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Psychology at Work and Hiring Test

Kostick test

Kostick Test: Know What It Is About

The Kostick Test was created exclusively for use in the world of work. First of all, a very good piece of information is that the test can be done both...
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You know what the Moss Test is about

Do you know what the Moss Test is about? Get to know it!

The Moss Test or Moss Test is a psychometric test that is used in many recruitment processes, especially in those cases where the position ...
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Zavic test

The Zavic Test Learn more about what it is about

The Zavic test describes the values ​​and interests of the workplace. This test allows you to help define the values ​​and interests that should be expressed in the place of ...
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Key benefits of Personality Tests

4 Key Benefits of Personality Tests

Personality Tests are extremely fashionable in recent times. It seems that you can not check your social networks without being inundated by various questionnaires that aim to detect your ...
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Cleaver Test: Know all the details of this test

Cleaver Test: Know All the Details of this Test

The Cleaver test in general is a test that provides a complete description of the person's personality, highlighting their ability to perform various social tasks, their ability ...
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Personnel Selection Test

What are the Best Personnel Selection Tests

The personnel selection test is a technique used by large companies to choose their personnel, even more so if it is a matter of distributing them through specialized departments...
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Emotional Intelligence Test

Are you looking for a job? Everything you need to know about the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TEST

Emotional Intelligence Quizzes and Quizzes can be an overall success factor in any workplace. Commonly known as EI, emotional intelligence is the ability...
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Barsit test

Barsit Test Everything you need to know about the Test

The Barsit Test is also known as the Barranquilla Rapid Test. In general terms, this is due to the fact that those evaluated take a maximum of 10 minutes in ...
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Hartman Values ​​Test

What are the Hartman Values ​​Tests for?

The Hartman values ​​test estimates whether a person who aspires to work can be trusted and identifies with the values ​​or judgments of the company...
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Test Raven in the workplace

Do you know how the Raven Test Works in the Workplace?

The Raven Test tests are used to assess various abilities, including cognitive, acquired, and genetic. These have gained wide recognition and are used in recruitment for...
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Characteristics and Diversity in Hotel Jobs

Tourist entertainment in hotels and resorts in Mexico

The Importance of Tourist Entertainment in Hotels and Resorts in Mexico

Tourist Entertainment in Hotels Also known as Tourist Entertainment in hotels, it requires a very big commitment for the Entertainers. They must perform demanding and dynamic tasks, since their performance ...
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Maintenance work in Mexico hotels

Maintenance Work in Hotels

Hotel maintenance work requires people who offer preventive maintenance and repairs in all areas of the hotel. Including your exterior, heating and cooling systems, plumbing,...
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What does a set designer do?

What does a set designer do?

All the sets, furniture, and props that the audience sees in the production of a play make up the set design. The job of a set designer is to design...
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10 Sales techniques in hotels

10 Sales Techniques in Hospitality

Hospitality sales techniques are vital to driving your steady level of business. Here you have the 10 best sales techniques in the hotel field. Techniques that can...
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What is a Choreographer? and What is its function?

What is a Choreographer? and What is its function?

When I am asked what a choreographer is, I undoubtedly think of dance routines performed in video clips or music shows. The choreographer is literally the one who...
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Responsibilities of an Accounting Clerk

Responsibilities of an Accounting Clerk

Accounting assistants basically provide clerical and administrative support to accounting managers or senior accountants. That is why the responsibilities of an accounting assistant ...
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Types of gardeners and what are the functions

Types of Gardeners and What are the Functions

Gardeners are needed to keep a beautiful, well-kept garden a place of wonderful and peaceful relaxation. You can't get tired of walking around it for hours and admiring...
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Objectives of a public relations department

Objectives of a Public Relations Department

A company must engage constructively with a large number of interested audiences. Among the objectives of a public relations department or (PR) are to improve the usefulness of ...
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What is needed for a job as Human Resources

What is Needed for a Job as Human Resources?

This article will address what concerns work as human resources (HR), an area of ​​capital importance in companies such as By definition, human resources, also known...
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What groups and conventions do in a hotel

What do groups and conventions do in a hotel?

