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How to make a zip line for children

If you have never ridden on a Zip Line in English Zip Line, although you have also surely heard it as Canopy, a good option to know how to make a zip line at home is to build a small one at home, before knowing one that has a higher altitude or speed.

This entertainment is also a very good option for children and in some places it is considered sport by definition.

In Mexico there are infinities of amusement (or recreational) parks that offer zip line launching, and you will surely be interested in knowing some of them.

Steps to Make Zipline at Home

In such simple steps we will easily explain to you how you can create a safe zip line in your yard, and without any complications.

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Steps to make zip line at home

What should be the Distance of a Zipline for Children

Select a distance between two solid objects, preferably they should be trees or other solid structures.

How tall is a Zipline for Children?

The distance must be between 15,2 m and 152,4 m.

Extending the Cable of a Zipline

Run the wire between the two points. You will need enough wire so that there is adequate slack when it is stretched between the two sides. This slack should form a slightly curved line in the cable between the points.

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You should never overstretch the cord. This creates a dangerous speed and crash situation at the other end, which could cause accidents.

How to Tie the Cable of a Zipline

Tie the wire to a point. If you are attaching it to a tree, wrap the wire around the tree a few times, then clamp the free end to the leading end.

Use high-quality clamps that are sized appropriately for the diameter of the cable. These clamps will require you to tighten them very well.


How Many Clamps Are Required to Build a Zipline?

Two clamps with six inches separation are good. Three or four clamps add the necessary security.

Attach a temporary cable clamp about 6,1m from the end of the cable. Attach the winch to this clamp and to a point on the tree.

Then lift the cable. Once lifted up, the free end of the cable can be wrapped around the tree and then clamped at its leading end to hold it in place.

Try to have the clamps about 8 feet from the tree. At this point the winch can be removed from the first clamp and then reinstalled on the furthest permanent cable clamp, allowing adjustments to the cable. As the cable stretches, it will need to be tightened with the winch.

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How to Ride a Zipline if there are no Trees?

You would have to build a system to replace the trees, like some steel poles. However, they must be able to bear weight. It will be more difficult and expensive.

Finally try the zip line! Determining who goes first is a nerve-racking decision, but trying the zip line is important.

3 Zip Lines You Must Visit in Mexico

After making a zip line at home and trying it countless times, both you and the children are ready to go into amusement parks and ride one of them, OJO always has to be done with the inspection of adults who carry out the installation

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The best places to practice this activity are Las Grutas de Tolantongo, Los Cenotes de Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

Tolantongo Grottoes

This place is first on our list for a few reasons. First of all, it is an incredible vacation spot, with turquoise thermal pools clinging to the side of a jungle cliff.

Second, the site is completed with a waterfall that makes it really beautiful! And finally, thirdly, you can zip line over this picturesque scene for very little money.

Cancun cenotes

There are many zip line tours that you can do in the tourist areas of Mexico, including some tour companies that you can go with in Cancun.

Most of these groups include transportation, lunch, snorkeling, horseback riding, repelling, or some other activity along with zip-lining. Prices usually vary depending on the package, but that usually includes a whole day of adventure (plus lunch), which is pretty good.

Something that we recommend is to check if there is any discount for students, in case you are one or have children of student age, so you can save a little money by booking a zip line tour, an impressive experience through a cenote or over the lush jungle ...

It never hurts to ask.

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zip line at home

Puerto Vallarta

As it happens in the recreational park in Cancun that we mentioned earlier, you will be able to observe a great variety of prices and packages for a whole day, or half a day of adventure. It is only a matter that you define beforehand exactly how long you want to take, what activities you plan to do in addition to the zip line, and how much money you have for it.

After this, it only remains that you take some time to investigate what are the prices and packages that are best for you.

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Other Tourist Attractions Options in Mexico

There are several types of parks that offer this activity and the most famous is Xplor in the Riviera Maya, but the truth is that you will surely have the opportunity to see tours that include zip lines in most recreational parks in Mexico.

Do not forget to also know some theme parks of adventure that are in the main cities and their surroundings ready to offer this fun experience in zip line and its history.

It is also important that you take into account that sometimes it is cheaper to book this type of zip line excursion in person than online, since sometimes they charge some extra taxes on the web. So take that into account so that you save a few Mexican pesos.

On the other hand, have you ever thought about working in a recreational park? It would be a different work experience, and you would surely enjoy it a lot.

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