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Zavic Psychometric Test

To improve our understanding and management of people, the administrations of all organizations must develop a vision of the personal motivations that define their "professional interests" and attach them to their manual. Motivations shape interests and concerns and determine career paths. For this, the Zavic test is ideal.

For any job in tourism or in another area of ​​employment in Mexico, the application of this type of psychometric instruments, allows to establish the profile of the worker and what his performance will be like in the company that hires him and to be able to carry out his work correctly.

At we keep that in mind, which is why we have prepared this article.

What the Zavic Test Determines in its Technical Sheet

Zavic's test with its questions describes the values ​​and interests of the workplace. This test helps to define the values ​​and interests that should be expressed in the workplace.

From this point of view, the zavic psychometric test is used for hiring personnel and tries to determine the most assertive qualities according to the job being offered by the author.

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Learn more about what the Zavic Test is about

Factors to Consider in the Zavic Test

The four factors that influence motivation to work are:

  • Moral-legality
  • Indifference
  • Corruption

Impact on job performance

Economy, politics, society and religion

Interpretation of the Zavic Test Results

Based on the results of the test or Zavic Test, the factors of the person's position (values ​​and interests) are first determined and then extrapolated to the organization or union against which they are evaluated. These reasons will be explained below.

Analysis of the Zavic Test Results

As we mentioned at the beginning, at Grand Hotelier, as a tourist job board, it shows you not only the best job offers in Mexico, but we also show you the aspects of selection involved.

Let's see what the analysis of the zavic test results in the booklet shows.

Related to Morality

Good morale (adherence to the code of conduct). Aimed at positions that require a strong moral compass to follow the rules set by the family, society, or organization to do good, not evil.

Low morale. A person who does not follow the guidelines and norms applicable in the family or social environment. Affirming your beliefs without reducing them, whether they are right or wrong.

Regarding Legitimacy

Legitimacy (requires honesty). A person who is honest and sincere and follows the guidelines of the company. Be faithful to the orders of your immediate superior.

Low legality. An individual who uses a situation for personal or professional reasons to show double intentions is not and will not follow the rules established by the company and its beliefs. Generally, you will act only in the interest of decision-making.

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Related to Indifference

Strong indifference (desire to ignore). A person who demands a high degree of indifference. There will be a person with a low level of production, perhaps due to a lack of motivation or a state of mind that affects their behavior. He does not take things seriously.

Low level of indifference. A person who does things with enthusiasm, who is always motivated by success and strives for success and challenges, who is highly productive and has a high level of attention to detail.

Related to Corruption

Grand corruption (desire to corruption): A person who enjoys seducing, teasing, and causing trouble.

He goes looking for bribes and corrupts the rules and regulations of the company, family and business. Violates generally accepted standards of decency and does not respect moral values.

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Related to corruption

Little corruption: Those who want to make decisions based on their profitability, cost-cutting methods, and practical problem-solving skills, return on investment, and profitability.

The Zavic Test According to Interests

This has to do with the economy, politics, social aspects and religion

In relation to the economy

Economic height (desire for wealth). People who want to make decisions based on their ability to earn money. Particular attention is paid to the investment climate and profitability.

Low economic potential. Connected with people who prefer to serve primarily for profit and ignore material considerations.


High politics (trying to gain power over others). This interest, as a rule, requires an ambitious person who wants to go far in the organization.

It is important to work for promotion in this position. In a commercial company, middle managers have the opportunity to fight for top positions, but in a more democratic or participatory environment this value is less important.

Low policy. People who seek teamwork and cooperation. Employees and coordinators of democratic organizations can annoy leaders if they are ambitious in their role.

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Social issues

Very sociable. A job that requires high social value is first and foremost showing a genuine interest in people.

As a general rule, hiring managers, public relations managers, communication managers, doctors, etc. they must demonstrate these values.

They emphasize a genuine concern to help people, which can be a good team-building element.

Weak social. Positions that require little social skill involve an unsentimental approach to difficult tasks. Decisions that should lead to success are made without taking into account the impact on people.

A manager with a large number of employees must first think about the survival of the company, without causing unemployment or hurting employees.


A job that requires high social value


High religion (respect for regulation and power). Work that requires a high degree of regulation, which requires discipline, structure, order, a broad understanding of the rules, as well as a high degree of morality, such as breaking the law or respecting relationships, is one of the main characteristics of this position.

An example of this type of position is the Controller (strict observance of all principles).

Religious bass. The position requires a high degree of freedom and the ability to work without discipline. Such positions are less and less common today. Positions in this category are related to art, entertainment, and some sales.

This test is very complex and ambitious, in relation to what it estimates, but it is adequate to establish an entry profile in relation to the candidate and the position to which they aspire with correct decisions.

Now you know what the Zavic test is and that it measures according to the qualification, taking into account the answers the interpretation is carried out to obtain the automatic solved to obtain the antecedents.

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