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How many types of chef are there in a kitchen?

In a busy restaurant, hiring the right chef is a key success factor. In reality, there can be several types of chef operating in a kitchen. That leads us to wonder.

Which are the Types of Chef in a Kitchen?

As in any art, there are characters that set the standard in the world of cooking, such as the renowned French chef George Auguste Escoffier.

In his book, some models for kitchen management are described, to which many professional kitchens around the world are circumscribed.

One of the models, which will be discussed in this article, is known as the “Kitchen Brigade”, which specifies the types of chefs that exist in a normal kitchen. Let's review a little more on the subject by talking about the background of chef titles.

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Types of Chef in a Kitchen

The different types of chef emerged in the XNUMXth century with the creation of the French Brigade System or Kitchen Brigade.

Chef Georges Auguste Escoffier, created this system to equip the restaurants of a kitchen hierarchy, in order to operate more efficiently.

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Not all kitchens operate under the French Brigade System, and some positions in the system can be combined depending on the size of the restaurant.

However, it has provided a basic outline of chef types that restaurant owners can refer to when setting up their hierarchy of kitchens and stations.

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Types of Chefs and their Functions

Chefs generally occupy the highest positions in the kitchen. Also, a restaurant will generally have managerial chefs and specialty chefs.

Each type of chef can cover a variety of different tasks, from organizing and training to menu development and recipe creation.

types of chef

Becoming a chef requires years of education and experience, climbing from entry-level positions to the ultimate goal of executive chef.

Different types of Chef Managers

In the managerial chef types, there is an established hierarchy because these chefs have the most responsibility in the kitchen to ensure the overall success of the restaurant. The following features are listed in descending order.

Chef-Owner or Group Chef

  • Main task: Business management
  • There is only one per kitchen.
  • They are responsible for the management of the establishment as a whole.
  • They often do menu design.

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Executive Chef or Kitchen Chef or Head Chef

  • Main Task: Kitchen Management
  • There is only one per kitchen, causing great competition for paper.
  • They oversee daily operations, kitchen costs, food preparation, and menu planning.
  • They often create most of the new recipes and dishes for the menu.

Sous Chef or Second Chef or Under Chef

  • Main task: Team management
  • There may be more than one in a kitchen depending on the size of the establishment.
  • They supervise the details of each dish and supervise the food lines.
  • They are second in command and will run the kitchen in the absence of the executive chef.
  • Typically, they will train newly hired chefs and cooks.

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Senior Chef or Chef de Partie or Station Chef      

  • Main task of the Head of Party : Station management
  • There can be more than one in a kitchen.
  • They are in charge of specific stations in the kitchen.
  • They tend to be specialists in a certain portion of the menu and make sure that high-quality food is out of season.

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Specialty chefs

Names of Specialty Chef Types

There is generally no hierarchy among specialized chefs. Each of them is an expert in their specific field.

Pastry Chef or Patissier Head of Pastry

  • Main task of the pastry chef : Prepare cakes, breads and desserts
  • They can be in charge of the entire dessert menu.
  • The position often requires extensive specialized training or a bakers degree.
  • Depending on the establishment, this position may be equivalent to that of executive chef.

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Sauces Chef or Saucier or Saute Chef

  • Main task of the chef sauce : Choosing and preparing sauces and gravies for all types of food
  • They can also prepare soups and stews.
  • This is a position found primarily in places that serve French cuisine.

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Fish Chef or Poissonier

  • Main task: Prepare and cook seafood
  • They may also be responsible for purchasing the used shellfish from a local market establishment or from a non-local vendor.

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Vegetable Chef or Entremetier

  • Main task: Prepare and cook vegetables and starches
  • They may also be responsible for some soups and egg dishes.

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Meat Chef or Rotisseur or Roast Chef

  • Main task: Prepare and cook roasted, stewed, broiled or other methods
  • They will also be able to arrange to source the meat from local suppliers and retailers.

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Pantry Chef or Garde Manger

  • Main task: Prepare cold foods such as salads, cold cuts, hors d'oeuvres, and dressings.
  • They will also be responsible for setting up buffet lines and adding centerpieces for a fancy presentation that may include ice or carved and molded fruit.

Fry Chef or Friturier

  • Main task: Cook food that needs to be fried
  • They are mainly needed in fast food establishments.

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Grill Chef or Grillardin

  • Main task: Cook food that needs to be grilled
  • They generally roast meats and sometimes vegetables.

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Butcher Chef or Boucher

  • Main task: Prepare cuts of meat for other chefs at the station to cook.
  • They are needed especially in the larger establishments to be able to satisfy the demand.

As you have just seen, there are a variety of types of chefs, this has to do with the organization of the kitchen, its operation and the different specialties. Thanks to this, a restaurant with a large number of diners can serve them and provide them with the most delicious dishes and at the right time.

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