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The Functions of a Sommelier

Becoming a Sommelier is an excellent option!

Discover what are the functions of a Sommelier and you will see that you will be able to obtain a job that you will enjoy to the fullest.

You should know that being a sommelier or sumiller it is a highly valued job in Italian restaurants, Cruise and high-class hotels. Grand Hotelier offers you the opportunity to work as a sommelier in the best Restaurants in the world.

A Sommelier is a specialist taster of all types of wine. He is a cultured, elegant, discreet, fun and sociable person, an expert with the task of stimulating the customer's interest in both food and drink.

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Certification of a Sommelier

Certification of a Sommelier

To fully fulfill the functions of a Sommelier, sommeliers must have a deep knowledge of wine and its different varieties.

The term sommelier can also be used to refer to a wine foreman, who may not have a sommelier diploma but nonetheless possesses the winemaking experience gained by attending oenology courses at a culinary arts school or a vocational school.

Certifications as a sommelier are obtained thanks to higher studies in the area. These open up greater job opportunities in hotels and tourism.

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Sommelier knowledge

A sommelier has expert knowledge of the countries and regions where wine is produced, as well as individual vineyards and wineries.

This knowledge usually includes details about: grape types, harvest times, altitude, shape and size of the vineyard, climate, soil and fermentation processes.

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Sommelier knowledge

Sommeliers tend to travel a lot, visiting Cosmopolitan cities such as Mexico City, New York, Paris, among others, since it is important that they visit wineries and vineyards where they can observe the wine-making processes.

It is also common within the duties of a Sommelier that they regularly attend formal wine tastings and keep up with trends in the wine industry.

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All this knowledge that a sommelier has allows him to opt for employment on a boat and to get jobs in Italian fine dining restaurants in hotels and cruises around the world, including in the Caribbean islands.

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Sommelier Functions

Sommeliers usually work in fine dining restaurants and Italian food and his to-do list is very comprehensive.

Restaurant sommeliers create wine lists, order wine, and maintain and rotate wine stock.

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The Sommelier

They also make wine suggestions to accompany particular types of food to diners, supported by their knowledge of pairing, or suggest wines according to diners' taste preferences.

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What is a Sommelier in a Restaurant

Many wineries hire sommeliers with extensive knowledge of the grapes, vineyards, and wines associated with the winery itself. In the wineries, sommeliers develop and deliver training courses.

During these courses, visitors to the wineries learn to taste the wines and recognize their different characteristics. The sommeliers of the wineries often organize guided tours of the wineries to publicize their work and experience.

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The sommeliers in the wineries can also organize tastings and training sessions for restaurant employees Italian haute cuisine, hotels and cruise ship employees in caribbean islands and cosmopolitan cities of the world.

Characteristics of a Sommelier

In addition to employment in restaurants and wineries, sommeliers manage beverage programs for spas, casinos or resort hotels and cruises around the world.

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In the big tourist cities and in the paradisiacal islands of Cancun Mexico such as: Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen, sommeliers have a great responsibility. Provide tasting and wine tasting service to diners.

Sommeliers with an entrepreneurial bent may open their own wine shops or focus solely on developing and teaching wine courses in non-traditional settings such as their own homes or in private clubs.

Finally, there are numerous wine magazines or websites where sommeliers can use their experience to contribute informative articles and wine reviews.

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Sommelier responsibilities

The functions of a Sommelier are multiplied in haute cuisine restaurants, among them we can find the following.

1- Advise guests on wines based on their personal tastes and food choices

2- Inform customers about the different varieties of wines and prices Create and update the wine list in coordination with the Chefs and the Food and Beverage Manager.

3- Recommend food and wine pairings

4- Make sure that the wines are served at the right temperature and in the right glassware.

5- Store open bottles properly to maintain strong flavor

6- Manage the winery and make sure it is fully stocked.

7- Train service personnel in the available wines

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8- Organize wine tasting sessions or “wine of the month” events

9- Ask guests for identification to verify their legal drinking age.

10- Negotiate purchase prices with suppliers

11- Comply with all health and safety regulations.

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Necessary Requirements to Be a Sommelier

There are several aspects to consider when applying for a job as a sommelier. Pay special attention to the following requirements.

1- Previous experience as Sommelier in an Italian haute cuisine restaurant, hotel or cruise ship.

2- Ability to create tasteful pairings with food and wine

3- Good communication skills

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4- Extensive knowledge of the different wines and the regions that produce each type of wine

5- Understanding the winemaking process

6- Flexibility to travel occasionally to meet with wine producers and visit wine tasting events.

7- Availability to work during opening hours, including weekends and holidays

8- Certification as Sommelier.

9- Knowledge of the local vineyards and wineries.

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