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What is the Moss Test?

The Moss Test or Moss test, is a psychometric test that is used in many personnel recruitment processes. Especially in those cases where the position to occupy, deserves a good performance in leadership roles and decision-making, they are transcendental for the organization to function well.

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With the application of this test, the managers who are in charge of the selection and hiring, can establish which candidates are the most suitable to fill the positions of supervisor and conflict management.

At as the main online job bank in Mexico, we show you what this test consists of and what aspects it determines in candidates for a position.

Personnel recruitment processes with Moss test

What does the Moss test measure?

The Moss test or Moss test, allows to determine and measure the degree of social adaptability using five variables or dimensions. It was developed by Rudolf Moss and Berenice Moss in 1979 from the University from Stanford, with a Latin adaptation in 1989.

Social adaptability is crucial in certain jobs. Likewise, for Grand Hotelier it is of vital importance that the characteristics of the position are combined with the profile of the candidate.

Let's see what the concept of social adaptability means, in this context and in the interpretation manual of the moss test.


Social Adaptability According to the Technical Sheet of the Moss Test

Regarding the concept of adaptation, it refers to “the need to reconcile the characteristics of the individual, including their needs, with the requirements of the environment in which they live”.

Moreover, the social adaptability it is defined as “a more or less optimal level of adaptation of behavior to the common lifestyle existing in the group to which the individual belongs and the individual's willingness to actively participate in that group. Therefore, to adapt socially ”.

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According to this definition, points of adaptability can be established, in which individuals adapt more effectively. Here you can mention cognitive flexibility, emotional flexibility and capacity for change.

Thus, social adaptability in management and administration includes motivation, which allows management and administration to strive to achieve the objectives of the organization in combination with the personal needs of subordinates.

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It also involves the assimilation of the organization's standards and guidelines, changes in the organization's standards and guidelines. As well as the behavior caused by them, and interpersonal relationships in this sense.

Let's review below, the five variables or dimensions in which the concept of social adaptability is analyzed. To work in tourism or for any job in Mexico they are very important.

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What is the Moss test used for?

Supervisory capacity

Key: It is the ability of an individual to direct and control a group of other people, the effectiveness of supervisory activities assigned to staff, including management activities.

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The Moos Test covers a series of situations in which participants demonstrate their ability to lead an organization or department, their ability to influence others (positively or negatively). As well as its ability to offer ideas that lead to the achievement of objectives to satisfy the needs of the organization.

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Decision-Making Capacity in Interpersonal Relations according to its Interpretation

Key: The aspects that define this area are equivalent to the rules and decisions that an individual must make when it comes to issues related to the way people interact.

The situation described in the evaluation also shows the confidence that the manager has in interacting with other team members.

The potential manager's ability to delegate depends on it. Also to motivate the team to achieve its goals, the ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts in a timely manner and the universality with which the manager manages his department.

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How is the Moss Test Scored?

Key: Aspects related to norms and good social judgment that create specific problems in interpersonal relationships.

Building on the situation it highlights some of the problems that may arise in the organization. This test will help to reestablish interpersonal relationships, accept your own mistakes, offer timely decisions, make and give constructive criticism to improve the process.

As well as each and every one of them are designed to assess the ability of a potential manager or manager to overcome communication barriers.

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Ability to Build Relationships with other People

Key: Personal qualities that allow individuals to interact with others in an adaptive way.

The presented situation will also allow you to determine the ability of future leaders to maintain positive and adaptive relationships with their subordinates. As well as the leadership and motivational skills that they can demonstrate through their subordinates. It also assesses whether the manager or leader trusts their team.

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Common Sense and Expertise in Relationships with Other People

Key: Get along with people by working for good relationships.

This variable is designed to determine the ability of managers and supervisors to make sensible and logical decisions to resolve problems and conflicts. In addition to acting in an ethical and respectful manner at all times.

Similarly, the ability of managers to perceive the technical skills of team members to use them for the benefit of the organization is assessed.

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The Usefulness of the Moss Test in the Selection of Personnel according to their Qualification in the Answers

The method of hiring staff is primarily determined by the company's personnel management policy.

However, for many years companies have prioritized economic factors over intellectual capital as a source of competitive advantage and a determining factor in their success.

As a result, companies have neglected the talent selection process. Paradoxically, this process has led to increased costs to fill vacancies with people who do not fit the profile of the workforce.

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The Moss Test and the Zavic Test

Fortunately, current methods include protocols that take into account the application of tests, such as that of Moss and Zavic, in order to establish the future worker with the profile of the position.

When looking for a job in any country, or in a tourist job bank, it is very important that the applicant adapts to the position he is seeking, for the benefit of the hired person and the organization. In this regard, tests are useful tools to carry out this preliminary evaluation.

Now you know what the Moss test is, with these examples you can see how important it is in the personnel selection test, although there are no correct or exact answers since the interpretation is that each individual gives different data so that it is solved

To Summarize this Moss Psychometric Test in its Interpretation:

It is an efficiency and encourages responsible personnel to carry out designated activities. These are the criteria and decisions on how to interact with others. Standards and judgments about social conditions with certain problems.

This is your ability to connect with others in an adaptive and effective way. The ability to get along with others can maintain a behavior based on good judgment and logic in the face of difficulties or conflicts in responses to the results according to the interpretation manual of the moss test

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Of course, Moss can tell you if a person has leadership and / or interpersonal advantages, but the combination of these two factors will make the boss or manager know the requirements and maintain a sense of harmony among subordinates as a determined program. The MOSS test determines this. general quality of two people.

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