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Work Honesty Test

Sometimes everyone lies. Do you know what the honesty tests are for? ...

The truth of some people is more of a liar than that of others. You can even say they are talented. At the same time, others have to tell the slightest lie without feeling nervous. The concept of "truth" varies from person to person.

It is a Professional Ethics Test, which is based on an integrity test that is related to the personality test, it evaluates the personality traits of a job applicant, such as honesty, reliability and confidentiality. Lack of honesty or integrity can work against companies on productivity issues. 

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Honesty and Trust Test

Therefore, companies focus on the test of honesty, ethics and values, to obtain the best employees in the team, as a test of job confidence and that they are not only well trained but also apply it in the work they do to the company.

Integrity tests can also be valid measures of overall job performance. This is not surprising because integrity is strongly related to awareness, which itself is a strong predictor of overall job performance. 

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What are the honesty tests for?

What are the Honesty Tests for?

Like other measures of personality traits, job honesty tests can add a significant amount of validity to a selection process, when administered in combination with a cognitive ability test.

In addition, few, if any, differences in integrity test performance are found between men and women or applicants of different races or ethnicities.

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Integrity tests will not eliminate dishonesty or theft on the job, but research suggests that people who get a low score on these tests, they tend to be less suitable and less productive employees.

Integrity tests have been shown to be valid predictors of overall job performance, as well as many counterproductive behaviors, such as absenteeism, illicit drug use, and robbery according to standards. abogados.

The use of honesty tests in combination with cognitive ability tests can substantially improve the prediction of overall job performance, that is, a high degree of incremental validity.

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Types of Honesty Test

There are two main types that are performed during employee honesty tests. They include the open-label test and the personality trait test. Here is more information about each type of test:

Open Test - Types of Honesty Tests

The open test is a type of integrity test that is performed with a paper and pencil. Does direct questions to the applicant about things like stealing from others, their attitudes toward drug abuse, criminal records, and general honesty-type questions. 

Types of evidence in the honesty test

Strives to uncover dishonest and undesirable traits in someone. It will not only analyze the applicant's attitude towards certain behaviors and crimes in the workplace, but also what is their trust in their coworkers. One question might be what would they do if they saw a co-worker stealing?

Personality Test

The other common type of employee honesty test is the personality test. This delves into certain traits and characteristics of the applicant's personality that could be counterproductive to proper behavior in the workplace.

It's about discovering employees who might enjoy thrill-seeking or, on the other hand, candidates who score high on reliability. 

Asks questions about how adventurous or sensible they are, and their thought process before making big decisions. It also discusses possible problems socializing with others, hostility, or authority issues.

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How to Answer an Honesty Test?

Answer all questions obviously sincerely and honestly. Do not assume that it is a test of morality where you have to "hit" and "miss".

Morality is exceptionally relative, and the point of this kind of evidence is to try to gather different critiques of what is and what is not morally acceptable. The "correct" answer to a moral question does not exist. It is best to choose the answer that convinces you the most.

Try not to respond to the typical opinion of the masses. The crowd can get carried away by double standards. There is no moral authority determining your OWN MORALITY and it should not be affected by that of society.

How to Pass an Honesty Test?

The moral questions are commonly ambiguous, so the preferable alternative is that you answer as clearly as possible about the consequences of each viable answer.

Use cause and logic when creating an answer to moral questions. Although fear and social emotional burden are compromised to offer a "yes" as an answer, you have to bear in mind that your answer is not completely honest since deep down you want to say "No".

Can Honesty Tests Be Forged?

Pretending is a problem for all kinds of tests ...

Although we will give you the most reliable advice BE HONEST...

However, open employee integrity testing makes it easy for candidates to tell employers what they want to hear. 

For example, candidates may have to qualify statements such as "I've lied to my boss to get out of trouble" or "He would steal my job if he could get away with it."

Most candidates will instantly know which answers are acceptable.

… People who score high on integrity tests can be ethical role models or consummate liars…

Can these Honesty Tests rule out Good Candidates?

… False positives are always a concern…

Previous research found that on honesty tests employees result in honest people being labeled as dishonest. 

Some studies even show that open-ended honesty tests can sometimes misclassify nearly half of honest candidates.

Many employers are tempted to use them to narrow their pool of applicants. Therefore, they reject everyone who scores below the standard. But if honest and talented employees are among the rejected, companies could be losing out on a good person.

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Is "Honesty" Always Desirable?

It all depends on how you define it. For example, some honesty tests ask candidates to indicate whether they like to take risks ...

...The logic behind this question is that people who like risks are more likely to deviate from acceptable behavior...

Therefore, honesty tests can classify them as "low honesty" individuals. However, in many cases, risk takers can be positive for organizations. 

Can these tests rule out good candidates?

For example, startup environments or large-scale organizational changes may require people to take risks. Rejecting them could be detrimental to some companies.

Additionally, disputing established rules can lead to innovation and positive change. If employees think a company policy is unfair or ineffective, it might be good to challenge it. Always following the rules can often backfire.

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Why are Honesty and Integrity Important in the Workplace?

The importance of honesty in the workplace is self explanatory; Honest employees are more responsible, trustworthy, and less likely to harm an organization by engaging in unethical or illegal behavior. 

Honesty and integrity are associated with a number of other characteristics, including respect for rules and reliability. 

Employees who lack these qualities may be more prone to disciplinary problems or be at greater risk of engaging in counterproductive work behaviors such as theft, waste of time, and fraud. 

Honesty tests are especially useful for positions that require employees to work in a customer's home or handle cash, such as tellers, retail store associates, home health aides, field service technicians, and security guards.

There are countless variants of online or free Honesty Test, as well as specific ones such as Test for Children or Adolescents to print or download.

However, I recommend that you always visit a specialist in test interpretation, who will guide you in a more accurate way in the results obtained.

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