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Intelligence Psychometric Test

Do you know what intelligence is? And how is it measured? Have you ever made a Inteligence test? These intelligence tests are not trivial questions, the most accredited definition is that an intelligence test measures the ability to adapt thinking to changing circumstances to achieve certain objectives.

On many occasions as part of a job recruitment, candidates or applicants for a position must meet these types of tests.

At Grand Hotelier, your tourist job board, employers hereby seek to refine the selection of candidates prior to the process or to validate the choice of a candidate by ensuring they have the cognitive skills for the position.

In general, those who have never faced these tests tend to worry and, consequently, want to prepare for them; However, the good news is that you don't need to prepare for it, you just have to trust yourself and respond. To know more about this, follow us.

What is an IQ Test?

What is an IQ Test?

To know what an intelligence test is, you must first know what intelligence is. From a scientific point of view, the term intelligence generally refers to academic or cognitive intelligence. It refers to the set of intellectual skills required that allow you to acquire knowledge and solve problems.

If you are looking for a job in Mexico in the tourist area, Grand Hotelier is the tourist employment portal with a wide experience in the field. In addition to entering your data and making your application, depending on the position, you must demonstrate your cognitive abilities or your "intelligence" through tests of this type.

Definition of intelligence quotient (IQ)

IQ is a measure of intellect or intelligence expressed with a number. A person's IQ can be calculated using an intelligence test. The average IQ is 100. If you exceed 100, you are smarter than average, and a lower score means that you are somewhat less smart.

How an IQ Test Works

There is not a single IQ test, but rather a series of different tests that start with the same basic idea: a finite number of questions that a person must answer in a given period of time, to get a score on a scale from 0 to more than 100.

  • Between 85 and 115 points: healthy individual, a range in which the majority of the population falls
  • Between 70 and 85 points: some difficulties are reported
  • Less than 70 points: you are an individual with mental retardation problems
  • More than 115 points: a gifted individual plus, with an above-average capacity
How an IQ Test Works

But how is this result determined? The two most widely used tests are the Raven matrices and the Wechsler scales. The first confronts you with a series of figures and asks you to find the one that is missing. The questions increase in difficulty as you answer and assess your ability to analyze, code, interpret, and understand the circumstances.

In general terms, the result should measure your intelligence or your cognitive abilities. In theory, these tests are capable of not only evaluating your intelligence, but also of predicting how successful you will be in life based on your abilities.

Is an Intelligence Test or Test Enough?

The intelligence tests have really drawn more criticism than applause. A score obtained from a series of questions that are the same for all does not take into account, for example, environmental factors and the education that a child has received.

In 2013, Western University, Canada, conducted an online experiment, which was attended by more than 100 people from around the world. Researchers have concluded that a single test is misleading, and tests that assess different aspects are needed to truly measure a person's intelligence.

Differences in results depend on three parameters: short-term memory, reasoning ability, and ability to speak. It basically means that if you can't remember what year the Roman empire from the East, it doesn't mean you're not smart.

What is the Purpose of a Test to Measure the Intelligence of Job Applicants?

What should be kept in mind here is that no profile is "bad", it is simply more or less suitable for the function in question. Therefore, it is important to understand that the purpose of a logic test is the employer's assessment of your behavioral skills. Then:

Objective of a test to measure intelligence
  • Instead of relying solely on the oral presentation of candidates and the experience they justify, companies rely on these tests that provide information on the way of reasoning and the personality of the future employee.
  • These tests give many clues about the candidate, regardless of the validity of the answers. The objective for companies is to ensure that the candidate will be able to correctly fulfill his missions and that he will have the ability to comply with the codes of the company that will hire him.

The editors of these tests want to put recruiting tools in the hands of companies; therefore, it is indirectly an aptitude test in which the recruiter assesses skills through a scenario.

It's really not your "Iintelligence ”what is proven

In if the exercises proposed are of the same nature, the reasoning tests are not intelligence quotient tests or intelligence test (IQ) as such. They are not used to measure "intelligence" (if possible ...) but intellectual efficiency in relation to a given material.

As part of a recruitment, you will be asked to deal with figures, words, abstract logic, what is evaluated is your efficiency, it is the way you approach the problems that are sent. Again, there are no “good guys” and “bad guys”, there are simply people whose intellectual abilities are more or less in line with the requirements of the position to be filled.

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