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Barsit Mental Ability Test

The BARSIT TEST, also known as the Rapido Test of Barranquilla.

This in general terms is due to the fact that the evaluated take a maximum of 10 minutes to answer everything since it was created by Doctor Francisco de Olmo at the Institute of Psychology of Barranquilla.

This test is applied in the personnel recruitment processes, since it helps to determine the intelligence and learning capacity of the individuals who undergo it.

In this article, we will mention all the most important points of this test when using them for the measurement of future workers.

Everything you need to know about the Barsit Test

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What is the Barsit Test?       

The Barsit test is considered a psychometric test that seeks to measure the level of general intelligence of individuals. It is done by using various factors, as well as measuring your ability to learn.

This rapid action psychometric test mainly seeks to determine, through its elements, the level of intelligence and the level of ability to learn quickly from those who perform it.

Area of ​​application

The most common way of performing the Barsit test is intended for adults with basic knowledge of the world of work and is carried out in a work environment. However, it is also carried out in elementary schools to determine the abilities of the students.

The Barsit test is intended to be used in various areas, mainly in education and work. In the school setting, it is used to determine an individual's level of intelligence, as well as their learning and corrective abilities.

In the world of work, it is especially used to analyze unskilled, operational, managerial and supervisory positions. Also to place entities in the positions that best suit their abilities and skills.

However, the test is not limited to this, as it can be used at all levels, from operational to executive.

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What does the Barsit Test consist of?

The Barsit test refers to a factorial type psychometric test, which tests the logical and verbal reasoning and the level of intelligence of individuals. All this through the implementation of certain questions and practical tests, in the same way it measures the comprehension ability of the person who performs it.

It is made up of 60 questions that are very easy to answer, on average the participants take 10 minutes to answer them in their entirety. The Barsit test or test can be used individually or in groups.

Factors Applied by the Barsit Test

To measure the level of intelligence and learning capacity of the participants, the Barsit test applies important factors, these are the ones mentioned below:

  • Asks questions and tests to identify the use of general human knowledge.
  • Uses linguistic reasoning interpreting demands and finding effective ways to express and resolve them.
  • Understand the vocabulary practicing the opposite knowledge.
  • Logical reasoning relating abstract or unknown elements with known ones to give them a logical meaning.
  • Numerical reasoning through a series of incomplete numbers that must be evaluated consistently.

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How I know ADoes the Barsit Test mean?

How is the Barsit Test applied?

It is recommended that this Test be complemented with another type of test or psychometric test of intelligence. This in order to have much safer and more comprehensive results in relation to intelligence, learning level, skills and / or capabilities.

Before the participant begins the test, the examiner must first follow the exam protocol to ensure that the participant has the best possible understanding of how to pass the exam. This test is carried out by following the following steps:

  • The evaluator gives the participant a question book and an answer sheet and asks them to identify the answer sheet with their personal information.
  • The first page of the question book consists of a series of instructions on how to administer the test. The examiner must read them clearly and accurately so that all participants can understand them.
  • Here is a protocol with examples to help you better understand how to solve the test.
  • After completing the examples, you will begin the question-by-question section, where you still have questions about how to solve the test. Once the test begins, the next question cannot be answered.
  • When the instructions are clear and all the questions are explained, the test begins to be solved.

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What is it EWhat exactly does the Barsit Test Measure?

The Barsit test is a very reliable and effective tool. Together with its simplicity, it makes it one of the psychometric tests of choice in the hiring process.

This test has the function of measuring the level of general intelligence and learning capacity in young people and adults. It measures the adaptability of people with respect to their environment and what is part of the test.

It also compares among all the participants the quality or capacity among themselves. Similarly, it allows to separate special cases for further treatment or action.

Why use the Barsit Test?

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Use the test for personal administration

In personnel management, people evaluation and specifically recruitment, consulting firms and human resources departments use a set of psychological tests to select the best candidate for a certain position in the company.

Within this variety of tests, there are projective and psychometric tests that are always aimed at evaluating and diagnosing important aspects of the behavior of job candidates, including the Barsit test.

As mentioned above, it is recommended that the Barsit test be used in combination with other psychometric tests. In this way, expand the levels of effectiveness in obtaining results regarding the levels of abilities, skills, intelligence and learning.

The Barsit test used in conjunction with other psychometric tests turns out to be very efficient in its measurement.

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