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What does a cook do?

Many cooks work in restaurants. However, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, government agencies, the military, manufacturing plants, and private clubs also hire cooks. But if what interests you now is to know everything related to cook job in hotels of the DF, we will tell you next.

Cooks and chefs are the mainstay of the foodservice industry. They work in restaurants, coffee shops, canteens, hotels, and other places that prepare and serve food.

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cook in hotels in Mexico City

Cooks and chefs mainly plan menus and prepare food for customers. Their specific duties vary depending on the type and size of the establishment they work for.

Most DF hotel restaurants have just one or two custom cooks who prepare burgers, sandwiches, salads, and other foods that can be quickly prepared and served. However, depending on how large the hotel is, this can vary considerably.

Some restaurants in Mexico hire a kitchen staff made up of: dishwashers, kitchen assistants, cooks, and a chef or chef. Unlike the shift cook who prepares a lot of food, the cook in a large restaurant generally becomes an expert in one type of food.

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Is a Chef and a Cook in Hotels the Same?

The answer is no. There are fry cooks, roast cooks, vegetable cooks, soup cooks and others. These are assisted by kitchen assistants.

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There are many types of restaurants in DF hotels that offer various types of food, and cooking methods vary considerably.

A large restaurant can serve many foods, some of which can be difficult to prepare. Whether the restaurant is large or small, or serving Chinese or soul food, its reputation is in the hands of its cooks. A good cook can make even the smallest café a smash hit.

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The Importance of Cooks in Hotels and Restaurants

Cooking is an art. Chefs create new dishes and improve those already known. Good cooks are those who can prepare simple foods well. Great cooks are those who can invent new and delicious dishes.

These great cooks are highly paid in Mexico for their skill, and sometimes they go on to become celebrities.

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Education and Training Requirements for the Job of Cook in Hotels and Restaurants

cook in hotels

Cooks and chefs need a great deal of knowledge and experience in working with food.

Minimum Requirement for Cook Job

The minimum requirement is a high school education plus on-the-job training. High schools, vocational or technical schools, two- and four-year colleges, adult education programs, and the military offer cooking programs and courses.

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Duration of Cooking Courses

Most courses last from two months to two years. Many hotel employers hire only those candidates who have earned a cooking diploma.

Something that is important to keep in mind is that some cooks start out as dishwashers or kitchen helpers. These jobs allow workers to gain restaurant experience and observe and learn from experienced cooks and chefs.

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The Importance of Good Presence in the Kitchen

Cooks must have a keen sense of taste and smell and must enjoy preparing food. But they also need to be clean, orderly and healthy. Cooks must order specific amounts of food at certain prices within their budget; therefore, they must have some mathematical aptitude.

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How to Get a Cook Job in a Hotel or Restaurant?

cook in hotels in Mexico City

Future chefs and cooks should go directly to the establishments where they would like to work, or also apply to different job boards

Small restaurants and cafes offer the highest number of start-up jobs, but if you want a job as a cook in hotels in Mexico City, there are also job opportunities.

Vocational school students can contact their placement office for help in finding a job. Search advertisements in newspapers, Internet job banks, and private and state employment offices often list job openings for cooks and chefs.

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How does a cook become a chef?

Graduates of vocational schools and other programs can find work as cooks immediately, but it takes several years before they can become head chefs or chefs in a fine restaurant or fancy hotel.

Mexico restaurant training programs vary in their promotional policies. Most cooks find that moving from one restaurant to another gives them higher paying positions and a greater variety of experience.

After many years of experience, chefs may decide to enter the business as caterers or restaurant owners. Good business sense, fine cooking skills, and a lot of money are required to run a successful food service business. Some cooks become vocational school teachers.

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Cook Working Conditions

Most of the kitchens are air-conditioned, have convenient work areas and modern equipment, and are well organized.

However, you should know that despite these comforts, cooks and chefs require stamina and physical strength, as they work near hot ovens, grills and hot plates in a very noisy and chaotic environment.

Cooks are on their feet most of the time, and they must have the strength to lift heavy pots and kettles.

What is the Cook's Normal Working Hours?

Cooks and chefs typically work forty to forty-eight hours per week, including nights and weekends. However, this may vary depending on the hotel or restaurant.

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Working during the holidays is common. Those who cook in school cafeterias work only nine or ten months each year. Cooks often wear uniforms and some employers provide uniforms or uniform allowances.

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