What it takes to work in Human Resources

This article will address what concerns work as human resources (HR.)

According to the definition, human resources, also known as human capital, are the knowledge of the skills and motivation of each of the employees of a company.

To use this knowledge in the sense of the company's objectives, strategic management is required and this is the responsibility of (HR).

What is Required for a Job as Human Resources

Often times, for a job as human resources you must have options for a degree in Psychology, Social Work, Communication Sciences or even an Administration. Once the foundation has been laid, specialization takes place later.

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What is required for a job as Human Resources

An example is a Postgraduate in HR. If you have already specialized in HR during your undergraduate degree, you can further delineate your own field of competence in the master with a special master in Human resources development.

However, it doesn't always have to be an HR career to make a HR career. For example, if you are a Finance, Sociology and Education student, you also have a good chance of landing a job. This profession requires a bachelor's degree, but it is not always required.

There is also the possibility that you will start your career as a junior personnel officer by training as a company economist or personnel specialist. However, the chances of promotion are lower here than with a college degree.

What are the Requirements to Enter?

The vacancies in RR. HH often require very different professional qualifications.

On the one hand, this has the advantage that lateral participants also have good career prospects in the area of ​​human resources. On the other hand, it offers a good basis for starting a career as an HR generalist and for obtaining further qualifications through continuous training measures.

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HR careers are suitable for career changers who have studied business administration, sociology, psychology, education, or law (business law, employment law).

From this, a Master of Human Resources is recommended. Also those who have completed training as personnel specialists or have learned a business profession and have acquired an additional qualification in HR. HH have a good chance of starting as personnel officers.

Additionally, social media skills are becoming increasingly important as social media has become an established recruiting channel.

For many employers, it's not so much qualifications that matter, but rather the qualities and experience one brings to the job as a personnel officer.

How Important Are Professional Practices in Human Resources?

Internships during or after your studies are the foundation of your HR career. So you should use specific internships, internship papers, or in-depth topics to find out in your undergraduate degree whether HRM is really the area you want to work on later.

It is best to try several companies to learn about the different work processes of the HR departments. In this way, you can also create networks so that you can start your professional life more easily after your studies.

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How important is practical experience?

How Relevant is the International Experience?

The command of another language, and, in the best of the cases, the international experience, are some of the criteria of success of a career in the field of human resources.

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What Social Skills Do I Need?

Human resources managers are, on the one hand, a mediating authority between the board of directors and the staff and, on the other hand, they are the contact persons for all employee concerns.

Therefore, in addition to theoretical knowledge, they must also have some social skills. These include:

  • Distinctive communication skills
  • High degree of sensitivity and touch
  • Knowledge of human nature and pleasure in dealing with people
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance
  • High motivation
  • Self-confident appearance
  • Assertiveness
  • Organizational talent
  • Business skills.

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Human resources management

Human Resource Management comprises all fields of action related to the selective deployment of personnel in a company.

According to the general definition, Human Resource Management is divided into two main areas, Personnel Management and Personnel Administration, each of which in turn comprises several subdivisions.

Due to the wide range of tasks involved, there is no single personnel management job. Everything is within the personnel area, from job postings for personnel managers to managing diversity. It also includes staff planning, staff development, recruiting, and staff communication.

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In the area of ​​personnel management, the main focus is on the selective recruitment of specialists through job advertisements or active recruitment, in which the right candidates are searched through CV databases and exchanges of work. HR-Consulting is the term used to describe staff consulting.

It acts independently and advises companies on the strategic hiring of personnel. Unlike employment agencies, it targets employers who are primarily looking for specialists and executives.

The Feel Good Manager

On the other hand, he is responsible for emotional support within the company. The job title itself has become established only in recent years, especially in countries like Germany.

Summarizing the different professional fields of human resources. This department is crucial in any company or business, since its decisions regarding personnel management often guarantee the smooth running of the company.

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