptionist learn about the customs and traditions of the region and its general culture, in order to highlight the tourist wonders of the place.

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Surveillance and Access Control

It is essential that the hotel receptionist has control, not only in relation to the people who stay at the hotel, but also, over all those people, who, for any reason, enter or leave the hotel

You must permanently monitor the security cameras that guard the hotel.

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Special Packages for Guests

functions of a hotel receptionist

The best person to offer special guest service packages is the hotel receptionist.

The recommendations and opinions of the receptionist will become an added value to the prestige of the hotel. This will be part of the concern to provide the best service to guests.

Special packages can be:

Reservation of private transportation, restaurants, special rates in certain locations, special low-cost tours, recreational packages, among others.

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Exit and Expenses Record

This function is carried out before dismissing the guest (remembering that you must always make the invitation to return); It consists of preparing the invoice for the expenses generated by the client and registering their departure.

Generally, this invoice includes the additional expenses that the guest has incurred during their stay in their hotel accommodation.

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Example: Telephone calls, spa, games, minibar, special services, among others.

These 10 basic functions of a hotel receptionist are just some of the recommendations that you should take into account, to prepare yourself if you are interested in working as a receptionist.


Practical Tips for Being a Successful Receptionist

If you want to get the client to take a good room.

Use your sales skills to persuade guests, giving the advantages of taking a better (more expensive) room

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If you want to get the client to stay longer in the hotel.

It offers the plus services that the hotel includes, such as the restaurant, the spa, the entertainment facilities, so that the client decides to extend their stay at the hotel.

If you want to further promote the hotel.

Promote the different services offered by the hotel and highlight those that you consider most special, such as reservations for special events.

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