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Sous Chef Functions

The duties of a sous chef They include coordinating and organizing the work of cooks and other kitchen workers, is responsible for purchasing products, reviews dishes before serving, and is also involved in developing menus and new recipes.

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A Sub Chef as its meaning in Spanish is said has enough knowledge and experience to manage the team in the absence of the chef according to their job profile.

He knows how to prepare any dish using quality ingredients, seeking the customer's pleasure with a healthy and hygienic dish by definition.

What is a Sous Chef

What is a Sous Chef and what are his Skills?

A restaurant is like clockwork, where everything should work harmoniously.

All of them are led by a chef and his assistant the sous chef or Junior Chef.

Sous in French means underneath.

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The Sous Chef is the Chef's direct assistant, his right arm and the one who replaces him in his absence.

The work as Sous Chef is based on coordinating and supervising the work of the kitchen staff in a restaurant, hotel, or similar establishment.

Therefore, he always participates in the preparation of the dishes, collaborating in the development of the menu, and ensures the good condition by checking the freshness of the food, as well as the availability of kitchen utensils and the taste of the dishes, not without Mention his elegant, well-clean uniform.

As second in command, this professional has a great responsibility on his shoulders in the kitchen. This position is usually the prelude to eventually become the Executive Chef or even the Restaurant Manager.

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These professionals work in the restaurants of the main tourist sites such as Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Riviera Maya, among others.

Description and Meaning of an Executive Sous Chef

The skills and qualities that a sous-chef should have include:

  • Ability to manage the kitchen, in terms of time and resources.
  • Excellent cook, with a perfect knowledge of all the kitchen trades.
  • Skills in the methods of preparation, cooking and decoration of the dishes since none of them like to prepare fast food and much less junk food
  • Creativity in the use of ingredients and the creation of new recipes.
  • Flexibility to work on all lines as needed.
  • Leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Good communication and relationship skills.
  • Ability to identify problems and solve them.
  • Good knowledge of hygiene standards.
  • Working under pressure.
  • Capacity for teamwork.

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What are the Functions of a Subchef

Al sous Chef it is also called Sub chef. suchef, your chef or Chef Assistant o Chef's Right Hand, the Sub chef must be able to perform all the functions of the Executive Chef in his / her absence and make sure the kitchen runs smoothly.

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The work of the Sous Chef is fundamental to the overall success of the kitchen team, and it is a role of great responsibility: the talent and skills Sous chefs are put to the test every day, and the challenge is to guarantee customers a high-quality dining experience.

His functions as Subchef are very varied

  • Work in the kitchen
  • In creating the menu
  • In the organization and management of the kitchen.

All this while exercising a leadership role, particularly from the point of view of motivation, towards the less experienced staff of the kitchen brigade.

You have no experience, but it beats you to venture into the restaurant world, I recommend you start from a job like garrotero, dishwasher or waiter for example: be a waiter in a Italian restaurant .

These gourmet food restaurants are reputed to be very demanding in their dishes and customer service, this will help you greatly to know all the areas in detail and you will have time to complement it with the study in some Career in Gastronomy.

Here are some of the many functions of a Sub-chef

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What are the functions of a Subchef

Description of the Suchef

The Sous Chef directs the Team Leaders (Chef: salsa, fishmonger, grill, pastry chef, etc.), kitchen employees and all kitchen staff.

When necessary, the Sub Chef will replace the Chef to perform the duties in his absence, thus ensuring that the operation runs smoothly.

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Executive Sous Chef Functions

Collaborate with the Executive Chef following his instructions, he must supervise the activities of the kitchen assistants and assign tasks, shifts and plan preparations.

Sous Chef job

Monitors work stations and lines, ensuring the correct operation of kitchen utensils and machines essential for the success of the dishes.

Help the chef create and design the menu (in collaboration with the butler and Sommelier), respecting the style and policies of the restaurant.

Sous Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef Assistant

He is in charge of improving and proposing new dishes, using his culinary creativity

She designs dishes with a refined and attractive taste, to propose new flavors, colors and aromas to diners and why not, aspire to take a future Michelin Star for the merit

Sous Chef Objectives

He is competent in all aspects of daily kitchen work. Since the preparation of ingredients to the kitchen, from the preparation of the dishes even its decoration: it knows how to cook entrees, main dishes and desserts.

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Sous Chef Position

The Sous Chef actively participates in the preparation of dishes, helps other cooks during cooking, especially during peak periods.

It ensures that the dishes are prepared in the best way, to provide a high level of quality and presentation of the food.

Sub Chef and Storage Requirements

Oversee the pantry and choose vendors

It orders the raw materials and manages the storage of food reserves in the pantry and the refrigeration and / or freezing cellars.

Sous chef in charge of staff in the kitchen

The Sous Chef organizes the work team, in accordance with the standards of the restaurant and that the standards of hygiene and food quality are respected.

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Obligations and Responsibilities of a Head Chef (SUBCHEF)

He is responsible for teaching proper cooking methods, as well as knowing how to store food

Control the cost of food and in some cases can intervene in the selection of new team members.

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Sous Chef Requirements in Motivational Work

The Sous Chef is Responsible for Motivating the performance of the staff.

He makes sure to have good communication within the work team, and to solve organizational or management problems that arise.

Of the various functions of a sous-chefThe main one is to ensure that customers receive an exceptional dining experience that represents true value for money.

Hence, this professional must have knowledge of the managerial and administrative field, in order for the kitchen area to function optimally.

There are many career opportunities for sous chef, both nationally and internationally.

Cooking is a very competitive field, but passionate, talented, and capable people can find great opportunities.

The Sous chefs most in demand in Mexico are those who have knowledge and experience in preparing the greatest amount of multicultural food.

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By this we mean that in addition to preparing Mexican food, they must know how to cook other styles such as Spanish food, chinese food, italian food, Venezuelan food, Cuban food, Indian food.

Even demanding palates like knowing how to prepare vegan food.

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