Have you ever been to a convention with events, catering, and exhibits or booths? Most likely, all these elements that make up the convention were brought together...
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The Most Wanted Restaurant Jobs on the Web

What is a barista

What is a Barista? The Best Barista Courses

What does a barista do? The barista is the person responsible for preparing and serving coffee. He is in charge of grinding the coffee beans, heating the water, making the drinks...
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Complete chef uniforms for men

Culinary Arts and the History of Chef's Uniforms

Gastronomy Uniforms When we go to a restaurant, few people notice the team behind the wonders we are tasting. In doing so we could see a great display of uniforms from ...
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Types of Cooking Brigade

What is a Kitchen Brigade and what are its functions?

What is a Kitchen Brigade? All large companies have an organization and the kitchen is no stranger to it. But what is the brigade de cuisine and how ...
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Chef Saucier at Work

The Roles and Profile of a Chef Saucier

Chef Saucier Functions Sometimes the first thing we consume in a meal is soup, and it is common for our main dishes to be seasoned with an exquisite sauce or to present ...
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a Garde Manger Chef who studied at gastronomy school

Everything you need to know about the Garde Manger Chef

Chef Garde Manger It is natural that on most occasions we associate cooking with cooking and heat. However, there are magical moments that are experienced with cold dishes...
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What does the Chef Rotisseur do?

Definition of Chef Rotisseur or Roast

Contemporary cuisine, from institutional to gourmet, follows a strict hierarchy in which the chef is the protagonist. Of the types of chefs you can find in...
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Description of a Garrotero

Description of a Garrotero or Food Runner

As its name indicates, a food runner or garrotero here in Mexico, they are restaurant workers who help service personnel and waiters to carry the ...
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Duties of a general assistant in a restaurant

Functions of a General Assistant in a Restaurant

The functions of a general assistant in a restaurant include ordering kitchen utensils and equipment based on the needs of the establishment, and other different activities that superiors ...
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What does the Pastry Chef do

What does the Pastry Chef do and its functions?

Are you passionate about making cakes? Do you create sweets and cakes with ease and very good taste? Are you a pastry lover? Dear reader, follow this article, surely you will be interested to know what ...
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What does the Chef de Partie do?

Job Description Chef de Partie

Are you passionate about cooking? Even more, are you passionate about a particular field? The chef de partie job is probably for you. The missions you will have to carry out...
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The Most In-Demand Cruise Ship and Casino Jobs

Paramedic Job Board

What is a Paramedic?

Responsibilities of a Paramedic Training as a tactical paramedic, military or commercial, can open more doors for you than you think. But do you know the skills that a paramedic requires...
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I work as a security guard in Mexico

I work as a Security Guard

Looking for a job as a security guard? Are you interested in becoming a good security guard? If you are interested in the answer to any of the above questions, read on...
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types of chef that exist

What are the types of chef that exist?

In a busy restaurant, a key success factor is hiring the right chef. In reality, there can be several types of chefs operating in a kitchen. That us...
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Revenue Manager

REVENUE MANAGER What is it and what is its function?

Revenue manager, or revenue management, has always been the least understood part of independent property operations. Hotel owners agree that the right strategies...
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The importance of the food and beverage department in a hotel

The Importance of the Food and Beverage Department

In hotels that not only provide accommodation but also business functions, food and beverage catering services play an important role as they provide food and...
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How much does a Hostess earn in a Restaurant

What is a Hostess and what is her function in a restaurant?

A hostess or stewardess generally earns more than average compared to other student jobs or temporary jobs. But how much do you earn a hostess? And on what factors does hers depend...
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What is a Steward in the kitchen

What is a Steward and what is its function

A lot of people don't know what a steward is, he basically does cleaning and restocking to keep all kitchen and dining areas hygienic and to ensure that all...
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casino dealer distributing chips

Interested in Knowing How Much Does a Casino Dealer Earn?

If you like to gamble, being a casino dealer may seem like the best job in the world. In the following article you will learn everything you need to know from how much a ...
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What are the Functions of a Chambermaid

What are the Functions of a Chambermaid

Are you looking for a job? Would you love to work as a hotel chambermaid? Do you want to know that she is a chambermaid? Do you know the functions of a chambermaid? . Here we will show you what a chambermaid does...
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What are au pairs and what is their role?

What are Au Pair and what is their role?

On one occasion I was asked what au pairs are, and since I was not very prepared on the subject, I took on the task of conducting an exhaustive investigation and...
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