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Raven Cognitive Labor Test

The tests of Raven test They are used to assess a variety of abilities, including cognitive, acquired, and genetic. These have gained wide recognition and are used in recruiting for many professions. Among them those that have to do with the tourist field.

So, the selection of workers in a company in the passenger car sector can be based on this test. Well, the reliability of the test results, weights if a person is the right one to carry out a position.

At the Grand Hotelier, the selection of personnel is promoted through exhaustive tests, to select the best worker from a job bank in Mexico. In this regard, let's see what the Raven test is.  

What is the Raven Test?

Learn more about the Raven Test

A tourist job board is available on the website, in which you can evaluate yourself, however; It is good to know what the Raven Test consists of, to classify in a suit in Mexico.

John Raven created a test pattern named after him. The Test Raven tests use the “g” factor as the determinant of the person being tested. These are used to assess various skills.

Raven's matrices are divided into five levels of difficulty called scales or rank. Each of them contains 20 analytical questions that test logical reasoning ability. 

How does the Raven Test work?

The Raven matrix test consists of 60 simple choice questions and 45 minutes to solve them. You start with the simplest tasks and then work your way up to the more difficult meaning according to the scale above.

What are the tasks in the Raven Test?

The tasks consist of abstract and often incomplete collections of geometric figures that must be completed. Initially, the abstract figures begin to make sense and coalesce into a meaningful response.

This happens at least until you come across more difficult tasks that you need to think more solidly about. In the course of this test it is necessary to deduce, compare and apply analogical principles of reasoning and logic.

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Selection base

The organization of the tests and the quick results are the database that the job bank will use, in our specific case, the tourist employment portal, in the human resources section.

The Raven matrices, due to the results it yields, will remain for many years as part of the recruitment process of workforce for companies.

In what range does the result of the Raven Test place me?

The tests of the Raven test indicate what predisposition to logical thinking has a person who aspires to work. Therefore, the results place applicants for work in Mexico in a specific range.

What does Rank indicate?

Raven Test Ranks

The rank indicates the skills of a person who wants to qualify in a job board, in additions You can identify potentially talented people to place in specific jobs.

On the other hand, the test classifies applicants by groups or subgroups according to the rank obtained in the Raven Test

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Raven Test Ranks

Rank 1 - 95 points or more. Quality: Very high intelligence.

Rank 2 - 75 to 95 points. Quality: Intelligence above average.

Rank 3 - 25 to 75 points. Quality: average intelligence.

Rank 4 - 5 to 25 points. Quality; intelligence below average.

Rank 5 - up to 5 points. Quality: very low intelligence.

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Understanding intelligence is a bit like understanding the atom: you have to identify not only what unites the different components of intelligence, but also what separates it.

Seen this way, it is a test that selects the best according to the cognitive abilities to be developed at work.

This test is available on the web pages of the job boards, or tourist job boards that must be resolved in order to be classified as a worker.

Why use the Raven Test?

The Raven Womb Test works well in its diagnosis in adults as well as in children, but since it deals with the world of work, it is perfect as a preliminary test for almost any job.

The great advantage of this type of test is that it can be executed at a very low cost and placed online. The expense is practically zero.

Also, reviewing a Test Raven sheet takes no more than five minutes. And it almost immediately shows the rank where the job applicant is located, through demonstrated cognitive abilities.

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Examples of the Raven Test

At you will be able to review the job bank, to consign your worksheet as well as to prove your abilities to apply for a job.

The best hotel chains and restaurants in large cities in Mexico are looking for talented staff to offer the best service to tourists. national and foreign visiting the country.

Remember that in addition to the Raven Test, there are other qualities and skills that you must have, if you want to access a job through the Grand Hotelier.

Tourist job bank at Grand Hotelier

As an example of the Psychometric Examination:

1- You must develop leadership skills, in the section where you are located at work.

2- Cultivate concentration and attention in everything you do.

3- Maintain a willingness to work as a team.

4- Resolve any conflict soon and receive criticism for it.

5- Be tolerant and stay calm in the face of frustrating situations and high work pressure.

6- Distinguish yourself by your independence and assertiveness. 

From these perspectives, which also have to do with the range of intelligence and behavior, it is necessary to look for the right job. Hence, through Grand Hotelier you can access a world of opportunities such as:

Sales Executives

In this section are located the tourism managers, internal cruise salesman, restaurant supervisor and administration tasks.

Kitchen area

In this section are located the waiters, dishwasher, kitchen assistant and cook.


Housekeepers, internal and external gardening.

Finally, it is good to always keep in mind that you are opting for a job through specific tests, in this case such as the Raven Test or another that may be used by large tourist work companies in Mexico. 

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