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Maintenance work

Maintenance work in hotels requires people to offer preventive and corrective maintenance in repairs in all areas of the hotel.

Field work abroad, as well as heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical systems, floors, walls and furniture.

Do you think you know what it takes to have a General Maintenance job?

Essential to filling this position is the ability to use a variety of equipment and the ability to work in a physically demanding role, which can require an on-call job to handle emergencies.

Types of Maintenance Work

Maintenance Work in Hotels

Do you consider that you are a professional in different jobs ...? Working in the hotel maintenance area is a good option.

What you need to know ?

  • Expert in the operation of machinery that provides electricity, water, telephone, public areas, washing, wet areas in the hotel.
  • Able to solve problems in the moment, creativity, leadership
  • Know about electricity, gardening, plumbing or plumbing, telephony
  • Manage communication equipment such as: portable radios, smartphones, tablets

Maintenance work in Schools

  • Installations of audio equipment, and projectors for school events and repair it if necessary.
  • Maintain bathrooms, toilets, urinals in case of obstructions.
  • Review of the operation of toilets and urinals, knowledge of the handling of the drain cleaner equipment.
  • Care of the green areas of the school, watering plants and pruning.
  • Maintenance to window climates, minisplit or washed airs.
  • Basic knowledge of painting, masonry and plumbing.

Maintenance Work in Tourist Centers

Resorts located in remote locations have unique maintenance needs.

In a hotel far from the city you need to supply your own electricity, water and waste disposal, for example golf courses

Maintenance Work in Casinos

The extra knowledge that you must have to work in a casino in the Maintenance department, is to know electronics. For a Casino, the main thing is to have the slot machines.

Maintenance Work in Industries

Respond and attend to requests for the repair of the plant and the proposed programs

Understand and operate advanced electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, and boiler systems.

The Experience in Maintenance and Studies that you must have

  • It is desirable that you have a technical career in electricity and machinery diversity arrangement.
  • Experience in tourism companies at least 2 years
  • Knowledge of Basic English
  • Safety, chemical and hygiene equipment management courses
  • Basic knowledge of first aid

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Maintenance Skills

  • Teamwork and understanding of the members, admitting different points of view
  • Assertive fluid communication, correct tone of voice when addressing guests and their work staff.
  • Decision-making security.
  • Handle complicated situations or problems in your workplace.
  • Commitment and Leadership.

Responsibilities of Maintenance Personnel in Hotels

The average hotel needs a wide variety of maintenance jobs, including heating, cooling, plumbing, lighting, grounds maintenance, electronic equipment, and a host of others.

For maintenance work in hotels, the person in that position is responsible for keeping the hotel in good condition and fixing any errors that are necessary under a preventive or corrective maintenance work order as the case may be.

Keep all equipment in good working order with a minimum of downtime by providing daily hotel maintenance.

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Make a Maintenance Work Plan

Complete maintenance work orders in a timely manner, following standard hotel operating procedures or job cards.

Maintenance work in hotels must be constant, which allows to support the improvement of service to guests and other departments.

Residential hotels offer longer stays, and their maintenance needs tend to resemble those of a residential apartment building.

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Maintenance work in hotels

Be a Maintenance Analyst requires:

Know how to carry out a Work Order, Technical Sheet, Formats, Reports and Logs

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You must maintain the facilities and equipment in a safe and efficient manner, giving at the end a maintenance work report and reports to the Engineering Supervisor or the Chief Engineer.

Update maintenance work order forms or job ticket and file them in a work order format.

You must interpret the readings of the meters, graphs, plans and other units of measurement required in the industrial plant and carry out a work plan

You must organize work logs and give understandable instructions orally and in writing.

Industrial maintenance personnel must read and understand the operation manuals.

Knowledge and verifiable courses in the management of safety equipment, work at heights, use of chemicals, first aid and hygiene

General Maintenance Work

It requires the ability to work under pressure and exercise good judgment, you must focus attention on detail, speed and precision ...

The operation of machinery and general mechanics is essential, identifying courses of action and implementing solutions with the available resources and with a high degree of quality.


Other Tasks of Maintenance Work in Hotels in Mexico ...

Problem solving is paramount ...

Repair of Equipements and machines, and the maintenance of unclog drain.

Knowing how to handle unblocking machines, polishing machines, forklifts...

In addition to connecting and configuring televisions, installing carpets, patching walls, connecting wiring and lighting.

  • Install and maintain water dispensers and electric showers.

Clean, lubricate, protect and maintain all hotel tools and equipment.

  • Monitor fire alarm and security systems, be informed of system operation, and handle emergencies that affect the systems.
  • Maintain a maintenance inventory and order parts and supplies as needed.
  • Be presentable, clean to look professional, keep proprietary information confidential, and protect company assets.

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Maintenance Personnel in a Hotel

The training is constant, the staff must be trained in a practical way and at the same time with the exchange of knowledge and skills.

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Being able to work in an orderly and efficient manner, keeping work areas clean and well organized.

Be available for any emergency and act in an engineering capacity to protect guests and associates.

Preserve the building and its systems during the emergency.

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