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Terman Merril that Measures

A test, whatever its intention, is designed to measure qualities, attributes, capabilities, among others.

El Terman Merril test It also does it to qualify the potentialities of a person through instruments that measure their intelligence, judgment, analogies, reasoning among others according to their history.

Hence, it can be used in the selection of personnel for work, especially when it comes to a job bank, in which there are thousands of applicants and you have to choose the best ones.

This database is appreciated at the Grand Hotelier, to make sure we weigh your capabilities in such a way that you can be in the best tourist job in Mexico.  

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Terman Merril Test What is it for?

The Terman Merril Test Does it work at work?

From the work of two American psychologists, Lewis Madison Terman and Maud Amanda Merril, the Terman Merril test was created to measure the expression of human intelligence.

Although they are not the only intelligence tests, they are still used today in the tourist job market, since two measurements are obtained from it: intelligence and learning ability with its manual.

Let's see what testing is and how it affects work.

Terman Merril Test information area

This subtest has to do with long-term memory, how the individual captures information from the environment and uses it through associations and generates new information.

To apply for a job in Mexico, especially in the tourism area, the employee has to be attentive to the information that circulates around him, remember it and also use it in new circumstances.

Therefore, if you examine the tourist employment exchange, You will see that in many of the jobs, you must remember instructions, follow rules and apply them in different environments.

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Adaptation of the Terman Merril Test

This subtest is valued by which a person is able to relate to others, attending to common sense, to solve everyday and practical problems.

With this section of the Terman Merril test, it is reflected how the person is able to adapt to social norms and learn from them.

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Test Vocabulary Area

This subtest is also known as the word meanings area; leaving between seeing the cultural level of the person.

The degree of general culture that an applicant has in the tourist job market, must be considered as essential in the service sector, since it is the knowledge that he can share with his co-workers and tourists.

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Terman Merril Test Logical Selection Area

It is also known as the subtest that measures the synthesis capacity that a person has when doing a job, or when you receive instructions and must apply them.

This quality is necessary to develop or qualify with a high level to choose a job in Mexico that has tourism as a source of employment.

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Logical selection area

Numerical Area

The use of numbers, sequences, sets and subsets in this subtest are analyzed to show the concentration levels that a person may have in solving problems.

Grandhotelier organizes the tourist jobs exchange by groups. Hence, you will find a segment or area to aspire to according to your knowledge, intelligence and verbal skills.

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Practice Area

With the Terman Merril test, the ability of the person to defragment a problem into parts and find a solution to the conflicting segment is measured.

Abstraction Area

In the tourist employment exchange, the large groups are organized by general or common characteristics of all applicants for employment.

In such a way that, they can be arranged in areas of easy performance of trades.

On the other hand, this same ability must be demonstrated by job seekers, with the intention that they demonstrate skill in relating different ideas about the same situation.

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Planning area in the Terman Meril test

As the term says, it is an ability to organize, distribute tasks in different places and times. In addition, it must be flexible to adjust to unexpected changes.

The person evaluated from the planning perspective has to be able to foresee modifications in his work routine in detail or with an overview.

The Gran Hotelier, ponders this area with great precision, since it is about the successful placement of a staff in tourism work in Mexico in the departments of:

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The skill of this employee is to anticipate a customer request.


It is the first place where the guest contacts and confirms their stay. Whoever has his work there, can add great advantages to the company and himself. Verbal ability and intelligence are put to the test.


Tourism work in Mexico is intense because there are many hotels with an event room that deserve to be attended by skilled people to handle groups and sub-groups, please them and guarantee the satisfaction of tourists.


It is the staff who are attentive so that everything works, also knows how to adjust the changes when necessary.

He develops the ability of the general context and the constituent parts of the hotel where he works.

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Terman Merril Test Results

Organization Area with the Merril Test

In addition to the planning at, a large tourist job bank is organized to correctly discriminate job applications.

It is a quality applied also when it comes to less complex tasks, since the intervening factors are few and simple to determine faults and corrections.

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Attention Area

In the Terman Merril test, the level of concentration of a person is measured under verbal, numerical and contextual pressure.

Terman Merril Test Results

With the application of the Terman Merril online test, you will obtain very precise results to apply in a tourist employment exchange. This is because it tests a person's general brainpower.

In addition, it assertively establishes the scope of the response or the action that a worker will demonstrate.

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